Humpday Story: Femme Phobia


The dark, clowns, and women—three things Jeremy Price fears.

When he seeks out Dr. Jane Bernstein’s help, little choice remains but to face those fears one by one. But even in the safety of Dr. Jane’s office, that last fear can be paralyzing.

Friendly, supportive, but certainly no sexual object, Dr. Jane treats Jeremy as an equal. As a person. Unlike the other women in his life. Even so, Jeremy struggles with one simple request.

He’d rather lay on the sofa than sit in the chair. Aren’t therapy sessions supposed to be that way?

If you enjoy quirky cougar erotica, be sure to read Femme Phobia.

Copyright © 2017 Hermit Muse Publishing

Cover image: MilanMarkovic/BigStockPhoto

Cover design: David Anthony Brown

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Sunday Quickie: Neighbor With Benefits

For three months, I had the hots for the girl in the apartment above mine. I lived in a studio apartment, one room and barely big enough for a queen size bed and a desk that was used both for meals and work. When I washed dishes in the evening, I often got the pleasure of watching her walk out of the building and to her car.

She always wore skimpy booty shorts and a tank top, baring her long legs and tanned skin. She had a sway to her hips, like she knew somebody was watching, no matter how small a chance. 

I spent extra time, making sure my dishes were well scrubbed, but I never paid much attention to them. I’d lean against the counter, pressing my boner against the cabinet and imagine pressing up against her firm body. She was shorter than me by a lot, so I daydreamed about my cock against her stomach, with the head right below her breasts. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Neighbor With Benefits”

Humpday Story: Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow-of-a-Doubt-GenericNot everyone rekindles a romance with their high school sweetheart. For Nate O’Brian, his young heart belonged to his high school art teacher, Darla Johnson. But being with her never was an option.

Nate still remembers her sweet smile, and the tight mini-skirts with black pantyhose she used to wear.

Fast forward seventeen years… New cats, new job, new house to call his own. Nate couldn’t ask for anything more in life, except for love.

Until he sees a familiar woman mowing the yard next door to his.

If you enjoy quirky romantic student/teacher erotica, be sure to read Shadow of a Doubt.


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Sunday Quickie: Not All Jobs Last Forever

I have one confession I don’t even dare mention to my girlfriends–I’m in love with my boss. Utterly, hopelessly, in love with the man who signs my paychecks. I know it’s wrong, and I’m asking for trouble, but I don’t care.

Gary hired me right after the Great Recession started. He needed an accountant, preferably with more experience. I desperately needed a job, any job. He was tall, not very dark, but handsome in a rugged and older yet wiser way. Calm under pressure, self reliant, always in control. 

From the beginning I enjoyed working for him. From day one, I had a crush on him.

And I wanted to prove to him I was more than a pretty face with perky boobs.  Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Not All Jobs Last Forever”

Humpday Story: A Fitting Room Squeeze

A Fitting Room Squeeze_COVERv1_edited-1

Seven in the evening, right before closing time, and Tyler badly wants to get some tacos and flake out in front of the TV. If he could, he’d quit his retail job at Humdinger’s at the drop of a hat.

And tonight, every hat in the men’s department fell over, for no reason at all. 

As if straightening the hats weren’t enough, the most obnoxious customer ever demands Tyler’s attention. 

Turns out, she wants to use the fitting room for reasons of her own. 

If you enjoy quirky erotic short stories, be sure to read A Fitting Room Squeeze.

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Sunday Quickie: The Jazz Club

I’ve been involved in a jazz jam club for about a year. I switch between the alto sax and electric guitar, one of which I’m pretty good at and the other I’m just okay at. But the point is to have fun and stretch myself musically.

Plus, it’s kind of fun being one of only two women in the club. Let’s just say, lots of talented cute guys and I have pick of the best.

But only one has had my full attention the entire year. Scott, who plays the drums. He has curly, chin-length brown hair, a dashing smile, and a permanent five o’clock shadow. I love watching him set up his drum kit. The way he takes his time with each drum. His shapely torso and waist. How he pretends to ignore me. Drives me crazy, wondering what he thinks of me. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Jazz Club”

Humpday Story: Goodbye, Martina


Goodbye Martina_COVERv1_edited-1

Valentine’s Day night. Two double martinis with extra olives. An empty bar. And ghostly saxophone music playing from an empty stage.

Seth Preston figures it’ll be another lonely night, longing for his lost days with Martina. Good thing for the memories, and the music.

But his heart aches for the closure he never got. And for the second chance that never happened.

If you wish for an erotic story about lost love and the need to say goodbye, be sure to read Goodbye, Martina.

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