Summer/Winter Sale starting next week

Just a heads up about the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale that runs from July 1 to 31. Great opportunity to stock up on ebooks and support indie authors. Want some of the Humpday stories for your reading device? Thought of buying an issue of Siren’s Garter? All the Miriam F. Martin titles will be 50% off, exclusively at Smashwords during July only.

More details later this week or early next week.


Sunday Quickie: Paint By the Numbers

Nate sat to one side of the easel, dry paint brush in one hand, color wheel in the other. Dirty sunlight filtered in through the venetian blinds. We had Vivaldi playing on the CD player, just some soft music to set the mood. I had a half eaten BLT on a napkin off to one side, a ginger ale next to that. I was almost done with my painting—a self portrait of him, curly black hair tangled up as if he just rolled out of bed, five o’clock shadow, steely blue eyes that could chip ice.

Oh yeah, and we were both naked. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Paint By the Numbers”

A milestone I hadn’t realized…

With Sunday’s “In the Bag” and Wednesday’s “Friends with Batteries,” marks 25 weeks of posting two stories per week. So that’s 50 erotica short stories. I sort of knew I had a lot of work out there, but hadn’t really thought about it much. And I feel like I’m only beginning.

I began this as a challenge to myself to write a short story every week, which fell apart faster than I’d hoped. Then I kept things going by using my backlist stories. I have three more I’m willing to use for Wednesday, after that I’ll either need to write more or re-post older ones. I like the idea of writing and publishing a short story per week. We’ll see how this goes again.

I still have a lengthy list of Sunday Quickie stories to draw from, plus a number that have never been published. They don’t take as much focus to write, so no worries about those.

But I plan on re-posting some of the older Wednesday stories anyway, at least every now and then. A number of the people following this blog probably never got to read the January and February stories. So, if you’re curious about any of the titles, or just want to re-read one, let me know in the comments. Here’s the list of the Wednesday stories so far.

And yes, I’m working on novels and novellas too. My productivity and focus is slowly ramping up, so I’m taking on longer projects. Just going slower than I wanted.

Humpday Story: Friends With Batteries

FriendsWithBatteries_Coverv1Candles? Check. Curtains shut? Check. Webcam turned on?

Making love to a long-distance boyfriend comes with challenges. Especially the coming part. Gina enjoys Kyle’s weekly geyser show immensely. And she can squirt like a pro.

But only when he touches her in the right way.

She desperately wants to return the favor on cam. Continue reading “Humpday Story: Friends With Batteries”

Sunday Quickie: In the Bag


Mark had promised me a birthday gift for a week, and for seven whole days I badgered him to tell me what it was. My boyfriend of too many years simply shrugged in that not-so-innocent way of his, and evaded my rapid-fire question bombing. He was the only man I knew who could withstand the barrage.

Finally, on Friday night he walked in the door, holding a small brown paper bag in one hand, slipping off his necktie with the other. I dragged him to the bedroom, ignoring the cordon bleu I had prepared earlier, and ripped half his suit off.

“Where’s my gift?” I said. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: In the Bag”

Humpday Story: Stranded at the Witch’s House

Stranded-at-the-Witchs-House-GenericLate for Aunt Mirtle’s Thanksgiving dinner, Cassie can’t drive fast enough in the downpour. But when the roads turn icy, even ten miles per hour feels too fast. White knuckle grip on the steering wheel, soda spilled all over the front seat, Cassie just wants to change clothes and relax in front of a fire.

A mysterious black cat completely derails her plans.

She might not make it for turkey dinner, but the night only just began. Continue reading “Humpday Story: Stranded at the Witch’s House”

Sunday Quickie: Interrupted

It was a Thursday afternoon, sunny out, warm enough to be pleasant and cool enough to be autumn. I’d just gotten home from my Advanced Russian Lit class at the university. Quick bite of ramen soup and cherry soda while checking email, and then I was done for the day. Time to play.

My apartment in those days was small. The kind of place a giant sized hamster would feel cramped in, but tidy and clean and it was all my own. The single room had a queen sized bed, a floor lamp, and a small kitchenette. I had enough space to cram a desk for my laptop and another table to sit the TV on. No cable. I streamed and watched DVDs while sitting upright in bed. Suited me just fine. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Interrupted”