The Humpday Stories

Naturally, the Humpday Stories appear every Wednesday. I’ll keep 4 to 5 of them active at any given time. Older stories will be taken down after a month or so, but will remain for sale at all the major retailers. All of the stories are (or will be) published in Siren’s Garter as well.

Below are all the Humpday Stories in reverse chronological order. Active stories are marked as “NEW” and are free to read. The links for the older stories take you to a page where you can see the cover art, sales blurb, and a link where you can buy the story in case you missed it while it was free.

Want me to repeat one of the stories? Leave a comment below or send a private message to

Friends With Batteries (NEW)

Stranded at the Witch’s House (NEW)

Creatures of Habit (NEW)

Charging Her by the Hour (NEW)

Late Night at the Office (NEW)

So Much for Warrior Women

What Happens in the Copy Room

Gone to the Dogs

After Hours on the Full Moon

Sapphic Phobia

Taming the Billionaire Dinosaur

The Birthday Sandwich

The Case of the Redheaded Mail Lady

Molly the Adult Dolly

Femme Phobia

Goodbye, Martina

A Fitting Room Squeeze

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Whipped Cream Surprise

Shadow of a Doubt

The Sexy Umbrella of Doom

Speed Dating Night

After All These Years

Dawn at the Sunset Corral

The Life of Candy


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