Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me

“Michelle, baby,” Sonya said to me one afternoon over coffee at her house. She regularly calls me baby when she wants my attention, and I’ve stopped correcting her. “If I write ‘bear with me,’ do I spell it B-E-A-R? Like a big furry creature with claws?”

She hid her face behind her coffee mug, steam rising over her eyes and front bangs. She’s a stunning blonde with small breasts and big hair, and bright green eyes. Her high cheekbones made her elegant looking, even though that’s the feature she hates the most about herself. That afternoon, she wore a leopard print sleeveless top under a pink vest, and black tights. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me”


Sunday Quickie: How to Quench the Campfire Blues


Every summer, after the Fourth and before Labor Day, I go camping with my coworkers. Sort of a company sponsored trip, for team building or whatever the fuck they really want us to do. Somebody always brings keggers, others bring acoustic guitars, and a big ass bonfire is lit. Most of the women wear skimpy bikinis, the guys walk around shirtless. Three days of rowdy behavior before back to the cubicle farm. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: How to Quench the Campfire Blues”

Sunday Quickie: Full of Hot Air

On the most beautiful day of the summer last year, I finally caved in for my boyfriend. Ryan had mocked me since New Year’s, chided me for being a big baby. He bullied me, pressured me until I couldn’t tell him no any longer.

He set up the hot air balloon at the riverside campsite where we’d first had sex. The maple trees were green and lush, and all the wildflowers were in full bloom. The air was hot, and heavy with the scent of nature. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Full of Hot Air”

Sunday Quickie: Requisition Order

I have this crush on a girl at work.

Well, okay, not just any girl at work. Lisa is the boss of my boss. Tough as nails, but cute as hell and twice as tempting. Short and Asian, with a Fargo accent. She wears short skirts with no pantyhose and thin white blouses. I can see her bra when she takes her suit jacket off.

One morning, much too early, she stood up behind her desk, planted her knuckles on the blotter, and leaned forward. Lisa stared me in the eyes, lips pressed tight together like she’s about to hand me a pink slip if I don’t chose my next words carefully. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Requisition Order”

Sunday Quickie: The Birthday Ring

An old girl like me can learn new tricks. At least that’s what Nikki, my somewhat younger girlfriend, says. After five years of dating and sleeping with her, she’s qualified to know.

I was in the bedroom, reclining in my favorite reading chair. The air conditioning was cool on my skin, and I was stripped to the waist, wearing nothing but a denim mini-skirt and blue panties. Both my nipples were erect, and one throbbed like hell. It had a shiny new ring poked through it. I kept looking down, not quite daring to touch my sore nipple, but wanting to. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Birthday Ring”