Sunday Quickie: Neighbor With Benefits

For three months, I had the hots for the girl in the apartment above mine. I lived in a studio apartment, one room and barely big enough for a queen size bed and a desk that was used both for meals and work. When I washed dishes in the evening, I often got the pleasure of watching her walk out of the building and to her car.

She always wore skimpy booty shorts and a tank top, baring her long legs and tanned skin. She had a sway to her hips, like she knew somebody was watching, no matter how small a chance. 

I spent extra time, making sure my dishes were well scrubbed, but I never paid much attention to them. I’d lean against the counter, pressing my boner against the cabinet and imagine pressing up against her firm body. She was shorter than me by a lot, so I daydreamed about my cock against her stomach, with the head right below her breasts. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Neighbor With Benefits”

Sunday Quickie: Not All Jobs Last Forever

I have one confession I don’t even dare mention to my girlfriends–I’m in love with my boss. Utterly, hopelessly, in love with the man who signs my paychecks. I know it’s wrong, and I’m asking for trouble, but I don’t care.

Gary hired me right after the Great Recession started. He needed an accountant, preferably with more experience. I desperately needed a job, any job. He was tall, not very dark, but handsome in a rugged and older yet wiser way. Calm under pressure, self reliant, always in control. 

From the beginning I enjoyed working for him. From day one, I had a crush on him.

And I wanted to prove to him I was more than a pretty face with perky boobs.  Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Not All Jobs Last Forever”

Sunday Quickie: The Jazz Club

I’ve been involved in a jazz jam club for about a year. I switch between the alto sax and electric guitar, one of which I’m pretty good at and the other I’m just okay at. But the point is to have fun and stretch myself musically.

Plus, it’s kind of fun being one of only two women in the club. Let’s just say, lots of talented cute guys and I have pick of the best.

But only one has had my full attention the entire year. Scott, who plays the drums. He has curly, chin-length brown hair, a dashing smile, and a permanent five o’clock shadow. I love watching him set up his drum kit. The way he takes his time with each drum. His shapely torso and waist. How he pretends to ignore me. Drives me crazy, wondering what he thinks of me. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Jazz Club”

Sunday Quickie: To the Last Drop

Julia and I have been together for ten years, last week. For our anniversary we took a road trip, picked a direction and went. By dusk, we were in Waterloo, Iowa, and found a hotel. I brought the luggage to the room, she took up the sex toys.

I need to say two things first, before telling this story. 

One, Julia and I are a very kinky couple. She likes to strap me down or handcuff me to the bed, and torture me with vibrators and attachments for both my cock and backdoor. I’m more straight forward, pump her until she screams and I blow a load, but only after I’ve blindfolded and paddled her.

Second, Julia is a heavy sleeper. She can sleep through a tornado filled with sharks, while a buzzsaw is tearing through sheet-metal. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: To the Last Drop”

Sunday Quickie: Mix Up at the Coffee House

The best part about going to a gourmet coffee house is not the five dollar cup. It’s the standing in line.

At least for me. I love people watching, and being close to people while I watch them is even better. And I like it even more when somebody watches me.

So I wear the shortest skirts. I push my boobs up and together, and wear skimpy shirts with the lowest possible cuts. I prefer knee-high boots, even out of season. I’m an attention whore, admittedly. Men are fun to tease, sometimes, because they’re cute when stupidly brave and get shut down so easily.

But I enjoy it more when the ladies notice me. They’re sneakier, like me, and like to observe from a distance. The women use their periphery vision more. But I’m good at noticing eye movement and body language. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Mix Up at the Coffee House”

Sunday Quickie: Watering Her Garden

I grow my own vegetables on the side of my house. Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini. I can be a meat-and-potato man too. But I enjoy a wide variety of taste, and love cooking a lot of different foods.

That’s not the point of this story.

The point is, from my garden I have a great view of my neighbor’s living room window. Leigh keeps the drapes shut most days. And I’m not a peeping Tom, and she knows it. We’ve been neighbors for over a year, and regularly do small favors for each other.

At the height of summer, on the hottest days of the year, Leigh kept her living room drapes open. The gauzy curtains were still shut, but I could see her moving around inside, vacuuming.  Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Watering Her Garden”

Sunday Quickie: A Biker in a Bookstore

I’ve always had a thing for bad boys, but never met one I’d sleep with. Just never felt safe around a true bad boy, to let him undress me and use me however he wanted. But that doesn’t kill the fantasy for me.

But when Daryl rode in on his motorcycle, leather clad and with rough facial hair that wasn’t quite a beard yet, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I lived in the desert at the time, and it was a dusty late afternoon right before the sun went down. I washed the bookstore windows, for lack of better things to do. Not enough tourists in the middle of the week. To say I was surprised when a biker dude turned a wheelie and parked in front of me, was an understatement. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: A Biker in a Bookstore”