Rainbow Romance Bundle

My short novel Rainmaker is featured as part of the Rainbow Romance bundle, now available at BundleRabbit and at the major retailers. Details and links below.Rainbow Romance Volume I

Rainbow Romance – A collection of LGBT tales celebrating same-sex love.

From fairy tale retellings, lesbian sword and sorcery, to gay vampires and lonely witches fantasy tales of same-sex adventure and devotion.

From holiday romance and sexy roommates to crime drama, and short tales of female fun bring romance and raunchiness.

Grab yourself a whole lot of Rainbow Romance – Proud to support love in all its forms.

Adults only!

You can purchase the bundle at BundleRabbit. Or at Kobo, Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. (Not available in all the stores as of 6/20. I’ll add the links when they’re available.)

And the back cover blurb for Rainmaker:

Once, in the Temple of Luna, the charcoal colored marble walls echoed with the sounds of laughter, mandolins, and ribald poetry. No more. Not since the drought devastated everything. Not since the Guardian, the tree in the center of the temple, became sick.

Alana Krisholm vows to heal the Guardian and end the drought. She must find the Rainmaker, Luna’s ancient sex toy.

With the help of Paige Winters, a scoundrel and thief, Alana just might succeed in her holy mission.

If you enjoy erotic lesbian sword and sorcery, set in the tradition of Xena: Warrior Princess, be sure to read Rainmaker.


But wait, there’s more… I’m in the middle of writing Fire Dancer, the sequel to Rainmaker. The books can be read in any order. Here’s the cover art for the new book. (And yes, Rainmaker will get new cover art to match the new branding.)

beautiful woman portrait on fantasy background

Author: David Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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