Humpday Story: A Speedster in High Heels

A-Speedster-in-High-Heels-GenericSummer classes done and her panties tucked safely away in her purse, Dr. Jennifer Rice seeks adventure. Something to loosen her up. Shake her to the core.

All she needs—her red convertible, the tightest blue dress she owns, and a sexy pair of heels. A cute cop to pull her over for speeding helps too.

But on the open road, adventure takes some twists and turns Jennifer never anticipated.

If you enjoy hot MFM threesomes featuring police officers, be sure to read A Speedster in High Heels.



Jennifer Rice rolled her red GTO convertible to a stop at the last light going out of town. She waited for the older woman in the electric wheelchair to cross the street. She waited a tad longer. 

The muscle car’s engine hummed, vibrating her entire body in lovely ways that only a beautiful car could do. 

The last days of summer classes were over and done. In the bag. All the final exams were graded. The freedom of the open road called to Jennifer. When the light turned bright green, she revved the engine and then popped the clutch and sped off. 

Gas stations and restaurants zipped by. So did the last of the suburban houses. Outside of town, far away from the community college, a tunnel of forest surrounded the two-lane road. 

Streams of late afternoon sunlight filtered through the trees’ limbs, alternately heating and cooling Jennifer’s bare shoulders. Her red satin scarf flew behind her. She felt like a red baron of the road. The wind screamed all around her. Every curve and hill thrilled every nerve in her body, even though she knew them all by heart. 

Her stomach rumbled, but Jennifer wasn’t hungry for food. The taste of the blueberry muffin and dark roast black coffee lingered from hours ago, and that would just have to do. 

Jennifer wore the tightest, shortest blue dress she owned. The fabric squeezed her sides. Her lacy blue bra pushed up her breasts. Her panties were in her purse on the backseat floorboard. 

Today, she was getting pulled over. 

That was the plan, and it was a precise plan thought out by her and her husband. 

Jim would wait for her in the squad car at the speed trap halfway to their home. He’d pull out, sirens wailing. After a short chase, she’d pull over in the shady grove half a mile down the hill and around the bend. And then the real fun could begin. 

Because Jennifer, by her own admittance, needed something non-precise. A safe adventure to stoke her fire. 

She’d looked forward to this moment all summer. All through Calc I, which she reluctantly taught as a favor for the department chair. All through the vacation time she’d spent helping her neighbors through a rough time instead of going on a cruise with Jim. 

This was her afternoon. 

All hers and nobody else’s. Just her, the open road, and the promise of a kinky adventure with the most handsome police officer she knew. 

The wind howled over her head, chilling her shoulders and messing up her hair beyond fixing. Her shiny red patent pumps pressed the pedal to the metal. She sped even faster, ninety miles per hour, far beyond the speed limit. Normally a careful driver, Jennifer’s heart pumped at every curve in the road. At night, or on a busier day, such reckless driving would be dangerous. Down right stupid. 

But she knew exactly what she was driving into. There was no surprise up ahead. She might’ve been falling into Jim’s arms. Perfectly safe and reliable. She trusted him. 

The speed trap had to be up ahead. Couldn’t be far. Maybe she passed it? 

And then the distinct sound of sirens erupted behind her. Flashing blue and red lights filled the rearview mirror. Jennifer eased up on the gas. She struggled to slow down. She still seemed to be going far too fast. After some time, she got the car under control, almost missing the turn off to the secluded glade she and Jim had agreed on. 

She parked underneath a large oak tree, rolled down the window, and shut off the engine. The squad car parked behind her. With the glare of the sun, Jennifer could only see the outline of Jim’s features in the rearview mirror. 

He sat in the squad car for a long time. Jennifer reached into the backseat and got her purse, as if to retrieve her license and registration. Her fingers shook when she touched her panties. Funny, what was about to happen was perfectly clear. Jim had talked about it with her, coming up with the best fantasy possible. But her heart still raced with anguishing anticipation. 

Jennifer pushed up her skirt with a light touch. The thrill of her own fingers made her head light. She traced a line up the inside of her thigh. She wanted him to get out of the damn squad car. At the same time, she wanted the sweet frustration to continue for just a little longer. 

What the fuck was he doing anyway? 

Not like this was a real traffic stop. Not like he had to fill out paperwork. Did he? 

Unless this wasn’t Jim who pulled her over. Jennifer panicked. She didn’t want to imagine the cost of the ticket for going ninety in a fifty-five zone. Or the embarrassment of explaining why she was speeding to a strange man. 

But no, that had to be Jim. Even through the glare, she could see his broad shoulders and short trimmed hair. 

At least, she fairly certain it was him. 

What if a strange police officer pulled her over? Perhaps she knew him. Would she have sex with him to get out of the ticket? No… of course not. Especially if it were Earl Summers, the old guy on the force who should’ve retired a few years ago. Jennifer laughed at the image. He was old enough to be her father. Just… eww, no. 

But a younger guy? 

Jennifer never had a man younger than her. Never had the chance to. But it was a fantasy of hers—to be a prowling cougar and seduce hot college studs. Hell, she’d fantasized about a number of her students over the years. 

She rubbed lazy circles across her pussy lips with one finger. A tingle heated across her pelvis. Perhaps one day, she’d find a suitable twenty-something play toy. Until then, she had the cop fantasy to play out. 

Would Jim hurry the fuck up? 

The summer wind on her bare shoulders and legs just made her even hotter. She relaxed in the seat, enjoying the fresh scent of pine cones and wild flowers. Occasionally a car zipped by along the road. Little did the drivers know that, on the other side of the trees, Jennifer was about to get very lucky. 

The squad car door opened and then slammed shut. Jennifer kept her eyes closed. His footfalls crunched along the gravel towards her. The tension in her stomach was palpable. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this at last. 

“License and registration, ma’am,” he said. But it was not Jim’s voice. 

Jennifer snapped her eyes open. She bolted upright. Fear rattled her body, her arms and legs rubbery. 

The cop who pulled her over was Dennis Matthews, a young rookie cop that Jim had been training for the last year. Maybe twenty-five, soft brown hair, over six feet tall and cute in a good boy sort of way. He’d been invited over several times for dinner. Always a perfect gentleman. 

Jennifer tried to straighten her dress, but she was fairly certain he’d gotten a real good view. No way he didn’t see that. She’d noticed the way he saw her at dinners—quick glances when Jim wasn’t paying attention, especially when Jennifer bent over to serve coffee. She always wore tastefully revealing blouses around Dennis, come to think of it. 

She fumbled in her purse for her wallet. “I’m sorry,” she said, trying her best to hide her panties. 

“Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” Dennis said. 

“I… Umm… Ninety, I think,” she said. 

“I have you clocked at ninety-three,” he said. 

“Don’t you think we can call this an honest mistake?” Jennifer smiled, but the motion felt false, like she was trying too hard. She couldn’t relax. 

Dennis laid a hand on the car door and leaned toward her. By the grim look on his face, he seemed all too serious about giving her a ticket. 

Well, shit. 


“Could you step out of the vehicle, ma’am?” Dennis got out of the way so she could open the door. 

What the hell? Ma’am? Jennifer couldn’t think of a time when he’d called her that. When Jim first introduced her to him, Dennis called her Mrs. Rice. Maybe once or twice he let a “Jenny” slip out, otherwise he simply called her by her first name. 

She stepped out, careful to keep her legs together. She felt silly now in the short blue dress and scarf, like a bimbo trying too hard to get out of a speeding ticket. She and her colleagues made fun of those types. Wouldn’t happen anymore. If her colleagues knew about this incident, they’d never let her live it down. 

Dennis glanced up and down her body. How much did he see? Did he know she’d been masturbating while waiting? Jennifer just wanted to go home all of a sudden, and forget this stupid game. That was the last time Jim talked her into such a risky game like this. 

“Can you walk a straight line?” Dennis said. 

“I am not drunk!” Jennifer said. She stumbled in her high heels on the uneven ground, as if to prove she really was. Her skin blushed everywhere. She placed her hands akimbo to try to reclaim whatever dignity was left. Not much. 

“Then walk a straight line, ma’am,” he said, face set in a grim frown. 

“Fine then,” she said. Jennifer regretted the tone, but she sure in hell wasn’t apologizing now. She turned away from Dennis and walked away. Slow enough, she maintained even balance, even with her high heels and the bumpy ground. This went well. 

Until her toe found a giant, gnarled branch. 

Jennifer fell face forward, her dress hiking up her bare ass. She caught herself before landing in the dirt, but it was too late. For sure now, Dennis saw everything from her derriere to little trimmed patch of fur above her hood. She stood back upright. 

Dennis came up behind her, and held her by the elbows to steady her. Jennifer shook him off. She tugged the dress back down to where it should be. 

“Ma’am,” he said, backing away politely. “You have two options.”

“First of all,” Jennifer snapped. “Stop calling me ma’am. You know my first name, kid.”

“Of course,” he said. 

“And second,” she held up her index finger. “As far as you’re concerned, you didn’t just see anything.” 

Finally the grim expression melted a little from his face. But what replaced it chilled Jennifer just as much—he grinned like a boy with his first dirty magazine. And then, just like that, the cop face was back. 

“Like I said, two options,” Dennis said. “I can book you for speeding and public indecency.”

“Excuse me?” Jennifer said. “Yes, I was speeding. But public indecency?” 

“Or,” he said, a slight growl in his voice. “I can have my way with you and nobody ever has to know about this incident.” 

Jennifer backed away, hand to her chest. The ass! The brashness! How could Dennis, an otherwise good guy, stoop to this? Jim would chew him out for this later, probably even get the kid kicked off the force. 

But then again…

Deep down, Jennifer was curious. Just a little. And maybe Jim wouldn’t need to know. After all, this was a secluded place. One that she and Jim had planned on using for sex. 

But then Jim could show up at any time, wondering where Jennifer was and if she was alright. 

“You’re out of your mind,” she held her hands up and walked back to her car. She had every intention of getting in, starting the engine, and just driving away. Jim would hear about this. No way she could keep this secret. 

But if she could keep it secret… why not take advantage of his offer?


Get in the car. Start the engine. It was simple, really. She was at the car door, with her hand on the handle. 

“Your husband might be interested in these photos,” Dennis said. 

“Excuse me?” Jennifer turned around. He had his cell phone out and a big grin on his face. Surely, he was bluffing. 

And then he held up the phone. From the distance, all Jennifer could really see was a pair of boobs on the screen. Couldn’t be hers. That’s not what she looked like. Was it? She strutted closer. And then she paused, holding her breath. 

Framing her breasts in the photo were lacy curtains, just like she had in the back dining room window. And yes, on closer inspection, those were definitely her own boobs, along with the lacy black teddy pulled down. 

Every so often, Jennifer exposed herself while looking out the window. But only the back windows that faced a thick woods, she hadn’t worked up the courage to flash facing the street. But even so, the thrill of maybe getting caught excited her. 

Apparently, she finally got caught. 

She wasn’t entirely sure how she felt. Terrified, thrilled, scared. Exposed, but in a sexy way. She wanted to get in her car and just drive somewhere far away. At the same time, she wanted to jump Dennis and show him her breasts up close and personal. 

Jennifer knew she was right at the edge, her toes on the rim of the cliff over which there’d be no return. And she wanted to go over the edge. 

“Ma’am?” Dennis said. 

“Don’t,” Jennifer jabbed a finger in his direction, “ever call me ma’am again.”

“No, miss.” By the goofy, tight lipped smile on his face, she knew exactly what he wanted. And she wanted the same thing too. 

Right over the edge, head first. 

She stepped up to him. And then grabbed him by the shirt. He was firm and solid with muscle. But he offered no resistance when she pecked him on the lips. 

Nor did he resist when she forced her tongue into his mouth. Jennifer tugged on his shirt with all her strength, popping a few seams. He wrapped his arms around her waist. And then he reached a bit lower, tentatively, as if uncertain of how far to go. 

Jennifer wrapped her arms around his neck, and one leg around his, pressing her body firmly against his. She felt his pulse beneath his shirt. She liked how the night stick on his belt pressed into her body uncomfortably. She loved it even more how his bulge grew and jabbed her. Dennis relaxed. 

And then he grabbed her ass. Not only that, he lifted the hem of her dress and squeezed her bare skin. Jennifer tightened her squeeze. She pressed her lips to his, barely breathing. The world shrank down to only them in the woods, nothing else and nobody else mattered. Not even Jim. The back of her mind played tricks on her, telling her how naughty she was. And Jennifer absolutely loved the feeling of being naughty. 

She just hadn’t expected it to come about like this. 

She pulled away from him. And then ripped open his shirt. The buttons popped loose much easier than she expected. From the looks of his six-pack, Dennis clearly spent a lot of time at the gym. 

He stood there, silent and not moving, except for his eyes, roving up and down her body. She waited for him to do something. To undress her literally and not just in his mind. Her fingers and toes tingled with anticipation. 

Jennifer huffed. She reached around her own back and unzipped her dress. She let it fall over her shoulders. The fabric slid down her body and puddled at her feet. 

Then she only wore her lingerie, high heels, and the scarf. 

Jennifer took Dennis into her arms and kissed him. Finally, he responded to her. He lifted her off the ground, her legs wrapped about his waist. The sun heated her bare skin, and the wind cooled it down. 

She couldn’t stop herself now. Too damn late. Jim wouldn’t have to know. Would he?

And then she heard a clicking sound from behind her. From the squad car. 

And another clicking. Rapid fire clicks. 

Dennis laughed like an embarrassed teenager. He set her down gently. 

Jennifer turned around. 

Inexplicably, Jim stood next to the squad car with a camera held up. He continued snapping photos. 

Jennifer screamed at him. And then she threw her dress at him. 


“What the hell, dude!” Jennifer screamed at Jim. A tight giggle escaped her throat. She couldn’t help it, but she wasn’t sure if that was from fear or embarrassment. Or some other emotion. 

Jim lowered the camera. He smiled broadly, and nodded to Dennis. Jennifer could tell the two men were silently congratulating themselves on a job well done. Or a prank well done? Jennifer wasn’t sure if she liked this. She giggled again. 

“Hey honey,” Jim said. “Having a good day?”

“Where did you come from?” she said. 

“I was hiding in the trees over there,” he pointed behind the squad car. “I’m pleasantly surprised you didn’t hear me coming.”

“So you were waiting here?” she said. “For him to pull me over?”

“Yup,” Jim’s smile grew from ear to ear. 

Jennifer glanced from her husband to the rookie cop, and back again. The pieces slid into place. She was angry. A little. But compared to how steamy hot she felt standing between her husband and an already half-undressed cop, the anger seemed small. And she was still turned on by what Dennis was about to do to her. 

“Was this the plan all along?” she said at last. 

“Between your two fantasies,” Jim said, “of getting pulled over and being with a younger guy, I wanted to surprise you. And in a way give you what you really needed.”

She stepped closer to Jim. “And what did I really need?”

“A real adventure,” he said. “At least a little one. And not one with an itinerary.”


Jim stepped closer to her. “Yeah,” he said. “Just a surprise to get your heart going. Hope you’re not angry?”

“I can’t stay angry with you,” she said. 

He closed the distance. And then wrapped his arms around her waist. She placed her hands on his shoulders, and then kissed him. It felt good to be in his arms. She could have a surprising adventure with him. Even with Dennis standing behind her, watching their every move. 

“So what are you doing with those photos you took?” Jennifer said. 

“I’ll delete them if you want,” Jim said. 

“No,” she said. “Don’t do that. I’d like to see them at least.”

“Well, that can be arranged.” Jim tossed the camera into the squad car. “But for now, whatever happens next is completely up to you, honey.” 

Jennifer glanced over her shoulder at Dennis. By the expression on Jim’s face, he clearly wasn’t jealous of what just happened between her and the rookie cop. But Dennis stood with his hands clasped in front of him, off to the side. He certainly seemed a little left out. 

She broke away from Jim, and walked up to Dennis. His shirt was still open. She could see now that it wasn’t even a real police uniform—the buttons were made to be popped off. The gun on his belt wasn’t real looking. Jennifer wondered about something. 

She squatted down in front of Dennis and grabbed his pants by the thighs, and tugged hard. They pulled off easy enough, revealing a tight black bikini underneath. Stripper uniform. Must be Dennis’s day off. She glanced up at him and winked. 

Another glance back at Jim. He leaned against the squad car, relaxed and with a goofy grin on his face. He nodded once. 

That was all the permission Jennifer needed. 

She scratched her fingernails into the waistband of Dennis’s bikini and tugged it down. He had a wonderful cock, thick and long with a neatly trimmed dark patch of fur above. His balls hung heavy. 

Jennifer tentatively kissed him on the mushroom head. A light peck, just to see how he liked it. He smiled down at her. She kissed down his shaft, making it twitch harder with every touch. Down to his balls. She took one in her mouth, rolled it on her tongue, and did the same treatment to the other. Dennis ran his fingers through her hair. 

And then she took him by the shaft with one hand. She slowly slid him into her mouth and stroked him at the same time. 

She loved the way he tensed up and relaxed as she blew him. He played with the straps on her dress, pulling them down over her shoulders. She unzipped herself, and let the dress fall over her waist. Another set of clothes rustled behind her. Jennifer wanted to turn her head, to see what Jim was taking off, but she didn’t want to spit out Dennis yet. She’d never been this excited since… ever. 

Jim walked over, gravel crunching under foot. Jennifer caught a breath and finally turned her head to her husband. He had taken off his police officer’s shirt, wearing only the white tank top undershirt, with his pants undone and his cock out. He stepped up behind her, opposite Dennis. Both men were hard and eagerly watching what she’d do. 

Jennifer glanced from one cock to the other. From the familiar, to the one she was still getting to know. Dennis pointed to Jim, as if silently commanding Jennifer what to do. 

It was enough of a hint for her. She held onto Dennis with one hand, and took Jim in the other, bringing him closer to her. She swallowed Jim. She wasn’t worried about appearing too eager now. She wanted both cocks. 

Both of them were going to come, if she had any say in it. 

She stroked Dennis while sucking Jim, and then switched off, sucking Dennis while stroking Jim. The sun beat down extra hard, warming her skin and hair. The sounds from the highway seemed extra loud, as if the entire world were driving by in an attempt to see Jennifer taking both men at once. 

Jim broke the reverie by taking a slight step away. He pointed to the convertible and said, “Lean over the hood.” 

His voice was ragged and dry. He winked at her. Jennifer stood up on wobbly legs and did as he asked. She couldn’t wait to find out who was going first. She wanted Dennis, just for the thrill of having a stranger with her husband’s permission. But she kept quiet, wanting to be surprised by whatever the guys chose to do with her. 

Dennis helped her out of her dress, so she was naked except for her bra and high heels. Jim came back with a couple of condoms and handed one to Dennis. And then Jim stepped back, out of the way. 

The younger man knelt down behind Jennifer. He licked and teased her pussy and clit until she was wet. And then he put on the condom. 

Dennis entered her slow at first. But he was clearly eager. He pumped her fast and hard. Jennifer squeezed her pussy muscles around his cock, in an attempt to slow him down. But that didn’t stop him for long, if anything that made him even more excited. But he had lots of stamina. 

After a long hard fucking, he just stopped. Jennifer turned around slightly, wondering if he was really done. But he was still hard. Dennis motioned for Jim, who had his pants off and a condom on. The men traded places. 

Jennifer closed her eyes and laid her head in her arms, relaxing to the familiar touch of her husband. He was far more gentle than Dennis, more patient. Jim also knew how to touch her to make her hot. He massaged her hips while he slowly wiggled his hips. The feeling of his strong fingers and his hard cock working inside her, the smell of him mixed with the close smell of a strange man, all this overloaded Jennifer’s senses. 

She came on Jim’s cock. A wet trickle of squirt poured down her thighs. After Jim pulled, the men shuffled around again, and she felt Dennis enter her once more. Amazing how his cock felt different. The shape, the texture, the girth—all of it made a very different experience. 

But he still didn’t quite push her over the edge into orgasm. She wanted it. Badly. Dennis made her feel good all over, but his technique wasn’t quite right for her. Maybe he just hadn’t figured her out yet. 

Jennifer pushed against his stomach, urging him to back off a bit. Then she stood upright. Her head felt woozy and light. 

She kissed Dennis. Just a quick bite on the lips. And the she patted the hood of her car. 

He sat down. And then she turned away, and sat down on him. She grabbed him by the cock between her legs, and slowly let him enter. By the way he squirmed under her, she knew he wanted in all the way, now, and to keep pumping like he had. But she denied him. And that little power trip was enough to get her juices really flowing. 

She motioned with one finger for Jim to bring his cock over to her. He obliged. He took the condom off when he got to her face. Now she was not only in charge of one man, but two. 

She’d never imagined a threesome with two guys being like this. Sure, she fantasized about it, and enjoyed reading stories about this sort of thing. But what surprised her was the control she had over both of these men. One underneath her with his cock buried in her pussy, the other waiting for her to stroke and suck him. 

Jennifer leaned forward, loving the way Dennis was now in at an angle inside her, and took Jim into her mouth. One of the men—Jim, probably—snapped the clasp on her bra. She let it fall off her shoulders. A hand reached around and grabbed one breast. Most likely, judging by where his thumb was, that was Dennis. A shiver ran down her spine. So did somebody’s fingers. Jennifer loved the thrill of not knowing who exactly was doing what to her. 

She grinded against Dennis’s cock, pinning him against her car. The faster she fucked him, the faster she sucked on Jim. Then she’d slow down a little, and both of the guys tensed up. 

She had her way with them for what seemed like forever. They played with her hair, her breasts, her arms. Dennis slapped her ass multiple times. Jim face fucked her. 

Pretty soon, Jim pulled out of her mouth. “Oh, God, fuck,” he said. And then he blew a load across her face. 

Dennis grabbed her by the hips, taking control of her now. She raised up a little, giving him a better angle, and licked at the cum on her face. Jim fondled her breasts and tugged her nipples. The mingling of sensations heightened and sent her over the edge. Butterflies fluttered in her belly, warmth spread across her body. Another orgasm rocked her. 

And then Dennis let out a growl. Inside her, his cock twitched and throbbed. He gave her a hug, and then let her go. He continued leaning against the car, panting and sweaty.

Jennifer kissed him. “Thank you,” she said. 

The younger man could only nod and mouth the words “thank you” back. Jennifer laughed and gave him another kiss. 


Jennifer drove home a lot slower. Her body tingled with warmth. She’d never been so excited and elated. 

Before leaving the grove, she told Dennis he was welcome to their house anytime, for dinner or play time, whatever he wanted to do. He thanked her, and told her how much fun he’d had. 

She pulled into the driveway a moment before Jim got in. Jennifer dropped her keys in her purse, right on top of her panties. She stepped out of the car. 

Jim embraced her. “I don’t know if I have the stamina for more. At least for a little while.”

“Understandable,” she said, kissing him on the mouth. “But be forewarned.”

“About what?”

“I’m not done being adventurous today.”

“I can Dennis,” Jim said. “He might be willing to come over later tonight after his shift.”

“I’d like that,” she said. 

Jennifer grabbed Jim by the shirt and pulled him toward the house. She never wanted this beautiful summer night to end. 

But that’s what summer break was really for, she supposed. 


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Cover image © kenhurst/BigStockPhoto

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