Humpday Story: Molly the Adult Dolly


Empty house. Dark and stormy night.

Horny and lonely, Hunter just wants a stiff drink after coming home from a business trip. Not like Christine will be home any time soon apparently. Little does he know what surprise she left him upstairs.

Some presents happen once in a lifetime.

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Sunday Quickie: Requisition Order

I have this crush on a girl at work.

Well, okay, not just any girl at work. Lisa is the boss of my boss. Tough as nails, but cute as hell and twice as tempting. Short and Asian, with a Fargo accent. She wears short skirts with no pantyhose and thin white blouses. I can see her bra when she takes her suit jacket off.

One morning, much too early, she stood up behind her desk, planted her knuckles on the blotter, and leaned forward. Lisa stared me in the eyes, lips pressed tight together like she’s about to hand me a pink slip if I don’t chose my next words carefully. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Requisition Order”

Humpday Story: Femme Phobia


The dark, clowns, and women—three things Jeremy Price fears.

When he seeks out Dr. Jane Bernstein’s help, little choice remains but to face those fears one by one. But even in the safety of Dr. Jane’s office, that last fear can be paralyzing.

Friendly, supportive, but certainly no sexual object, Dr. Jane treats Jeremy as an equal. As a person. Unlike the other women in his life. Even so, Jeremy struggles with one simple request.

He’d rather lay on the sofa than sit in the chair. Aren’t therapy sessions supposed to be that way?

If you enjoy quirky cougar erotica, be sure to read Femme Phobia. Continue reading “Humpday Story: Femme Phobia”

Humpday Story: Goodbye, Martina


Goodbye Martina_COVERv1_edited-1

Valentine’s Day night. Two double martinis with extra olives. An empty bar. And ghostly saxophone music playing from an empty stage.

Seth Preston figures it’ll be another lonely night, longing for his lost days with Martina. Good thing for the memories, and the music. 

But his heart aches for the closure he never got. And for the second chance that never happened.

If you wish for an erotic story about lost love and the need to say goodbye, be sure to read Goodbye, Martina.

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A Thousand-one Days of Writing

I don’t discuss writing on this blog on purpose. Simply put, I’ve reached a point where I no longer need to justify my process. I just do things and make shit up as I go, and that’s enough to get me publishable stories. Better to leave a few things behind the curtain. And honestly, I think either a blog can be for the readers, or for other writers, but probably not both.

But today, I want to look back at something i’ve done, for teaching and perhaps motivating other writers who happen to be reading this.

Beginning on June 10, 2015 all the way to right now on March 6, 2018, I’ve written every single day. By my count, this is day 1,001. Continue reading “A Thousand-one Days of Writing”

Sunday Quickie: The Birthday Ring

An old girl like me can learn new tricks. At least that’s what Nikki, my somewhat younger girlfriend, says. After five years of dating and sleeping with her, she’s qualified to know.

I was in the bedroom, reclining in my favorite reading chair. The air conditioning was cool on my skin, and I was stripped to the waist, wearing nothing but a denim mini-skirt and blue panties. Both my nipples were erect, and one throbbed like hell. It had a shiny new ring poked through it. I kept looking down, not quite daring to touch my sore nipple, but wanting to. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Birthday Ring”