When the Unthinkable Happens

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1Erotic author Miriam F. Martin presents humorous flash fiction stories about sex gone terribly wrong. How can one man have such awful luck with women? What is it really like to sleep with a vampire chick? Are nerdy girls the best lovers? If you’ve ever asked these questions, Miriam has the answers!

For adults over 18. The stories and characters are fiction (of course they are, why would you think this shit really happened?).

Best of all, every one of these stories is free to read. The bundled ebook edition is scheduled for sometime this year. Enjoy!

The Zapper

Living Dead Girl

How to Annoy a Mosh Pit

A Sucker Every Day

The Nipple Ring

A Foot Job from Sasquatch

Rule Number Two

The Undressing Room

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