Read an Ebook Sale

Just a quick word about the Read an Ebook Sale that starts tomorrow (Sunday, March 3) at Smashwords. You can find all the Miriam pen-name stories here. I’ve put everything on 50% off. The sale ends March 9.

And yes, I’ve been busy, though not as much with writing or publishing. I’m slowly getting back on track and hope to do the Humpday stories again.



Dirty Thirty!

A few newsworthy items…

Quick reminder about the Smashword’s Summer/Winter sale. You can get the Miriam F. Martin books for half off until the end of the month. Not a lot of time left on the deal.

And something I hadn’t entirely realized… I’ve gone thirty weeks of posting two short stories per week without repeating. “Control” was quickie number thirty, and “For Friends and Money” was the thirtieth humpday story.

Originally I’d planned on writing a brand new short story for each week for 52 weeks. Then life smacked me around and I had to dip into my catalogue to keep things going. But I still wrote a bunch of new work, so total win.

I’m resetting my goals again. So in the meantime, I’ll repost some of the older Wednesday stories until I have a backlog of new stuff. Any requests, you can leave it in the comment section.

And one more thing… I’m rebranding Siren’s Garter yet again. Still have a lot of work with cover designs, but I’m pleased with the new direction. I don’t think I’ll relaunch the issues this year, but certainly early next year I’ll have enough to a) publish more issues, and b) re-release the older issues with new designs. Right now I have six issues published, and the next four mostly put together.

I’ll much more to say about all that when I’m closer to having final products.

Summer/Winter Sale starting next week

Just a heads up about the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale that runs from July 1 to 31. Great opportunity to stock up on ebooks and support indie authors. Want some of the Humpday stories for your reading device? Thought of buying an issue of Siren’s Garter? All the Miriam F. Martin titles will be 50% off, exclusively at Smashwords during July only.

More details later this week or early next week.