Humpday Story: Dawn at the Sunset Corral


Dawn Copperpot comes out to the creek by the Sunset Corral for only one reason. Well, two—to be by herself, and to masturbate.

After a long morning of mucking out stables, Dawn needs the me-time. Armed with a shotgun, a couple of sex toys, and her imagination; she waits for the sunrise to have the perfect orgasm. But her imagination leads her to the memory of Nate Ramsey, the one who got away.

Until a nearby twig snaps.

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Humpday Story: The Sexy Umbrella of Doom

The-Sexy-Umbrella-of-Doom-GenericRain marks the beginning of Charley Vaughn’s vacation. The kind of rain fit for an epic nap interrupted by coffee breaks. But no matter, Miami offers Charley endless fascination.

Magical fascination, as it turns out.

Talking dogs, alligators singing opera, and street magicians. And one sexy umbrella that purrs like like a kitten when opened.

One look upwards into the transparent blue plastic, and Charley finds herself walking on the clouds with a strange and alluring man. Soon enough, they do a lot more than just walking.

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Humpday Story: The Life of Candy


Date night. The perfect man. The perfect outfit. Terrible restaurant.

Candice just wants a fun night out with Brad. He holds doors open for her, touches her gently on the elbow, and pays for the dates. But at Abby’s Restaurant, where the tilapia tastes oddly like cod and wine is served in plastic cups, Candy longs for more with Brad. Much more?

What will it take? A little candy, some condoms, and the age old question: “Your place or mine?”

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Humpday Story: For Friends and Money

For-Friends-and-Money-GenericHer heart fluttered to the bottom of her throat, and Abby swallowed it back down. Losing her paycheck money didn’t bother her too much. 

The fantasy playing out in her head, and the thought of finally making it real, made her sweat. 

Abby sets her attention on Patrick, the sexy waiter at the casino buffet. The waiter she brought up to her hotel room last night. 

For a friend at first. For money the second time.

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​Humpday Story: A Speedster in High Heels

A-Speedster-in-High-Heels-GenericSummer classes done and her panties tucked safely away in her purse, Dr. Jennifer Rice seeks adventure. Something to loosen her up. Shake her to the core. 

All she needs—her red convertible, the tightest blue dress she owns, and a sexy pair of heels. A cute cop to pull her over for speeding helps too. 

But on the open road, adventure takes some twists and turns Jennifer never anticipated. 

If you enjoy hot MFM threesomes featuring police officers, be sure to read A Speedster in High Heels.

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Humpday Story: The Glowing Satisfaction of Pancakes

TheGlowingSatisfactionOfPancakes_Coverv1Kyle wakes up early every morning. Karen doesn’t. On the weekend, their different schedules make activities difficult. But maybe the smell of fresh breakfast could entice Karen out of bed. At least that’s his plan.

But breakfast doesn’t end with just pancakes. Satisfying Karen takes so much more.

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Humpday Story: Would You Like Cherry Pie With That?

WouldYouLikeCherryPieWithThat_Coverv1Going to the same diner after work every night has its perks, and Betty’s Stack House has plenty of perks to offer. Including one perky waitress.

Jeff is about to discover he can have his pie and take it home with him, if he only asks for it. But Betty, the waitress, likes a man who is submissive. Once Jeff tells her yes, there’s no going back.


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