Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam

Most of my freshman year of college was lonely. I have no idea how I survived the first semester. Studying came naturally for me, and that’s mostly how I spent my time. I shut myself in the dorm room, turned on the radio for some noise, and hit the books. Got good grades. Didn’t meet any girls. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam”


Sunday Quickie: The Lost Beauty of the Rest Stop

Somewhere in Missouri, south of the Iowa border but still a hell of a long ways to Hannibal (my halfway point on this trip), I stopped at a highway rest stop. The kind that were common when I was a kid, when dad packed us all in the van and traveled all over America. Seems over the last few years, they’ve shut down these roadside parks. But here was one, beautiful as I remember them being, with tall shaggy trees and well tended grass, a clean bathroom and a friendly person behind a desk full of brochures and maps.

I just wanted to get out of the car and stretch my legs, get some fresh coffee, and go pee. And then stretch my legs some more while taking in a healthy dose of sunshine.

That’s when I saw her. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Lost Beauty of the Rest Stop”

Sunday Quickie: The Afternoon Coffee Run


I’m a night owl, and I’m a graphic designer by trade. Run my own company and do freelance work, that sort of thing. So I get out in the afternoon, buy a cup of joe at the local coffee shop, and then run errands before the sun goes down.

In the coffee line, every single time almost without fail, there’s always this stunning woman who comes in right after me. Cindy is her name. She wears business suits, the kind that make her look powerful and important. She prefers black or navy, and pinstripe. 

On Friday, the suit was a pencil skirt black pinstripe, with no hose, and red five-inch pumps.

“Afternoon,” I said. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Afternoon Coffee Run”

Sunday Quickie: Catching Up on Old Times

The guy was maybe in his mid-twenties. Sandy brown hair cut short, day old stubble, thick glasses. He wore a suit and a carried a funky messenger bag slung over one shoulder. I recognized him immediately.

I sucked on a mint, and crossed the bustling street to get to the bus stop where he sat, primping my shoulder length blond hair as I went. Couldn’t have planned a better outfit for this encounter. All Friday casual in form fitting jeans and a black sleeveless blouse that showed off more than a little cleavage. Six inch sandals to boot.

I tapped him on the shoulder. “Simon?” Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Catching Up on Old Times”

Sunday Quickie: The Door to Door Pitch

Tom is a really good friend, who’s been with me through a lot of businesses. He’s good friends with my husband Ryan, plays lead guitar really well, and damn fine looking to boot. I’ve joked half-seriously with the hubby that I should invite Tom over for a threesome. Ryan isn’t quite on board with that yet, but has given me permission to play.

So when Ryan was out of town on business, I invited Tom over to listen to my latest business venture pitch: door to door encyclopedia sales. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Door to Door Pitch”

Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me

“Michelle, baby,” Sonya said to me one afternoon over coffee at her house. She regularly calls me baby when she wants my attention, and I’ve stopped correcting her. “If I write ‘bear with me,’ do I spell it B-E-A-R? Like a big furry creature with claws?”

She hid her face behind her coffee mug, steam rising over her eyes and front bangs. She’s a stunning blonde with small breasts and big hair, and bright green eyes. Her high cheekbones made her elegant looking, even though that’s the feature she hates the most about herself. That afternoon, she wore a leopard print sleeveless top under a pink vest, and black tights. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me”

Sunday Quickie: How to Quench the Campfire Blues


Every summer, after the Fourth and before Labor Day, I go camping with my coworkers. Sort of a company sponsored trip, for team building or whatever the fuck they really want us to do. Somebody always brings keggers, others bring acoustic guitars, and a big ass bonfire is lit. Most of the women wear skimpy bikinis, the guys walk around shirtless. Three days of rowdy behavior before back to the cubicle farm. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: How to Quench the Campfire Blues”