Sunday Quickie: Control

You close the blinds partially. Late afternoon sunlight streams through on the Egyptian cotton bedsheets. Nobody should be able to see through the cracks in the blinds, not if they’re casually walking by. But you like to think a persistent peeping Tom will stroll past. 

On an adults only cruise ship, things like that happen. Right? 

The smell of dripping coffee permeates the little room. You have low expectations of what it will taste like, but it will be hot and bitter and it’ll hit the spot right where you need it. 

You’re wearing the blue two-piece bikini you bought on a lark last spring, as motivation to lose weight. You still think the scale reads the wrong number, and you hate that more than anything. But you love the power to turn heads when you strut by in your high heel wedge sandals. 

Those sandals, you know—the ones that make you feel six feet tall and show off your calf muscles. They force you to sway your hips. That’s why you went out to get ice earlier, though you didn’t need any. You walked the long way too, around the pool. 

The thrill of a hundred eyes on you burned your skin. You needed to know if you were still desirable. You’re still not sure. 

It’s okay… nobody on this cruise knows your name. 

Except for your husband. And the man in the chair with his bare feet propped up on the bed. He knows your name, and you know his. He’s wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt opened to reveal a smooth chest. Around your age, clearly, with shaggy hair and the beginnings of a rough beard. But when he looks at you, the stupid grin makes him appear like a school boy on prom night. 

You stretch out on the bed, arms behind your head so your breasts stick out. The sheets are cool. 

He turns on the TV. Some cheesy science fiction movie is on, one you’ve never seen. He glances at it, turns the sound up, and then turns back to you. You wiggle around some, just to be playful. He leans back in the chair, one elbow propped on the armrest, thumb under his chin, long forefinger at his temple. 

And then he asks you to pick out a toy. You chose your favorite. The blue vibrator, with the clit tickler and curved to hit your G-spot. You look to him for guidance, hoping he’ll make a move and join you on the bed. 

“Do what feels sexy,” he says. He stays in the chair. 

You laugh. 

Judging by the bulge in his shorts, you definitely have his full attention. 

You untie your halter top and let it fall off of you. Your nipples perk up in the cool air conditioning. He perks up too. And then you slip off the panties. You leave your sandals on. 

Your pussy is shaved, except for a narrow triangle in the middle. You weren’t sure what he’d like—hairy, trimmed, or smooth. This seemed a nice compromise, and one that you enjoyed for yourself. The kink of trimming and then shaving down there excited you in an unexpected way. 

Just like now. Watching his eyes roam all over your body, watching you, is a turn on. Nervous energy spikes through you. Your fingers and toes tingle. The toy seems a little heavier. Fully charged, it vibrates a bit rougher than normal. So you spend some time just rubbing yourself. Opening yourself a little at a time. You squirt some lube onto your fingers. The coolness of the lube on your lips makes you exhale. 

You wish he’d just whip it out already. He clearly wants to, from the way he keeps adjusting his shorts. You just want to know if he shaved too. You hope not. You like it trimmed nicely, but things like that can be negotiated later. 

The coffee machine gurgles. A cup of joe is now the last thing on your mind. 

Finally, you feel ready to use the toy. You feed it in. And then settle back on the pillows and enjoy yourself. 

He unzips his fly. His shorts come off. Underneath, he’s wearing stretchy boxer briefs. The tip of the bulge has a little wet spot. When the briefs come off, a thin string of pre-cum stretches out. You press the vibrator up a notch. He settles back down in his chair. 

You’re pleased he has a patch of dark hair. A bit wild, but clearly it used to be trimmed up. 

The air conditioning doesn’t seem to work anymore. That science fiction movie on the TV seems far away, though it’s right in front of you. 

A shadow moves across the window. 

You turn your head, but see no one out there. The glare makes it hard to be sure. You think about closing the blinds all the way. But that means taking the vibrator out. And the thrill of being caught excites you. And the man in the chair didn’t seem to notice. 

He’s slowly stroking himself from tip to balls, glancing from his cock to you, back and forth. He’s well blessed. Eight inches? Hard to say, when you’re not entirely sure what that looks like. But he’s long with a thick mushroom shaped head and heavy sack. You want to crawl over to him, go down on your knees. 

But instead, you turn your head and close your eyes, letting that image sink in. You, an adulterer, a slut. Before this cruise, you never would’ve imagined that except maybe in your deepest fantasies. 

The husband agreed to spend time apart while on the cruise. Insisted on it, actually. Does he have a girlfriend now? Does she wear a cute bikini and strut around in her high heels for all to see? If so, she’s probably younger and thinner. In a strange way, you find that exciting too. You wonder what it’d be like to be in the closet while he’s screwing this imaginary younger girlfriend.

You wonder if you forgot to lock the door to your cabin. 

The ship sways ever so slightly underneath you. The motion is almost imperceptible. But it’s there, and adds to buzzing in your pussy and the smell of his hard cock. You look him in the eyes now. He has the look of a man close to the edge. You’re not far yourself. 

His chest rises and falls rapidly. The Hawaiian shirt is opened further. Lovely set of erect little nipples. Tanned skin. What would it be like to climb all over him? You squeeze your legs together. 

And then he lets out a growling moan. His balls tighten and raise up. He erupts everywhere… almost literally. You’re amazed at how much come he has. All over his chest. He turns his head to the side to avoid it directly in the face. A little bit ends up on his beautiful shirt. Wouldn’t surprise you if some of it stains the carpet behind him. 

Seeing him covered in his own jizz sends you over the edge too. You keep the vibrator inside for another, quicker orgasm. And then your pussy tightens and spits the vibrator out. The bedsheets will need changing. 

Later. You relax into the pillows, content. 

But another shadow moves across the window, and lingers for a bit before moving away. You recognize the shape. The husband saw every bit of what just happened. You know it in your bones. 

The man in the chair wipes himself off with a towel and dresses. Before leaving, he kisses you gently on the lips. You make him promise to return later. 

You hope he keeps that promise.

For now, you need to figure out how to sneak into your peeping Tom husband’s mistress’s cabin. And there, you’ll hide in her closet. 

On an adults only cruise ship, all kinds of fun happens. 


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