Sunday Quickie: Dessert First

The first time I invited over Tegan, a woman I’d been going steady with for a month, I messed up royally. Like, real bad, how did I earn a second date with this chick to begin, how much worse can it get?

I made coffee and that turned out well enough, if you like it dark and bitter enough to burn some brain cells. But I set the six egg omelet on fire. The hash browns were toasted into a thin crunchy layer of blackened flakes. I hadn’t realized what I forgot at the grocery until I found out I was out of bacon.

She was the kind of girl who might’ve starred in one of my many lesbian pornos—tall, curly blond hair, tanned legs with lean muscles. Never thought a girl like me could get close to a girl like her.

Seems the only thing I could do right was cherry pie a la mode. Amazingly, I’d baked it myself a week ago. 

Tegan thanked me for the dessert. I figured she was about to leave. I took her plate with mine and tossed them into the sink.

And then she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I hadn’t planned on even washing the dishes until she had me trapped between her hot body and the sink.

“Dessert first was nice for a change,” she said seductively in my ear.

“Was totally my plan all along,” I said.

“Sure,” she said. Tegan kissed me on the neck, right under my black hair that hangs just below my ears. A shiver ran my down skin all the way to my hips. I pretended to wash the dishes and failed spectacularly. The plates slipped right out my hands and clattered in the sink.

“I planned on having some more dessert,” Tegan said. “If you’re comfortable with that.”

“There’s more in the fridge,” I said.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Oh.” I had no idea what else to say to that. At least nothing that would make me sound cool in front of Tegan.

“Just relax,” she said. “Let me take care of you.”

“But I wanted to care for you tonight.”

“I know. And now it’s my turn.”

Her fingers slipped down my waist, tickling my sensitive spots along the way. She rested her hands on my hips and allowed me to catch my breath. Tegan nuzzled against my neck. Her teeth pressed on my sensitive skin, the tip of her tongue licking gently as her lips kissed. I leaned my head sideways, giving her as much of my neck as she wanted.

I wanted to tell her enough was enough. That maybe this was some kind of mistake. I wasn’t her type. But I didn’t say any of that. Instead I kept my mouth shut. Probably wisely. I just wished she would stop teasing me and make me wet already. I hadn’t realized how bad I needed it, and how amazingly good it felt to be held. My brain turned to mush. So did my knees. Her hands made my skin prickle hot and cold at the same time. I was close to losing all my control.

And then Tegan slithered her body down mine and took my yoga pants down with her. I gasped in surprise. I was thankful I wore a pair of sexy dark blue panties with a cute bow on the back. Tegan kissed the smooth silk. Her fingers wandered up my thighs, down the back, up the front, massaging and tickling my sensitive spots.

I stuck my butt out into her face. She repaid my boldness with a sharp slap across the ass. And then she pulled down my panties.

Tegan took me by the hips and buried her face in my pussy. I turned my head around to see her. She looked up at me and winked. 

“I’d like to be more comfortable,” I said.

She stood up slowly. “Where’s the bedroom?”

I took her by the hands and led her to my bedroom, both of us giggling and eyeing each up and down the whole way. It was like a dream come true, leading this goddess up to my bedroom. I wondered if it was a dream, or worse a practical joke.

When she closed the door behind us and pushed me up against it, I knew it was very much real and she wanted me as much as I wanted her. The press of her body on mine gave me such a rush, I never wanted to come back down. Every part of me tingled and aches in ways I’d forgotten it could tingle and ache. My skin was feverish hot all over. Goosebumps prickled across my arms and neck.

And then Tegan got down on her knees in front of me. With a wry smile, she peeled down my pants again, this time bringing the panties along for the ride. I had a moment of self-consciousness. Maybe she wouldn’t like the way I trimmed my pussy, or the fact that it’d been a few days since I last maintained myself so the smooth bits were all prickly.

She didn’t seem to mind at all. Tegan licked and sucked me as if she were desperate for cooch. And then with one finger curled up inside me, she bright me to a fast and wet orgasm.

She held me close as I came down from the afterglow. But I wasn’t ready for the night to end so soon. I motioned her towards the bed. Tegan sat on edge, chewing her bottom lip in quiet expectation. I kneeled In between her legs. She helped me take her shorts off. She wore nothing underneath, only a patch of hair and the smell of her wet pussy.

With trembling fingers, I took my time pleasuring her. I glided my tongue down her slit, just a tease, and then kissed and massaged the insides of her thighs. Tegan fell back on the bed, completely exposing herself to me. I spread her legs wide open. I did all the naughty things she just did to me, plus everything I’d been dreaming about for the last few weeks. I tasted her inside and out. I slid a finger up her ass and another in her pussy. I found her G-spot and tickled it mercilessly, ignoring her pleas for me to stop. And when she came, I kept her going and screaming for more.

When I was done, the bed was soaked. I held her head to breasts.

“Best dessert ever,” Tegan said.

“Yes,” I said. “But next time you want dessert first, all you have to do is ask and we can skip the awkward dinner.”

“Good to know,” she said. “The real question is, can I have seconds?”

No way I could say no. We kept having dessert until close to dawn, after we stripped the wet sheets off the bed, and we both collapsed in each other’s arms.



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