Sunday Quickie: Demanding Rent

Being a landlady isn’t fun and games. Especially for a building full of college boys who spend more time partying than studying. But, since I own and live in the building, I got to do what I got to do.

I received the call from 405 at six in the damn morning, long before any of the other tenants even think of waking up. And let’s be clear on something, I hate the dude in 405. He’s the stereotypical frat boy jock, a womanizer, and drunk all the time.

Doesn’t help that he’s continually late with the rent.

Kyle doesn’t like me either, so it was a bit surprising that I got a call about a leaky faucet from him. He’s the type to let problems slide and build up into bigger problems. But then, the voice on the phone didn’t sound like Kyle. Not as debonair, less confident. But it was six too fucking early.

So I put on some yoga pants and a baggy sweater, and lugged my toolbox upstairs.

When 405 opened, I was surprised to find another boy’s face answer the door.

“You’re not supposed to be living here,” I said.

The kid ruffled his shoulder length black hair. He was attractive. Tall, fit, easy on the blue eyes, and with brushed teeth.

“Sorry, ma’am,” he said. “Kyle said you only did fix-it jobs early in the morning.”

“Of course he said that,” I said. “Where the hell is he?”

“I don’t know. Uh. I mean, I think he’s living with some older chick.”

“I see,” I said. “And he’s left you the apartment.”

“I’ll pay the rent, ma’am. Meant to tell you about that.”

“We’ll see about that,” I waved at him, and stepped inside. “Leaky faucet?”

The kid pointed to the bathroom. I grumbled at him, regretting my tone. He was cute. But if he was the new tenant, things needed to be understood.

I fixed the stupid bathroom sink faucet. He stood in the doorway, watching me the entire time. I asked his name, which turned out to be Caleb. Then made small talk. Where you from? What you studying?

The whole time, he watched my ass. He probably didn’t think I noticed, but I have eyes in the back of my head. And the bathroom mirror helped too. So I stuck my butt out further as I worked. 

Once I was done, I snapped shut my toolbox and stood. I turned to face Caleb.

“Anything else need fixing?” I said.

“No,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

“Any other plumbing needs?”

He shook his head slowly, as if confused by my question. I was a little confused too, given how sultry I sounded. I left him, and went back downstairs to try to sleep a little. Sleep wanted nothing to do with me, and instead I masturbated, thinking about Caleb and his long dark hair.

I was annoyed and pleasantly surprised when he called again an hour later, saying he had another leaky faucet. Annoyed that he took a whole hour. So I grabbed my toolbox, and went back upstairs to 405. I let myself in, hoping to catch him in a moment of weakness. Wasn’t like me to do this to tenants. Most of them didn’t intrigue me. I was a little scared and excited at the same time, hoping he was thinking what I was thinking.

I dropped the toolbox at the door. Caleb was right there. He grabbed me by the elbows and kissed me. Hard. I felt his erection through his jeans. My lips ached.

After the kiss, he just stared at me, unsure what to do. I think he was more than a little surprised when I tugged on his hair and brought him back for another long, hard kiss.

And then, it was just pure magic. His fingers fumbled at my clothing. I got his shirt and jeans off with only a little help from him. Before I knew it, I was straddled him on the bed, fingering my pussy to get myself wet enough for him.

“You sure you want this?” I asked.

Caleb answered by smacking my ass cheeks and sinking his cock inside me. That was enough of an answer for me. I rode him. Clearly he’d never been fucked quite like this before. I could see uncertainty and wonder in his eyes. His fingers fumbled across my skin, over my nipples and down to my hips. I didn’t let up, didn’t give him a break.

When Caleb blew his load inside me, I pressed my hands on his chest and kept screwing him. He remained hard. And to my amazement, he came again.

The second time, I squeezed him out of me and fingered myself to orgasm.

I kissed him on the lips and left him on the bed. Caleb was half in, half out of sleep. He asked if I’d come back. I pressed my fingers against his cheek.

“Are you paying the rent on time?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“Pay the rent, then I’ll let you ride me.”

Caleb’s eyes sparkled. That got his attention. As I dressed, I knew I wouldn’t have more problems getting the rent money from 405.

In fact, he paid early every time for the magical year he lived in my building.


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