Hop on Over to the North Pole

Hop on Over to the North Pole_Cover_v1AUTHOR’S NOTE: This one isn’t actually published yet. You get to read it here first! I’m ramping back up my publishing operations, and this story is scheduled for January. Cherry Mistmas! Continue reading “Hop on Over to the North Pole”

Humpday Story: Molly the Adult Dolly


Empty house. Dark and stormy night.

Horny and lonely, Hunter just wants a stiff drink after coming home from a business trip. Not like Christine will be home any time soon apparently. Little does he know what surprise she left him upstairs.

Some presents happen once in a lifetime.

If you enjoy quirky couples and weird fantasy in your erotica, be sure to read Molly the Adult Dolly.


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(NOTE: The older version of the story is what’s currently for sale (3/21/2018). Give me a few days, and the new version with the new cover and cleaner format will be at all the retailers.)