Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam

Most of my freshman year of college was lonely. I have no idea how I survived the first semester. Studying came naturally for me, and that’s mostly how I spent my time. I shut myself in the dorm room, turned on the radio for some noise, and hit the books. Got good grades. Didn’t meet any girls.

But I did okay. My dorm mate was a party animal, so he’d be out late and often didn’t come back to the dorm. I had warm food, good music to listen to, and books to keep me company.

The only thing I really missed from home was a truly private place to masturbate. With the paper thin walls, you heard what everybody in the building was doing. I was self-conscious for a long time.

Until one night during the spring semester, when the snow was beginning to melt, I just really needed to rub one out. Badly.

There’s this alley I discovered while taking a walk, not far from the dorm. Between a video rental store and a bowling alley. It was late at night, and I was having a hard time focusing on my sociology studies. Nothing was on TV. All the other people were out partying.

I got on my jacket and walked to that alley.

Then I found a dark corner. I unzipped my pants. And started stroking myself hard.

A light was on in the upper story of the video place. Looked like somebody’s apartment. I imagined whoever lived there, looking down, and watching me stroke it. What if it was a girl who lived up there? What if she called the cops on me?

The thought just made me even more horny.

I was damn close to blowing a load. I could feel it in my balls, the ache from needing to release too much cum. And then I heard a voice behind.

“Hey kid,” said a feminine voice. “Whatcha doing?”

I jumped out of my skin. Almost dropped my pants, actually. My heart thundered in my throat. A girl really had caught me! And now that she confronted me, the fantasy didn’t seem so hot anymore.

But damn, she was pretty. Long red hair, a little shorter than me, certainly college age but she had the look of experience in her face. Maybe a class or two ahead of me?

“I’m, uh, peeing,” I said, lamely.

“Do you always pee when you’re hard?” she said.

“Yes. No. I mean… uh.” My boner was now gone and I zipped myself up. Well, I felt like a dumbass. First college girl to pay any attention at all to my cock, even if accidentally, and I screwed that one up.

I hoped she’d go away. She didn’t. I meant to walk away. But I felt frozen in place, like at an awkward birthday party nobody wants to go to, but goes out of respect for the person having the birthday.

“How about we make a deal,” the girl said. “You help me with my anatomy exam, and then you stop jacking off in my alley.”

“Sure,” I said, not exactly certain of what I agreed to. Seemed kind of an odd deal, even to my hormone flooded brain.

She introduced herself as Marissa, and led me upstairs above the video store. Apparently, she really had seen me from the window with the light on, because that was her bedroom. A massive anatomy book was on the bed, along with notebooks and pens and highlighters.

The textbook was opened to a page with a diagram of male anatomy.

I began to get a sense of what I agreed to.

I started by helping her with the normal way of studying. Memorization and repetition. But the terminology didn’t sink in for Marissa, although I certainly learned a lot.

After awhile, I decided to give her a better visual aid than the stupid diagram in the book. Besides, she’d already seen my dick. What was she going to do? Kick me out of her apartment?

I whipped it out. Marissa wasted little time matching the terms with my anatomy. She wasn’t shy about touching me either. Her hands were warm, and pretty soon, I got hard again. But I held back, trying to not get ahead of myself, so she could study.

And then her expression went from serious to playful. She held my cock in one hand, a highlighter in the other as she went over her notes.

“Well,” Marissa said, “I think I got it now. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “Anything else you need help with?”

“No. But maybe I can help you with something.” She glanced from my eyes to my cock.

“I don’t know. Not sure what you mean.”

Then Marissa spat on my cock. “For such a smart boy, you are slow.”

And then she kissed my scrotum, and licked up my shaft to the frenum. She toyed with me, stroking me even harder. I kept quiet, afraid to ruin the moment. I didn’t want her to stop. Yet, it seemed so wrong. So naughty.

But she was the one taking advantage of me. And that fact made it even hotter.

She swallowed me balls deep, just like I had watched in countless pornos. For a long time I’d dreamed about what that might feel like. And now it was happened.

It was wet, and sloppy, and I could feel her teeth stroking my skin. Nothing at all like I imagined it. Getting a blowjob was naughty, unsanitary and a bit gross all at the same time. And yet, a complete turn on.

I lasted five minutes. But it felt like hours of pleasure. And I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

I blew my load across Marissa’s face. All my saved up cum made a big mess in her hair, and it dripped down her chin. She licked some of it up.

“You should leave,” she said. She zipped me back up and pushed at me. “Now. Before my boyfriend gets back.”

That got my attention. I kissed her good night, getting a salty taste of my own cum, and ran out the door.

I returned to that alley and masturbated under her window several times that semester. Marissa invited me up at least once a week. After her boyfriend left her, she let me stay an entire night.

Even after she finished college, I remained a friend with benefits to Marissa. To this day, she still teases me about needing help with her anatomy exam.


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