SG_Issue1v6Elsie Turner wants to be married to the man of her dreams. But being a career covert spy doesn’t help. Nor does it help when her life goes sideways on the day before her wedding, while standing naked on the edge of a cliff.

Her fiancee, Kevin Kincaid, has no idea what he’s in for when he answers a knock on the bridal suite door. Bad enough he keeps his own secrets from Elsie.

Too many secrets can either destroy a relationship, or raise the heat to unbearable levels.

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SG_Issue2v3Darren Henley doesn’t want to be at the Kumonalaya Casino. If one vice didn’t get him, the other would. Slot machines, or a casual hook-up with the first available woman. If only he could find a way out of the worst business meeting of his career.

Josie Chaplin hadn’t planned on picking up a random guy at the casino. Sure, she felt frisky when putting on her new police officer costume today. Being a thousand-year-old succubus, feeling frisky comes with the territory. Darren just happens to be the right height to wrap her arms around his shoulders.

Boy meets succubus. If only the boy knew what happens next.

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sirensgarterissue3_coverv3Money and power won’t take the chill off a cold Minnesota night for Camille Pope. Forty-seven and not getting any younger, Cammy just settled her divorce. Tonight, life starts again. Even if that means starting her new life alone and in the snow.

For Scott Mahoney, it’s another night at the Smashing Good Thyme bar, his pride and joy. He dropped out of college and scraped every penny to start his own business. Serving drinks and chatting with good folks every night suits him just fine. But life still feels empty for some reason.

The night only began. Good thing Cammy took the next day off.

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sirensgarterissue4cover_v2Gaby Ashton wants the longest hot shower in her life, nothing more, nothing less. Especially after the dismal night at the Pins and Racks Bowling Center. After leaving a six-nine-ten split, Gaby’s team loses by one point. To top off the night, the man doing wheelies in the parking lot crashes into her car.

For former professional stunt devil Shaun Bradburn, crashing cars and motorcycles drops womens’ panties every time. Easier than driving in a snow-packed parking lot, at least. If the cold weather doesn’t chill him, Gaby’s wrath will.

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