Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam

Most of my freshman year of college was lonely. I have no idea how I survived the first semester. Studying came naturally for me, and that’s mostly how I spent my time. I shut myself in the dorm room, turned on the radio for some noise, and hit the books. Got good grades. Didn’t meet any girls.

But I did okay. My dorm mate was a party animal, so he’d be out late and often didn’t come back to the dorm. I had warm food, good music to listen to, and books to keep me company.

The only thing I really missed from home was a truly private place to masturbate. With the paper thin walls, you heard what everybody in the building was doing. I was self-conscious for a long time.

Until one night during the spring semester, when the snow was beginning to melt, I just really needed to rub one out. Badly. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam”