Humpday Story: Dawn at the Sunset Corral

Dawn-at-the-Sunset-Corral-GenericDawn Copperpot comes out to the creek by the Sunset Corral for only one reason. Well, two—to be by herself, and to masturbate.

After a long morning of mucking out stables, Dawn needs the me-time. Armed with a shotgun, a couple of sex toys, and her imagination; she waits for the sunrise to have the perfect orgasm. But her imagination leads her to the memory of Nate Ramsey, the one who got away.

Until a nearby twig snaps.

If you enjoy sweet, contemporary Western-inspired erotica, be sure to read Dawn at the Sunset Corral.



Dawn Copperpot unbuttoned her red flannel shirt and spread her arms out wide. The cool night air had a certain crispness to it right before sunrise. The air bit and tickled at her bare skin. She closed her eyes, enjoying every sensation.

Sunset Creek trickled at her feet, the water lapping at slick stones. Crickets chirped. An owl hooted in the distance. Twigs cracked not far away, probably deer. PJ, Dawn’s favorite horse, snorted. All around, the smells of nature filled Dawn with energy—the smell of lilacs, and sap from the maple trees, and the decay of fallen limbs.

The nearest town was fifteen miles away. And it was little more than a bar, a boarded up post office, and a white church with a steeple.

This spot, at the creek where it bends around the Sunset Corral, was her spot. Few people ever came out this way. Nobody ever visited at this time of the morning, not even hunters and fishers.

Dawn lost track long ago how many times she came here to masturbate.

Beginning when she was fifteen, maybe? Maybe a tad earlier, right before high school. She’d come back here during breaks from college, just to commune with nature, as she liked to think of it. She came here when she was frustrated, or tired, or lonely. 

Out here, her cell phone didn’t work. The noises of trucks and cars on County Road 69 seemed so far away, almost non-existent. Most important, there were no people.

The only things Dawn needed here were a shotgun to fend off a wolf, her horse PJ so she could ride back to the Corral proper, and a sex toy or two. 

And her imagination.

She spread a blanket on the soft ground, and knelt down. Earlier in the morning, before anybody ever thought of rising out of bed, she mucked out the stables at the Corral. She fed and tended to all the horses. Tina, the owner of the Corral, was nursing a broken ankle, so everybody pitched in and did double duties. Dawn chose to do her chores before sunrise.

That way, she had plenty of time to finish up around the Corral, then have a picnic breakfast of salted jerky, cold biscuits, and coffee from a thermos. And then, of course, ride out to the creek and get naked for a little while.

It was her way of relaxing before facing the morning drunkards at Lefty’s Tavern. Dawn figured if she showed up with a big smile and smelling a little musky, she might get better tips.


She slanted the hood on the lantern so the golden light dimmed. Then she loosened her ponytail and let her waist length brown hair fall down her shoulders. Earlier, before riding out to the creek, she had changed from her sweaty t-shirt and jeans, and slipped into a clean flannel shirt and a short denim skirt. She left her tennis shoes back at the stables, and wore her red cowgirl boots. Not the most practical footwear, but definitely the most fun for what she had in mind.

She left her shirt on, for some sake of warmth, but unhooked the front clasp of her bra. Her nipples were especially sensitive, and perked right up in the chilly air. She cupped them in her hands, twisting the nipples with her rough finger tips.

The sun would rise within the half hour. She imagined the golden orange glint on the water, the warmth the sun would bring, and the amazing orgasm she hoped to have while the sun rose.

Already the horizon was tinged pink and orange, the first hints of dawn. She very much wanted to get busy.

Dawn dropped her panties to her ankles and kicked them aside. They were plain and black, and smelled a little funky from the workout she’d had earlier. She was still sweaty behind the neck and between her thighs. Her muscles were a little sore from heaving the shovel. 

She smoothed out the blanket and sat down. The earth felt cool under her as she lay down on her back. She reached over to her backpack. She got out the small, pink bullet vibrator, a clit stimulator. A moment later, she found the bottle of lube, also in her backpack.

The lube was cool on her privates. Dawn turned on her toy, and pressed it on her clit, rubbing in lazy motions. The coolness didn’t last long. With one arm tucked behind her head, she closed her eyes.

And she thought of past boyfriends. At least the ones she missed in the bedroom. Tony, who could do amazing things with his hands and tongue. Zack, who had the most amazing cock Dawn had ever experienced. And of course Jeff, who knew how to wine and dine her before every all-night marathon of mind blowing sex.

As much as she enjoyed her solitude, Dawn longed to be touched. And loved. Maybe by all three of those ex-boyfriends at once. They would never go for that—they each were too manly to share a woman with another dude, much less two other dudes. But the fantasy was strong in Dawn’s mind. She squeezed her legs tight around the throbbing vibrator and pinched a nipple. She imagined Zack in her pussy, Jeff in her ass, and Tony suckling her breasts.

The first edge of an orgasm crested inside her. Too much, too soon. She pulled away the vibrator. Sweat pooled behind her back. Her hair clung to skin. So close. Dawn caught her breath, and this time slipped a finger inside while she pressed the vibe on her clit.

Her mind wandered to other men in her life. Each one pressed her further towards that edge. Henry, the sexy mailman from before when the post office in town closed. James, a boy who used to tease her in high school.

And Nate… the one who got away.

He’d worked as a horse trainer at the Sunset Corral right after Dawn got back from college. He was tall and rugged, never seemed to shave but also never quite had a beard. He had the most handsome brown eyes, the kind Dawn got lost in when she day-dreamed while masturbating at the creek.

Nate had been so kind to her. Always with a fast joke and a heart melting smile. Dawn, at one time, imagined marrying him and having children with him.

But he never asked her out, for reasons unclear to Dawn.

And she never pursued him, for reasons that now seemed stupid to her in hindsight.

She just got her degree, and put in job applications all over the country. Dawn was going to have a career. Live in a big city. Make lots of money. And he was just a simple horse trainer in a small town. Dawn didn’t want to get attached and make him decide to leave the small town behind for her sake.

And now, older and wiser and having lived in a big city for a time, Dawn kicked herself for believing her own bullshit.

One of her biggest disappointments was waving goodbye to Nate when she boarded the bus out of town. The other big disappointment was discovering Nate no longer seemed to live in town when she moved back.

But the memory of him was sweet, even if it stung a little. She remembered the shape of his lips and the texture of his rough five o’clock shadow. She adored the way the wind blew his thick black hair. The way his shoulders and back tapered into a V to his waist. And how he never seemed to run out of sweet and funny things to say to her.

Dawn imagined Nate’s hands all over her. Imagined how desperate he’d be, after all these years, to finally touch her without inhibition. 

She squeezed her breasts together with one hand and pressed the vibrator tighter against her clit. The orgasm built up and this time she didn’t want to hold back for the sun rise. The darkness was just fine. That’s how she wanted Nate. In the dark, where he couldn’t see her clearly, and he could just use her any which way he wanted.

Dawn pressed a finger inside her pussy while holding the vibrator on her hood. Her orgasms came from the clit, and that’s something Nate would understand. At least the fantasy Nate, who held her close while fucking her. He’d ease up right at the edge of her release, and then rub her clit to orgasm.

Then finally, release.

A small scream came out of Dawn’s throat. She couldn’t help it. Her toes curled. Her fingers were soaked wet. Her thigh muscles tightened. 

And then a twig snapped. Another deer? No! This was closer.

She snapped her head around. At first, she saw only the glare of his flashlight. And then saw him. 

Nate, rugged as ever, though a bit older but every bit as sexy. He stood there in front of her, sure as the sunrise that was about to happen.

Dawn yelped in surprise and leapt to her feet. 

He lowered his flashlight, then tipped his cowboy hat and covered his eyes. 

Also Alone

Nate Ramsey didn’t recognize her at first. She looked cold and hot at the same time, nipples erect and hair clinging to the sides of her face. The air smelled of maple trees, lukewarm coffee, and a horny woman in heat. She tried her best to hide herself, closing up the flannel shirt around her open bra, squeezing her legs tight together. In the process of being so vulnerable, she just appeared even sexier.

He lowered his hat over his eyes and turned around out of decency. Well, that and to hide the wicked grin on his face. And the boner in his pants.

He’d been surprised that anyone was out this far away from the Corral at this time of morning. But here she was, right in front of him and every bit as beautiful, more so, as he remembered her.

Dawn. The girl who got away, slipped away from his fingers, but never completely left his heart.

He’d been back in town for only a day. He’d heard Tina needed help at the Sunset Corral for the short term, and was more than happy to set aside his life for a few weeks. Fuck it, he was unhappy as hell with law school and the direction his life had taken. Time for another change, and maybe one that would bring him back to where he’d already been.

The time at the Corral was nothing but good memories tending horses, breathing fresh air, and teasing Dawn. Back then, she was just a grown up girl, idealistic and naive.

Now, clearly, she was really grown up. And half naked.

While out walking in the woods around the Corral, clearing his head and taking in fresh air in the early morning, Nate had heard the muffled scream in the darkness, coming from near the creek. A woman’s scream. He half ran, best as he could through the trees, thinking somebody needed help. And now he bit his lip to keep from laughing at himself.

The supposed “damsel in distress” was one of the strongest women he’d had the pleasure to know. And she clearly didn’t need his help, on several different counts.

“Hey Dawn,” he jammed one hand in his jeans’ pocket. Bad idea, his fingers rubbed up against his erection. He carefully repositioned his hand. Nate thought hard about the yellow circle of light his flashlight made on the moss covered ground, and less about the incredibly beautiful woman behind him with her tits hanging out. 

He hesitated, not liking the silence from her. So much to say, after so many years of not saying what he badly wanted to say. Nate let out a sigh, and took a step away. “Hope to see you around,” he said with another tip of his cowboy hat.

He meant to leave her. Let her get decent. Maybe later they could talk over drinks, or coffee, pretend he hadn’t just interrupted her while masturbating.

All those things he wanted to tell her could wait, after all. They’d waited damn near a decade anyway.

“Nate,” she said. She rustled her clothes back into shape. “You can turn around.”

Was that joy in her voice? Or just his own hope? Maybe she was only teasing him, like she used to all the time. 

Nate turned around. Dawn was buttoned up, though still clearly flummoxed. She flattened her hair and gave him the lovely smile he’d long dreamed of.

“I apologize for…” Nate waved his hands about, unsure how to finish that sentence. He spotted something small and pink and wet behind her cowgirl boot. She kicked at it with her heel. Vibrator? “Sorry for catching you…”

“You sure caught me off guard,” she smiled sweetly, face flushed bright red. 

“Yeah, that.” He rubbed the back of his neck. If anything, he felt like the one being caught off guard. How was he supposed to prepare himself for encountering the woman he’d dreamed of for the last decade? How would he have prepared himself for seeing her breasts for the first time, in this way?

He stole a quick glance. They were just like how he remembered. Big, but not ridiculously so. A fun handful. Tucked inside a bra, they appeared firm and round. He decided he liked them better outside the bra.

Dawn cleared her throat. He tore his glance away from her breasts, up her smooth throat and chin, back to her eyes.

“How have you been?” Nate said.

She stepped closer, one step. “I…” she said. “I’ve been good. You?”

How to sum up so many years? To tell her how many lonely nights he lay awake thinking of her? How all the other women he’d been with never fully satisfied him?

“I’m good too,” he said.

Nate stepped closer to her. She closed the distance. Up close, Dawn smelled like wet pussy. His erection tugged at his jeans anew, as if trying to get out. He had no illusions she hadn’t noticed. Of all the scenarios he’d dreamed up, of how maybe one day he could encounter Dawn once again, and what he’d say to her, what he might do—this was not what he had thought of.

He cupped her face with one hand. He liked how she fit so perfectly against his palm. Dawn raised her dark green eyes up at him. Her skin was flushed from forehead to her half exposed chest. 

No, not what he dreamed of.

But it felt so right.

He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. He expected it to be a quick brush of the lips. Something he could write off as a friendly “hello there” if she didn’t want it. He started to pull away.

Dawn wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and pulled him back in. Nate slipped his arm around her waist, bringing her close as possible. For being half naked just a moment ago, she was hot to the touch. Her body heat seeped through their clothes. 

Their lips met, this time with less grace, their teeth gnashing. Another try was the charm. He gave her the tip of his tongue, and she returned with all of hers. Nate’s heart hammered against his ribs. He thought for sure she could feel his heartbeat, it was that fast and strong. 

Or was that her heartbeat he felt? Nate didn’t care. She was in his arms, at last. Dream come true.

In the back of his mind, he wondered if this would last. Of course it wouldn’t. The embrace would end. The kiss would end. 

Dawn tugged at his denim jacket until the seams nearly popped. In a moment of weakness, he allowed his hand to wander down her back. He cupped her ass in both hands. Just a quick, gentle squeeze and he let her go.

And then she broke the kiss, and pulled away. She held him at arm’s length.

Nate silently wondered what that meant. By the wild look in her eyes and the sweet curl of her swollen lips, he knew he was in trouble. The good kind of trouble, at least.

“You never called,” she said, her smile flattening. Her brow crinkled. “Or wrote.”

“Neither did you,” Nate said. It was harsh, he knew, but true. “I’m sorry.”

“I let you go for the stupidest of reasons,” she said.

He squeezed her elbows and let her go. But she clung to his shoulders. 

“You had a career,” he said. “I would’ve held you back.”

“I held myself back,” she said. “I suppose we both did.”

“Thing is,” said Nate, “I have no idea why I never asked you out for more than coffee and pie. I was crazy for you.”

“I’m still crazy for you,” Dawn said. She pressed her hands against his chest and leaned forward, kissing him sweetly just below the lips.

He took her by the hips and brought her back close to him. She grunted, and then kissed him deeper.

When the kiss broke, he pressed his forehead to hers for a brief moment. “The sun’s about to rise,” he said. “Want to watch it?”

“Very much,” Dawn said. She glanced at the blanket spread out on the ground. Even in the pre-dawn light, Nate could see small wet marks where she’d had orgasms. “Come on,” she took him by the hand, “there’s a big tree stump we can sit on.”

A few yards up the creek, there was a stump wide enough for the two of them to sit comfortably together. He held her hands, and she snuggled against him.

Above the tree tops, the sun rose. A cascade of gold, orange, and pink lit the sky on fire. Nate had seen many sunrises, but none quite this beautiful. He sat silent, and so did Dawn. No words seemed necessary in this moment, as if speaking would ruin the experience. He felt a lightness in his chest. A quiet, content feeling that spread throughout his body.

After the sun cleared the tops of the trees, Nate found her lips again. 

When the kiss ended, he figured that would be it for now. Maybe they could grab coffee and breakfast, and catch up.

But Dawn grabbed a fistful of his shirt and locked eyes with him. She tore the cowboy hat off his head, and then covered the bottom half of her face with it. Her eyebrows raised up in tiny arches. Dawn had amazing laugh lines he either never noticed, or completely forgot about.

She tossed his hat aside. “What now, cowboy?” 

Not So Alone

Dawn held her breath, hoping for the right answer to her question. She tried hard not to giggle when he stammered incoherently, but she couldn’t help it. A light hearted laugh erupted out of her, high pitched and probably annoying to anybody who might’ve passed by. Good thing she was alone with Nate.

If anything, her laughter made him seemingly more nervous. And then he got a serious expression in his eyes, as if he were in a life-or-death staring contest with her. He tugged at the top button of her shirt. 

Her heart thundered. Every nerve in her body lit up, like a jolt of triple espresso giving her the jitters. She hated espresso for that reason. But she couldn’t imagine this feeling getting old when around him. 

And she knew what to do with these jitters.

Dawn held his hand, and then pressed his palm flat against her chest, right between her breasts. He stopped stammering. A decade of words not said hung between them. Joys and pains not shared. A life not lived. 

I love yous not given or received.

She had so much to share with him. She didn’t know where to begin.

Nate opened the top button of her shirt. His fingers were steady. Decisive. Even if he didn’t know what to say for now, he definitely knew what he wanted. Another button, and soon enough her skin was exposed to him.

He didn’t spend very long staring at her, thankfully. Nate embraced her in his strong arms. He kissed the side of her neck, just below the earlobe. His breath was hot against her skin. She fumbled with opening his shirt, which turned out to be hard to do from within his arms. But she managed it, and ran her fingers down his firm chest and stomach.

His hands wandered all over her body. Through her hair, down her back, along her sides. Then he scratched down one thigh, and reached between her legs and up her skirt. Dawn squirmed under his touch, which made him even bolder. She opened her legs for him, inviting him. He found her pussy with the tip of his finger, and flicked at her clit.

She closed her eyes, enjoying what he did to her. She ran her fingers through his hair, and tugged gently as she leaned forward for another kiss. 

This time, the kiss wasn’t sweet. This kiss was hot and desperate. Naughty. Dawn scratched down his chest with her fingernails, down to his belt buckle. His bare skin smelled fresh and woodsy. Her pussy became wet again. 

Thankfully the early morning was warming up fast, because soon enough they both had their shirts off. Nate wasted little time finding the front clasp to her bra, and expertly opened it with two fingers. She found his belt buckle again, and after tickling him a bit she opened his jeans wide. 

He wore black boxers. His cock strained against the fabric, and made a little wet spot with pre-cum.

Dawn stroked him through the fabric. She wanted to know what he looked like, how big he really was, but at the same time she wanted the anticipation to go on forever. It was like tearing the wrapping off a gift—once done, the gift was unwrapped and couldn’t be re-wrapped.

So instead, she just held him in her hand for a moment. Nate didn’t seem to mind, by the goofy smile on his face.

“Wish I brought a condom,” he shook his head.

Dawn mock sighed and rolled her eyes. “Maybe next time you’ll think of that,” she said. She winked. “I’m on birth control. And I trust you to not have a disease.”

His smile got even goofier. “I trust you too.”

Dawn glanced away, suddenly unsure of herself. She never gave her trust this easily to any man. What had gotten into her?

He pointed to the blanket on the ground. “Maybe we should get comfortable?” he said.

She stood up, tugging on his cock the whole way up. He followed her.

“Let’s,” she said, and led him to her blanket.

And then she dropped to her knees and tugged his jeans and boxers down to his ankles. He had a wonderful cock—just long enough to hold him with both hands, and thick enough to fill her palms. She held him for a moment, slowly stroking until his pre-cum wetted her fingers.

Then she tasted him with her tongue, licking the saltiness off and spitting it back on him. She loved the way he moaned and twitched under her touch. Like she had perfect control over him. 

The thrill lit her up. 

He tapped her shoulder and pointed at the ground. Dawn didn’t know what he meant at first. When he pushed her to a laying down position, she had a better idea. The thrill intensified as she wondered what he’d do next.

He returned the oral favor, starting with a slow lick across her lady parts. She wrapped her legs around his neck, drawing him as close as possible. His tongue felt so wonderful on her clit. The sensation nearly sent her over the edge. Until he slipped a finger inside. Thankfully he didn’t entirely ignore her clit, but it wasn’t the same anymore. He fingered her like a man possessed.

She’d have to teach later.

For now, she needed to take charge. 

Dawn loosened her legs from around him, and pushed him away. “On your back, cowboy,” she said.

He seemed a bit confused at first, but he did as she asked.

Dawn helped him out of his shoes, pants, and underwear. Then she took off her skirt. She only had on her boots.


She turned her back to him and straddled him. She flipped her hair, and looked over her shoulder at him. “Hope you like reverse cowgirl,” she said.

“Just take it easy,” he said, with a wink and a smile. “My cowgirl.”

She laughed. His cowgirl? She kind of liked the sound of that. 

Dawn reached between her legs, and took him by the cock. She stroked him a few times, to make sure he was ready. Then she held him straight up and sat on top of him. Taking his advice, she took it easy. One slow, excruciating inch at a time. Nate held onto her ass as if to push her down even harder. She denied him any quick satisfaction. 

Once he was balls deep, Dawn rotated her hips about, grinding on him slowly. She loved the way he felt inside her. Just the right size. Exactly the right amount of pressure at the exact spot. Not enough to put her over the edge. But enough to make it feel good.

She gripped his thighs as she rode him. One touch to her clit, and she’d be there. Just like she denied him, she also denied herself. 

For sure, she’d be late to work at the tavern. But Dawn no longer cared. The drunkards could wait. She’d already waited too long for Nate to come back into her life.

He started bucking underneath her, like a wild horse yet to be tamed. He pushed in deep as he could, and wiggled his hips about. Dawn kept one hand on his thigh, the other pressed to his chest, to try to better control him. But he was uncontrollable. Good thing she liked a challenge, whether man or horse. 

So, to further deny him, Dawn stopped. Kept him inside her, but made him do all the dirty work. To her joy, he didn’t seem to mind. 

Dawn rubbed her clit while he fucked her. As if her finger had a mind of its own, she rubbed until she nearly found the edge. Her heart thundered against her ribcage. So close. She pulled her fingers away from her sweet spot. 

She ran her fingers through her hair, for something to do besides touch herself. Her hand smelled of pussy. 

And then Nate reached around her waist with both arms. With one hand, he fondled a breast and pulled her onto his stomach. With the other, he found her clit.

Just like she imagined him doing in her fantasy.

His body heat radiated up into her back. She was a hot mess, with hair everywhere and sweat pouring as if she were working hard. The sun shone down, heating her skin further. Dawn let out a scream. 

Nate rubbed her clit faster. He tried to fuck faster too, but it didn’t matter. Her orgasm rocked her from head to toe. Her pussy clenched his cock, and then spat him out in a gush. 

Dawn laid there on top of him for a long moment, luxuriating in the ecstasy. She could barely move. He held her close, but didn’t enter again. She could feel the tip of his cock, still hard and with the tip just barely pressed inside.

She sat up. With both hands wrapped around him, she stroked him. He was wet with her fluids. Nate squirmed underneath her, not really putting up a fight anymore. 

When he came for her, he exploded. 

One long stream after another, until she didn’t think he’d stop. He coated her blanket, and got more than enough on her legs and hands.

Finally, she turned back around to face him, and fell into his arms. They kissed, but this time the kissing was lazy. Everything had already been taken out of Dawn, she couldn’t give him much more.

Maybe after a nap. Or perhaps after lunch.

She rolled off of him. “Wish we could stay here all day.”

“Until sunset? And then do it again?” he said, stroking her hair. He laughed. “But duty calls. I’m sure we can arrange something.”

“What do you have in mind?” Dawn said.

“I have tonight in mind. In my hotel room at the Days Inn.”

Dawn kissed him again. “I’ll bring take-out.”

They both got dressed quickly. The local drunks weren’t going to be happy with Dawn being late to work. But they’d have to be cool it.

She’d found happiness again, in the place she’d always gone to for happiness.


Copyright © 2020 Hermit Muse Publishing

Cover image © Alan and Vicena Poulson/BigStockPhoto

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