Rule Number Two

When the Unthinkable Happens

Rule Number Two


Miriam F. Martin

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1I have a firm rule when I’m performing on cam. Never, under any circumstances, agree to meet somebody. No matter how sexy the photo she shares, no matter what dirty things she says, or even if she’s a stunning Asian woman with a dragon tattoo on her pussy.

That’s rule number two. Rule one is to have fun, of course.

This lady with the handle JennySuxCox had been lurking in my webcam chatroom for several days. I noticed her, said hi, and then ignored her because she’d never say anything.

Until one late night.

“Hi,” she wrote.

“Hello,” I wrote back. It was a slow night on the cam.

“Wanna be my BF?” Jenny said.

Now understand, I was bored with a massive boner in one hand. And earlier I’d gotten a lot of unwanted attention from dudes. Jenny’s profile image was of a very beautiful Asian woman. So, fuck yeah. I told her yes.

“Oh??” she wrote back immediately. “I think I love u.”

I smiled, and then stroked myself a bit for her. I figured this was some fantasy for her. And then she wrote a bunch of kinky, sexy things to me. How she wanted to ride my big cock. How she’d suck me dry under the stars. And then ride me even harder.

“So,” she wrote after awhile. “When u gonna propose?”

“Propose what? Lol,” I wrote back.

“Marriage, dumb a$$,” Jenny wrote.

I was silent for a long time. I typed and retyped several responses. “I like to meet and fuck first,” I said at last. “Ya know, get to know you.”

“OK,” said Jenny. “Let’s meet. Tonite. Make Out Park. I have a dragon tattoo on my pussy. Condom or bareback, ur choice.”

She sent me a picture of her twat. Sure enough, it had a green dragon breathing fire downward onto her clit. My cock twitched.

Then I replied, “Sure. See you soon, baby.”

I shut off my webcam. Sweat dripped down my pits and back. What the hell did I just agree to? Was I really breaking rule number two?

And if I skipped the meeting with Jenny, that made me a liar.

If I kept it, that made me a man-slut.

I had a reputation to uphold. My cam followers expected me to be a little slutty. But I can’t be a liar.

So I put on my jeans and a shirt, grabbed a condom out of my nightstand drawer, and drove out to Make Out Park.

I parked next to the other car that was there, which happened to have an Asian woman sitting behind the wheel. She got out, and got into the passenger seat of my car. Before I could say anything, she unzipped her jeans and showed me the dragon tattoo.

There it was, just like in the photo and twice as sexy.

I meant to look into Jenny’s eyes, but I kept staring at her tattoo.

Didn’t matter. She grabbed me by the face and made out with me. No words were said. I stripped for her, like on my show but in a cramped driver’s seat. She was a rough kisser. And when she climbed on my lap, turned out she was a rough fucker too.

As in, Jenny was bruising my balls. Literally.

I meant to shove her off. Tell her I wanted to put on the condom. But Jenny’s pussy lips firmly gripped my cock.

All that bouncing was taking a toll on me. My stomach and all it’s contents were being rattled senselessly.

I pushed at her.

Jenny pushed back and doubled her effort.

And then the unthinkable happened.

I let out the biggest, loudest ripping fart.

Wish it had stopped there.

I came at the same time.

But along with the fart and what was otherwise a wonderful orgasm, out plopped a massive shit that landed on the floorboard.

Jenny covered her mouth, covering both a scream and a hurl. She turned green. I never saw a woman move so quickly off my lap. Then she ran half naked out of my car, to hers. I don’t think she bothered putting her jeans back on. She drove away.

I was too embarrassed to log on to cam for weeks. Well, and too embarrassed to drive anywhere, because of the nasty smell in my car.

But I never saw Jenny again.

And I never broke rule number two again.


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