The Zapper

When the Unthinkable Happens

The Zapper


Miriam F. Martin

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1I used to be as big as a Subway footlong sandwich. Which sounds awesome when I say it like that, but I could never wear shorts because my cock would stick out the bottom.

Though that certainly made my webcam shows fun.

Awhile back, I wanted to spice up my cam show. Only so many times I can jerk off for strangers, before things get repetitive. Then I learned about a new sex toy called the Zapper.

It looks a bit like a Fleshlight, but you plug it into a wall outlet and it reacts to sounds. Whenever somebody from the cam chat room tips, the Zapper, well umm, zaps my cock with a shit-ton volts of electricity.

So one late night I set up my laptop and cam on the floor, plugged in the Zapper, and stripped. Pretty soon, I had a nice size crowd of women and men watching me lube up and slide my cock into the toy.

And then people started tipping.

One or two tokens at a time, at first. The zaps to my cock felt like bee stings. It randomly shocked the head, then the base, then somewhere along the shaft. Each time made me jump.

To my surprise, I got super hard. I started pumping my hips each time somebody zapped me.

The tips got bigger, and the shocks were even worse. I knew I should’ve stopped. A little voice in the back of my head told me this was a bad, bad idea.

But I was moaning and thrashing violently. My audience fucking loved it.

But then that dude came into my chatroom… DbagAhat. No clue what his real name is. He’s been following me for a long time, always makes ridiculous demands, and is fucking rude when I don’t respond to him. But he tips well.

DbagAhat asked me to stick the Zapper up my ass. (Umm… WTF??) I ignored him. He tipped more, and higher values. Five credits, then ten, fifteen. One hundred. Each time he gave me a harder shock. I didn’t think my body could handle more. I reached for the mouse, ready to ban his stupid ass once and for all.

And then the unthinkable happened.

Dbag dropped a 1,000 credit tip.

Three times in a row.

As I convulsed, I wondered why the hell I didn’t just pull my cock out of the Zapper. Did my midget dominatrix train me so well that I can’t not resist pain? Was I really enjoying what Dbag did to me? Hard to say.

I blacked out. When I woke up, I smelled burnt hair. The good news is, I don’t have to shave anymore.

The bad news, my glorious footlong cock shriveled down to a blackened stick. My pinky finger has more girth than my member. And my balls are like tiny raisins that got sun-dried for too long. Mr. Piggy, my pet guinea pig, now has a bigger set than me.

At least now I can wear shorts, no thanks to the Zapper.


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