A Foot Job from Sasquatch

When the Unthinkable Happens

A Foot Job from Sasquatch


Miriam F. Martin

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1Sasquatch is seven feet tall, blond haired, blue eyed, and built like a Scandinavian woman. She is strong, smart, and has a heart of gold. She happens to wear a size 14 in lady’s shoes. Her feet are about twice as long as my penis.

Most days, I feel like she’s twice my 5’4” height.

But I think she’s the most beautiful woman on Earth.

When we dance, I stand on her feet and snuggle just below her breasts. At the movie theater, we sit in the top row, her arm around me, and I lick and suck her nipples throughout the show. In bed, I like to crawl in between her legs and eat her out until she orgasms and falls asleep.

Our relationship suffers two problems.

I’m far too short to reach up and give her a kiss without a step-stool.

And she’s got the sex drive of a fourteen year old boy. I can barely keep up.

I usually can’t, at least not for very long. So Sasquatch travels the world without me, looking for the next sexual high.

But she often returns to me, though I have no idea why.

Doesn’t matter. When Sasquatch is home, I know I’ll be sore for weeks after she’s gone.

This time, I’m on one end of the couch, she’s on the other. And she’s massaging my groin with her bare feet. I wanted to have a normal, grown-up conversation, but alas that wasn’t happening.

Not with the teepee in my jeans.

I do what I’ve been fantasizing about for a long time with Sasquatch. I unzip and take my pants off. She knows right away what I want, like she can read my mind.

She grips my cock with one foot. The woman has amazing dexterity with her feet. What can I say? Sasquatch encircles my girth with her toes, wiggling them about as she strokes me down my shaft.

She takes one last peek at her cell phone, before putting it on vibrate and sticking it under her back.

And then she uses both feet. Her soles are rough from a lifetime of being barefoot. The toes are soft from pedicures. And her nails are painted alternating pink and purple.

I’ve found a little slice of Heaven. Sasquatch does me slow. My cock is aching with a build up of cum.

“Oh God, Sassy,” I said. “I’m very close.”

“Hmmm, good boy,” Sasquatch purrs. A startled expression appears on her face. “Oh shit…”

And then the unthinkable happened.

Her cell phone vibrated. It must have slid underneath her ribs, where she’s ticklish. Sasquatch jumped in surprise. Another vibration, and she yelped. This time, her feet shifted.

I heard a cracking, like somebody realigning their own back but much, much worse.

The pleasant sensation of being rubbed by a beautiful woman’s feet was replaced by a horrible pain that seemed to begin in my ballsack.

Sasquatch pulled her feet away slowly. Her face was horror stricken.

Halfway up the shaft, my cock was bent at a ninety degree angle. I had the odd sensation of wanting to pee while feeling like being kicked in the junk at the same time.

She apologized repeatedly. We both sat there for what seemed like an hour (but was probably five seconds), completely unsure how to handle this situation.

Sasquatch drove me to the emergency room. After a five hour wait, I was rushed into surgery. When I woke up, my dick was in a splint and Sasquatch was at my bedside, holding my hand.

She stayed with me the entire time, feeding me chicken noodle soup and changing my bandages.

Only the most beautiful woman on Earth stays with you after accidentally breaking your cock.

Even if she leaves soon after your recovery to go on further sexual adventures.


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