The Nipple Ring

When the Unthinkable Happens

The Nipple Ring


Miriam F. Martin

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1After working out at the gym for long enough, I’ve developed a nicely toned chest and stomach. So naturally I want to show off a bit. I wanted to do something special to mark my progress.

Getting a tan is out of the question, because I burn too easily. I’m not ready for a tattoo yet. But a nipple ring… fuck yeah!

The piercing itself felt a bit like a bee sting. Once it was in, I felt amazing. I walked out shirtless and with a sexy steel ring in my right nipple. I loved the way it tugged constantly. Kind of like a gentle titty twist.

Put me in the mood, I tell ya.

I sent out texts to every girl I know. GamerGirl had to take the kids to the swimming pool. Mistress Midget was at a BDSM conference in Las Vegas. Sasquatch, my seven foot tall off-again/on-again girlfriend, was getting a pedicure.

That left one option.

Vampirella wanted to meet at the cemetery after midnight.

I might be a fool, but not foolish enough to turn down some action. A night with Vampirella certainly beat giving the Fleshlight a sixty-second drill.

So I met her at the oldest section of the cemetery, where you can barely read the inscriptions. She was silvery pale in the moonlight, wearing a gauzy (almost spider-webby) skirt with a form-fitting corset and knee-high boots.

I’m never sure how to greet Vampirella. Kissing her on the lips is painful, with her fangs in the way. A peck on the neck leaves my own neck vulnerable to a full on bite. A hug feels too pedestrian.

Doesn’t really matter, because she always decides the greeting for me.

This time, she grabbed me by the balls and the hair, and threw me to the ground. Then, using silk ropes, she tied me against a cold granite tombstone. Not just a simple sailor’s knot either. She used some elaborate rope trick Mistress Midget would be proud of.

Vampirella knelt in front of me. She nuzzled against my chest, gently licking the non-pierced nipple, then the pierced one. Back and forth. Then she scrapped her teeth across my skin.

I barely breathed, too afraid to anger her the wrong away. Too afraid to even shiver in delight. But I was incredibly cold and my nipples were rock solid.

She playfully slipped one fang through my ring.

And tugged.

I squirmed, completely helpless and at her mercy.

“Shit,” Vampirella mumbled, tugging even harder.

“Get your fang out. Please.” I gasped. She tugged every which way, yanking my nipple ever rougher.

“I can’t.” She sighed. “Hold on.”

“Shit,” I said.

And then the unthinkable happened.

Vampirella got a fierce look in her icy blue eyes. She snarled at me.

Then RIP!!!

She whipped her back supernaturally fast. One moment I had a perfectly healthy nipple and a ring attached to it. The next…

The ring was still on her fang. The nipple was still on the ring, hanging limp yet still erect.

Blood sprayed out of my chest, squirting Vampirella in the face and down her cleavage.

After a few minutes of licking up my blood, she untied me and dumped me off at the emergency room. The doctors successfully reattached my nipple.

Unfortunately, my nipple is now upside down. The hole where the piercing is, is now at the top of the nipple instead of the bottom.

Even more unfortunate, Vampirella still wears the ring on her fang. I think she likes to taunt me.


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