How to Annoy a Mosh Pit

When the Unthinkable Happens

How to Annoy a Mosh Pit


Miriam F. Martin

WhenTheUnthinkableHappens_v1One of my long time fantasies was to have sex at a heavy metal concert.

This is why I’m friends with GamerGirl, even though she’s married. Not because she has ginormous boobs. Or because she has a pet monkey. Because she makes a lot of my other fantasies come true.

I bought tickets to see Rob Zombie, and then invited GamerGirl and explained what I had in mind. She quickly agreed, promptly arranging for her hubby to watch the five kids and the monkey that night.

At the concert, I could barely keep my hands off her. GamerGirl wore skimpy booty shorts, knee-high slut boots with six-inch heels, and low cut tank-top that showed off her big breasts. While in line waiting to get into the door, I wanted to drop my zipper and do her right then and there.

Instead, I bought us a few beers. I also got her a Rob Zombie t-shirt that I didn’t let her wear, because I wasn’t done perving at her boobs yet. I tied the shirt around my waist to hide my boner.

We had perfect seats, just right of the stage, above the bassist.

When the band took the stage, I pushed GamerGirl to balcony railing. I grinded my hips against her, to work up my nerve. I didn’t want to start too soon. I didn’t want to keep her waiting too long either. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure of the protocol of fucking during a concert.

And then GamerGirl flashed Rob Zombie. I was ready.

I unzipped and shoved my pencil thin dick into her booty shorts. Luckily she wasn’t wearing panties. With a little fumbling about, I found her pussy.

During the guitar solo, I pounded her with the drum rhythm.

The mosh pit was bouncing.

So were GamerGirl’s breasts.

Well into the third song, I blew a load into her pussy. Some of it dripped down her legs and into her boots.

I held her close, enjoying the afterglow and the music. This wasn’t quite like losing my virginity. But it was a close second.

I was invigorated enough to get hard again. Round two sounded like a wonderful idea.

Until somebody tapped me roughly on the shoulder. I turned around. Some big biker dude in a studded leather vest, with a greasy long beard and tattoos on his face.

“Oh shit,” said GamerGirl. “Hi Hubby.”

“Oh, shit,” I said.

And then another song started up. Fuck it. Already caught, might as well go all the way. I gave Hubby the finger and grabbed GamerGirl by the hips. I shoved my cock into her ass.

I got three pumps.

And then the unthinkable happened.

Hubby grabbed me by the hips and pulled his pants down.

Then I got an ass-full of his cock. And let’s just say, he’s a lot bigger than me.

And he hit my prostate HARD.

Hubby gave me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I blew a load that flew over the mosh pit. Then another. After the third wad, Hubby threw me over the balcony into the pit.

Last I saw, he carried GamerGirl over one shoulder and left. Then I got my ass kicked and blacked out.

The rest of the concert is a blur, maybe because I had a concussion.

But I lived my fantasy in more ways than one. I fucked at a heavy metal concert, and then I got fucked.

GamerGirl wants to go to a Bush concert next. I hope Hubby isn’t invited.


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