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IssueFIVEMockup1Siren’s Garter is a special collection of erotica for men and women who love to laugh while being aroused. Each issue features a complete novella, short stories, and confessionals, all from the naughty mind of Miriam F. Martin.

Miriam’s style ranges from silly to kinky. She thinks like a man, but has the gentle touch of a woman. A recluse and a sucker for all things nerdy, Miriam strives to bring you the kind of erotic fiction she wishes she had when she was eighteen.

TheGirlUpstairsBundle_v1Whether it’s a trio of goofy succubi, a billionaire dinosaur shapeshifter, or just a sweet encounter that turns into a long night of wicked fun–Miriam hopes her stories please you as much as they pleased her.

Hermit Muse Publishing is proud to bring every one of Miriam’s sexy yarns to you.

Miriam F. Martin’s Official Bio

AfterHoursOnTheFullMoon_Coverv1Miriam F. Martin grew up wanting to be a cam girl, but excessive stage fright killed the dream. Her passion for getting strangers off over the wild worldwide web hasn’t died yet. So she focuses her time writing smutty books for smart people, like you. When not writing erotica, she also writes science fiction and fantasy.

Her hobbies include playing the guitar badly, misinterpreting the future with Tarot cards, and over-analyzing dreams. She also enjoys first-person shooters, rogue-likes, and hidden object games. Her quest in life is to have a house full of cats.

Be sure to read the blog below for news and updates.

In the mood for something off-beat and silly? Check out When the Unthinkable Happens, a series of confessional style story about a man with the worst sexual luck. Completely fiction, of course, and totally not based off any real people. At least that’s what Miriam says. Each story is free to read on this website, but also will be available in an ebook bundle.

Thank you for visiting. Have fun and, as always, be sexy!


Issue Three and Updates

sirensgarterissue3_coverv3Siren’s Garter: Issue Three has been out for awhile, just never got around to updating the website. Took me a few weeks to adjust to 2017, but now I don’t want to look back at 2016. Onward! More sexy stories to come! (Pun intended!)

And the novella, The Billionaire Cougar’s Day Off is available in ebook as well. You find Issue Three at your favorite retailer. Or find the novella online as well. In the not too distant future, you can find both in trade paperback editions as well.

Issue Four isn’t far off from the printing press as well, along with the new novella Pins and Racks. Yup, it’s about bowlers, who get kinky, in case the cover art and title doesn’t give that away.

sirensgarterissue4cover_v2I’m excited for the upcoming issue, since it feels like I’ve broken through some barriers as a writer and a publisher. I’m getting better at this business with each story, and a little closer to my dream of making a living at this. I’ll be starting up Issue Five in the next few weeks. No clue what stories I’ll have in that one, which is exciting and scary as hell at the same time. I have a lot of work ahead, getting this website in shape, learning how to be a better storyteller, and writing more content.

For 2017, my goal is to publish six more issues of Siren’s Garter.

Here’s to another of year of fun and sexy good times!