On a publishing streak

If a streak of two weeks in a row counts. First The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office, which is a short story collection. Then, Sandra and the Ghost, a short story.

The-Billionaire-Dinosaur-in-the-Office-GenericA billionaire shapeshifting dinosaur in a glass office. A cubicle farm of gorgeous women willing to do anything for him. And only one human resources lady to keep them all in line.

Looking for erotica that pokes fun at tropes? Look no further.

Five short stories about a hunky billionaire with a secret dark side and the women who work for him. Be sure to read The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office. Store links here.


Sandra-and-the-Ghost-GenericRoom 507. Almost unchanged after ten years. The same wallpaper, the same paintings, though maybe a smaller TV. For Sandra, a reminder of a penniless and happier time.

Once, Sandra ghosted him. Now, the missed opportunity pained her terribly.

She missed Ben’s funeral, but she made it back to room 507.

A haunting ghost erotica about reliving the past and reclaiming missed joy. If you enjoy sexy paranormal short stories, be sure to read Sandra and the Ghost. Bonus short story included: After All These Years. Store links here (not all the links are available as of 6/7).


The Ingredients of Erotic Storytelling

I learned the craft of fiction writing by doing two things—tons of dedicated study and even more practice. I took classes, read how-to guides, and studied books I enjoyed reading. But it wasn’t until I dived into erotic writing that I got in the massive hours of practice. Erotica was a great excuse to not care what I wrote while practicing the craft. Erotica was the gateway to stop taking myself seriously. Continue reading “The Ingredients of Erotic Storytelling”

A Thousand-one Days of Writing

I don’t discuss writing on this blog on purpose. Simply put, I’ve reached a point where I no longer need to justify my process. I just do things and make shit up as I go, and that’s enough to get me publishable stories. Better to leave a few things behind the curtain. And honestly, I think either a blog can be for the readers, or for other writers, but probably not both.

But today, I want to look back at something i’ve done, for teaching and perhaps motivating other writers who happen to be reading this.

Beginning on June 10, 2015 all the way to right now on March 6, 2018, I’ve written every single day. By my count, this is day 1,001. Continue reading “A Thousand-one Days of Writing”

Issue Three and Updates

sirensgarterissue3_coverv3Siren’s Garter: Issue Three has been out for awhile, just never got around to updating the website. Took me a few weeks to adjust to 2017, but now I don’t want to look back at 2016. Onward! More sexy stories to come! (Pun intended!)

And the novella, The Billionaire Cougar’s Day Off is available in ebook as well. You find Issue Three at your favorite retailer. Or find the novella online as well. In the not too distant future, you can find both in trade paperback editions as well.

Issue Four isn’t far off from the printing press as well, along with the new novella Pins and Racks. Yup, it’s about bowlers, who get kinky, in case the cover art and title doesn’t give that away.

sirensgarterissue4cover_v2I’m excited for the upcoming issue, since it feels like I’ve broken through some barriers as a writer and a publisher. I’m getting better at this business with each story, and a little closer to my dream of making a living at this. I’ll be starting up Issue Five in the next few weeks. No clue what stories I’ll have in that one, which is exciting and scary as hell at the same time. I have a lot of work ahead, getting this website in shape, learning how to be a better storyteller, and writing more content.

For 2017, my goal is to publish six more issues of Siren’s Garter.

Here’s to another of year of fun and sexy good times!