Loving memory

No humpday story today. Yesterday was supposed to be publishing day. Then today.

Instead, my friend Walter died this morning.

20170413_111950I think he was five years old (not sure, he was sister’s guinea pig to begin with). He has brightened my life since 2016.

His favorite hobbies were eating and sleeping. Walter didn’t much care for timothy hay, oddly, but he loved ritz crackers. His last meal was a bowl of peas with a little bit of lettuce.

In his prime, he enjoyed running around the living room and hiding underneath furniture. Walter was always up at 5:30 AM to see me off to the day job, though I suspect he woke up mainly to get a grape. He also loved watching Star Trek while perched on top of my shoulder.20170330_222305

I only wish I could’ve had him awhile longer. But he’d been sick since October of last year. I had him on antibiotics and treated his bumble-foot with epsom salts and foot cream. Near the end he had a worrisome lump under his chin (not the normal “double chin,” guinea pig owners will know what I mean). He also had a hard time breathing and stopped eating and drinking like normal.

Walter passed away peacefully.

Goodbye little piggy. I will miss you.


Author: David Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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