Sunday Quickie: Neighbor With Benefits

For three months, I had the hots for the girl in the apartment above mine. I lived in a studio apartment, one room and barely big enough for a queen size bed and a desk that was used both for meals and work. When I washed dishes in the evening, I often got the pleasure of watching her walk out of the building and to her car.

She always wore skimpy booty shorts and a tank top, baring her long legs and tanned skin. She had a sway to her hips, like she knew somebody was watching, no matter how small a chance. 

I spent extra time, making sure my dishes were well scrubbed, but I never paid much attention to them. I’d lean against the counter, pressing my boner against the cabinet and imagine pressing up against her firm body. She was shorter than me by a lot, so I daydreamed about my cock against her stomach, with the head right below her breasts.

One night, I decided to leave the dirty dishes in the sink for once, and take the garbage out instead. I waited for the sound of her sandals clunking down the stairs. 

Then I quickly wrapped up the garbage, tied the bag shut, and stepped outside. I was just in time to hold the door open for her.

“Hey Denise,” I said. I only had a vague idea of what her name was, since we’d never properly talked. But when she smiled warmly at me, I knew I’d gotten it right.

“Hey, you,” she said. “Sam?”

“Greg.” I tossed the garbage into the dumpster. Mission accomplished, garbage gone, and I said hello to the hottie upstairs. I had no damn clue what the next step of my plan was supposed to be. So I said the first thing that came to mind. “Nice night for ice cream.”

She’d been half turned away from me, car keys jangling between her fingers, and then she turned back around. That warm smile melted my nervousness away a little. Denise stepped a little closer to me. Close enough to notice the lilac smell in her hair. 

“That is so very true,” she said.

“I’m buying,” I said. “Unless you have a hot date.”

“Nothing that important,” she winked at me. Denise dropped her keys back into her purse, and nodded her head in the direction of the ice cream parlor within walking distance. 

We walked shoulder to shoulder, glancing at one another every so often. I had no idea what I’d gotten into, but was enjoying every moment of it. I hadn’t had the chance to be this close with Denise. She smiled at me the entire way. I resisted the urge to hold her hand. 

But I had enough sense to hold the door open for her. She had cookie dough ice cream. I ordered rocky road. We chatted, ended up holding hands anyway, and then walked back to our apartment building.

And then I kissed her in the stairwell.

To my amazement, she kissed me back with her tongue. Then she ran upstairs, giving me a wonderful view of her ass in those booty shorts. I chased after her. She didn’t object to me coming into her apartment. She had a nicer place than me, a little two room with a kitchen in the hallway. I shut the door behind her and pressed her against it.

Denise grabbed me by the hair while we kissed. I grabbed her by the breasts. She was a perfect two handfuls, enough to squeeze and pinch. She took a fistful of my shirt and tugged hard enough to break a few seams.

I pressed up against her, giving her a feel of my cock through our clothing. I was right in my estimation–my cock head came to right below her breasts. She struggled against my body, as if to push me away, but she kept her lips locked on mine. Her moans told me everything I needed to know. I lifted her shirt to feel her baby smooth skin. She was hot to the touch, burning my fingers. 

And then finally we broke the kiss, and took a breather.

“The bedroom’s that way,” she pointed with her chin.

I took her by the hand and led her. Halfway, in the hallway kitchen, I decided I couldn’t wait. I turned her around and pinned her against the sink. Then I got down to my knees. From behind her, I unbuckled her belt and unzipped those booty shorts. They slid down her legs, exposing lovely pink panties on her firm bubble butt. 

I pulled aside her panties. Denise spread her legs and stuck her ass out. I opened her labia gently, and found her clit with my tongue. 

“Put a finger inside,” she said. Denise rubbed her fingers across her clit. 

I did as the lady asked, of course. Just one finger couldn’t hurt, right? I put another finger one knuckle deep into her backdoor, and pumped from both sides. Between that and some gentle licks on her clit, I had her wet. Didn’t take much more and she was writhing and moaning. 

I let her go after she seemed to orgasm. “My turn,” she said, out of breath.

We swapped place at the sink. Before I knew it, my jeans were around my knees and she was teasing my cock head with her pouty lips. I loved the way she looked up at me and batted her lashes. I nearly creamed at that beautiful sight. But she wouldn’t let me. Nothing but a tease, she was, and a damn talented one.

By the time she was done sucking me off, my cock ached with the need to come. I could barely take it anymore, and told her so.

I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her the rest of the way to the bedroom. Then I threw her to the bed. Denise settled down on her back with a pillow under her head, and spread her legs wide open. I settled on top of her with my arms on both sides of her torso. I kissed her while she massaged my biceps and drew me in closer. 

I entered her smooth, wet tunnel. After all the oral, she was more than ready for me. But I still held back, going slow and easy, teasing her with my shaft. She begged for more. I gave it to her rougher, then slowed down again and gave it gentle. I drove her crazy until I felt her pussy spasm in another orgasm.

And then I cradled her by the neck and lifted her upright. I held her like that against my body. I used every muscle and fucked her in that position. We both worked up a sweat, but I got the real workout. Denise held tight with her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands clutched my shoulders. The strain excited both of us. 

Denise orgasmed again. Hard enough to spit my cock out of her pussy in a wet gush. 

I popped my load quickly after. Between all our fluids, her bedsheets were ruined. I cuddled with her on the mess for a long time afterwards. 

Ever since then, Denise and I have made our neighborly fucking a habit. We’re not close enough to move in together. 

But we sure have a good time. 


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