Humpday Story: Charging Her by the Hour

Charging-Her-by-the-Hour-GenericThree hours, seven minutes, forty-seven seconds. Favor for a favor.

Allan came prepared to give Bethany what she needs. He’d do anything for her, his best friend, two steps short of being his girlfriend. But now, sitting in her living room, her breasts practically falling out of her tank top, the moment of truth arrives.

Anything. But for writing Bethany’s college term paper, Allan won’t work for free. He knows exactly how much time he put into the paper, and how much time she owes him.

Three hours, seven minutes, forty-seven seconds.


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Sunday Quickie: The Uke Club

The Sunday story on a Monday. I get a few days off, and this is what happens. Oh well… Happy holiday to those in the States!


I belong to a ukulele club that meets every Tuesday night to jam at a local coffee shop. There’s maybe fifteen of us regulars, and we’ve been doing this for over a year. Most of us play soprano, some like me also have baritones, and a couple oddballs will bring in alto or tenor ukes now and then. Julia is the only one to play alto every week. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Uke Club”

Humpday Story: Late Night at the Office

Late-Night-at-the-Office-GenericQuarter to midnight, and Stan wakes up at his office desk, computer paper stuck to his cheek, glued in place by drool and a sweaty five o’clock shadow. Tough life as an accountant during tax season. No time to nap on the job. Back to the grind for Stan.

Until a woman in a black trenchcoat and red high heels steps into his office.

Never mind she doesn’t have an appointment. Never mind the late night lonely blues at the office.


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Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam

Most of my freshman year of college was lonely. I have no idea how I survived the first semester. Studying came naturally for me, and that’s mostly how I spent my time. I shut myself in the dorm room, turned on the radio for some noise, and hit the books. Got good grades. Didn’t meet any girls. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Studying for the Exam”

Humpday Story: So Much for Warrior Women

So-Much-For-Warrior-Women-GenericOne night. That’s all Susan asked for. And thankfully, she got it on Tuesday night. One night of ordering Chinese and binge watching Xena. With her favorite blanket, a quiet apartment without a stupid ex-girlfriend, and a bottle of whiskey for later, Susan can’t ask for more.

But the General Tso arrives late. And the goth delivery girl invites herself in for some Xena episodes.

Definitely not the Tuesday night Susan planned. She sees only one way to kick the delivery girl out. Though maybe not for good.


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Sunday Quickie: The Lost Beauty of the Rest Stop

Somewhere in Missouri, south of the Iowa border but still a hell of a long ways to Hannibal (my halfway point on this trip), I stopped at a highway rest stop. The kind that were common when I was a kid, when dad packed us all in the van and traveled all over America. Seems over the last few years, they’ve shut down these roadside parks. But here was one, beautiful as I remember them being, with tall shaggy trees and well tended grass, a clean bathroom and a friendly person behind a desk full of brochures and maps.

I just wanted to get out of the car and stretch my legs, get some fresh coffee, and go pee. And then stretch my legs some more while taking in a healthy dose of sunshine.

That’s when I saw her. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Lost Beauty of the Rest Stop”

Humpday Story: What Happens in the Copy Room


What-Happens-In-the-Copy-Room-GenericMillie Samson comes to work with a half-eaten blueberry muffin in one hand and a hot coffee stain on her opposite boob. A perfect way to start Monday, the first day back from vacation. First order of business: empty the inbox. Then do the quarterly reviews.

Until Rex Monahan, the dinosaur shapeshifter bossman, knocks on the door.

In the most upside-down corporate office, Millie does anything to get through the workday.

If you enjoy MFF and dinosaurs mixed with your paranormal workplace erotica, be sure to read What Happens in the Copy Room.


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