Humpday Story: Gone to the Dogs

GoneToTheDogs_Coverv1 - CopyKacy spends her afternoons staring out her front window, watching Josh the cute neighbor guy walk his pug. But as the summer heats up, she decides to put on her bikini and do a little gardening in her front yard.

Not the normal method to pick up guys, but a girl does what she has to do. Like give the guy little choice in the matter.

The night only began…


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Sunday Quickie: Catching Up on Old Times

The guy was maybe in his mid-twenties. Sandy brown hair cut short, day old stubble, thick glasses. He wore a suit and a carried a funky messenger bag slung over one shoulder. I recognized him immediately.

I sucked on a mint, and crossed the bustling street to get to the bus stop where he sat, primping my shoulder length blond hair as I went. Couldn’t have planned a better outfit for this encounter. All Friday casual in form fitting jeans and a black sleeveless blouse that showed off more than a little cleavage. Six inch sandals to boot.

I tapped him on the shoulder. “Simon?” Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Catching Up on Old Times”

Humpday Story: After Hours on the Full Moon

AfterHoursOnTheFullMoon_Coverv1All sorts of men drink at the Squatter’s Dive bar, and Cheryl meets all of them. The bartender’s perk. Cleavage helps with the tips though.

But the cutest guys always come in with ladies on their arms. Even the lonely man at the end of the bar seems to be no exception. Handsome, well dressed, and clearly waiting for a date.

But would he go for a bartender with exotic tattoos on both arms?

If you enjoy smart and sexy erotica, be sure to read After Hours on the Full Moon.


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Sunday Quickie: The Door to Door Pitch

Tom is a really good friend, who’s been with me through a lot of businesses. He’s good friends with my husband Ryan, plays lead guitar really well, and damn fine looking to boot. I’ve joked half-seriously with the hubby that I should invite Tom over for a threesome. Ryan isn’t quite on board with that yet, but has given me permission to play.

So when Ryan was out of town on business, I invited Tom over to listen to my latest business venture pitch: door to door encyclopedia sales. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: The Door to Door Pitch”

Humpday Story: Sapphic Phobia

Sapphic-Phobia-GenericLana Bennett kept her expectations of the new sex therapist low, but she didn’t expect Dr. Jane Bernstein. A mousey little woman in a conservative brown suit and mauve mock-turtleneck sweater, hardly the sex goddess Lana thought she’d be seeing.

She just wishes the therapy couch was less slippery.

Often, appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes, big problems can solved in small ways. Turns out, Lana only needs the right helping hand, both literally and figuratively.

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Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me

“Michelle, baby,” Sonya said to me one afternoon over coffee at her house. She regularly calls me baby when she wants my attention, and I’ve stopped correcting her. “If I write ‘bear with me,’ do I spell it B-E-A-R? Like a big furry creature with claws?”

She hid her face behind her coffee mug, steam rising over her eyes and front bangs. She’s a stunning blonde with small breasts and big hair, and bright green eyes. Her high cheekbones made her elegant looking, even though that’s the feature she hates the most about herself. That afternoon, she wore a leopard print sleeveless top under a pink vest, and black tights. Continue reading “Sunday Quickie: Bare With Me”

Humpday Story: Taming the Billionaire Dinosaur

Taming the Billionaire Dinosaur_COVERv1Cindy never imagined her career being so unfulfilling. Trapped in a cubicle, days filled with busy work, hitting deadlines that nobody else in the company seemed to care about.

Never mind Rex Monahan, the dinosaur shapeshifter boss in the glass corner office.

Great benefits don’t make up for crappy work days. Even with eye candy benefits considered. But when the boss man calls Cindy into his office one morning, her career changes in ways she never foresaw.

If you enjoy humorous shapeshifter erotica, be sure to read Taming the Billionaire Dinosaur.

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