Humpday Story: Molly the Adult Dolly


Empty house. Dark and stormy night.

Horny and lonely, Hunter just wants a stiff drink after coming home from a business trip. Not like Christine will be home any time soon apparently. Little does he know what surprise she left him upstairs.

Some presents happen once in a lifetime.

If you enjoy quirky couples and weird fantasy in your erotica, be sure to read Molly the Adult Dolly.


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This week’s Humpday story will be a day late. My private life is a mess right now. But I’m still writing and publishing. If anything, the writing and publishing has kept me focused, where I otherwise would’ve lost focus.

This week’s story, A Fitting Room Squeeze, was actually written last year, just never published. So no worries about rushing a deadline or anything. Only needs cover art and a spell check, and to figure out which bonus story the ebook edition will get.

Sorry… Check back Thursday.

Humpday Story: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes_COVERv1_edited-1

Not Monday. Not quarterly reviews time. And certainly not the worst job Millie Samson ever had. But Tuesday might as well be all three of those rolled into one. 

First order of business: change into her high heels so Millie won’t be the shortest woman in the office.

Second order of business: interview job candidates for Monahan Investments. Mr. Rex Monahan, the billionaire shapeshifter dinosaur himself, expects only the best working girls in his company.

But when the elevator doors ding open at the wrong floor and Rex steps in, Millie knows this Tuesday is anything but normal.

If you enjoy quirky dinosaur shapeshifter erotica, be sure to read Something Wicked This Way Comes.


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Humpday Story: Whipped Cream Surprise

Whipped-Cream-Surprise-GenericThis was their Sunday routine as a couple.

He’d stumble downstairs first, to be alone for a bit. Make coffee, watch news and the sports shows, read the paper. She left him alone, knowing he needed the solitude in the morning. So she read a book, listened to the classic rock station for a few songs, and then follow him down.

Once he was fully awake, the fun began. They’d share a pancake breakfast with coffee and whipped cream. Then watch the Vikings and the Bears, drink beer later, have a late dinner, have sex.

Sometimes, have sex multiple times, and preferably in a different room each time.

If you enjoy steaming erotica with quirky couples, be sure to read Whipped Cream Surprise.


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Humpday Story: Speed Dating Night

Speed-Dating-Night-GenericAt speed dating night, Bryan Bachelor must learn to navigate the three types of dates: too crazy, not crazy enough, and just right. Not that he wants to play this game of Goldilocks. Nobody does.

But Bryan promised his friend he’d do it. Some friend, who left with a sexy date on his arm after the first round.

A posh bar, an over enthusiastic MC, and a sea of strangers drowning their sorrows with a free drink. Bryan just wants the clock to ding so he can be one date closer to calling it a night.

At least he has choices—blond, brunette, and ginger.

If you enjoy quirky humorous erotica, be sure to read Speed Dating Night.


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Humpday Story: After All These Years

After-All-These-Years-GenericDr. Heath Olson looked older, of course, but hot damn, it’s the same man of Marissa’s misguided young fantasies. And he’s just as dashing now, standing in front of her, real as life and twice as gorgeous.

Christmas lights decorate the front picture windows of the cafe. Green, red, purple. Garland and tinsel hangs above the window frames. Seasonal music plays from the loud speakers. Everybody seems to be in a cheerful hustle, dressed in fuzzy sweaters and winter boots.

Marissa owes the Wenakaga Sun a news story on Heath. But fifteen years after she first met him, the heartache still stings.

Perhaps she owes herself something as well.

If you enjoy sexy student-teacher erotica with a holiday twist, be sure to read After All These Years.


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