On a publishing streak

If a streak of two weeks in a row counts. First The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office, which is a short story collection. Then, Sandra and the Ghost, a short story.

The-Billionaire-Dinosaur-in-the-Office-GenericA billionaire shapeshifting dinosaur in a glass office. A cubicle farm of gorgeous women willing to do anything for him. And only one human resources lady to keep them all in line.

Looking for erotica that pokes fun at tropes? Look no further.

Five short stories about a hunky billionaire with a secret dark side and the women who work for him. Be sure to read The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office. Store links here.


Sandra-and-the-Ghost-GenericRoom 507. Almost unchanged after ten years. The same wallpaper, the same paintings, though maybe a smaller TV. For Sandra, a reminder of a penniless and happier time.

Once, Sandra ghosted him. Now, the missed opportunity pained her terribly.

She missed Ben’s funeral, but she made it back to room 507.

A haunting ghost erotica about reliving the past and reclaiming missed joy. If you enjoy sexy paranormal short stories, be sure to read Sandra and the Ghost. Bonus short story included: After All These Years. Store links here (not all the links are available as of 6/7).


Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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