The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office

I’m still around and kicking. And I’m proud to announce I’m back at publishing. Today I uploaded my latest collection of short stories, The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office, to all the retailers. I’ll post links and more information tomorrow or so, when everything goes through.


A billionaire shapeshifting dinosaur in a glass office. A cubicle farm of gorgeous women willing to do anything for him. And only one human resources lady to keep them all in line.

Looking for erotica that pokes fun at tropes? Look no further.

Five short stories about a hunky billionaire with a secret dark side and the women who work for him. Be sure to read The Billionaire Dinosaur in the Office.


Some of you may have read some or all of these stories as they were free to read on the blog at various points. I’m thrilled they finally came together into a book. The stories are all satirical and poke fun at certain erotica tropes that annoy me. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed writing them.

I will probably get back into the groove of posting a free weekly short story… eventually. I want to get my publishing schedule back on track. And I have a bazillion stories to write, so that requires focus. One thing at a time. Someday soon, the weekly freebies will return.

Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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