Hop on Over to the North Pole

Hop on Over to the North Pole_Cover_v1AUTHOR’S NOTE: This one isn’t actually published yet. You get to read it here first! I’m ramping back up my publishing operations, and this story is scheduled for January. Cherry Mistmas!



only three days on the job…

Every damn corridor in the North Pole looked the same. Sparkly flashing Christmas lights strung from the ceiling and along the baseboards—red, yellow, pink, and green, orange, purple, and blue. They alternated colors, changing the color of Rayna’s shadow every few seconds. 

Smells of fresh baked sugar cookies drifted in the warm air at every intersection that had a mini-bakery, which was most intersections. On top of that—hot chocolate, apple cider, and fresh coffee brewing in the cafes. Elves liked to eat. Being stranded at the North Pole for six to ten months out of the year made their appetite even worse. 

Rayna couldn’t help it. Her stomach growled noticeably, even though she kept telling herself the bright red envelope had to be delivered. 

So she stopped for one sugar cookie shaped in a snowman with white and blue frosting and a steaming mug of cider. Afterwards, she wished she’d used an extra credit for another cookie. 

Not far from the bakeries, the other sign of elven debauchery hung from the ceiling. Mistletoe. In case an elf needed more than a snack for break, and wanted to kiss a coworker in hopes of more. 

The sounds of feminine moaning and creaking bedsprings proved that getting laid in the North Pole was perhaps easier than in Las Vegas. Most of the time, they closed the doors. Sometimes not and Rayna got a view of two or more elves naked and having fun. 

She tugged at the green velveteen fabric of her dress. The collar scooped down low, showing the freckles on her chest. A white bow in her black hair along with red and green candy cane stripped leggings completed the outfit. Standard newbie costume. She hoped to find something else, to stand out for all the potential lovers she made eye contact with. 

Rayna hadn’t had time for sex yet. In her first three days at the Pole it was all work, all the time. No time for mistletoe, or much of anything with all the running around to do. 

She promised herself a break later. And one that involved more than a sugar cookie. Preferably with that cute elf with the shaggy brown hair. What was his name? She’d figure it out later. 

Plush carpet with red and green swirls lined the halls. All the elves walked barefoot. Rayna decided to adopt the habit too. Otherwise the pointy toed leather boots made traversing the Pole complex painful. Hence, the carpet. Which must’ve been magically preserved to remain plush and cushy on the feet. Perhaps even magically vacuumed too—Rayna hadn’t seen anyone do much housework yet. 

Not like she’d seen much of anything in this massive complex. She arrived three days ago, right for the holiday rush of gift making during August. It was the chance of a lifetime, and one she couldn’t say no to. Work for Santa Claus? Build toys all year for children? Rayna had a hard time imagining an elf saying no to that. 

Except maybe her Uncle Nate. But he was rumored to be only half-elf, given his immense height of five foot nine. He worked as a garbage collector for most of his twentieth century career, and some of the twenty-first century too. He offered Rayna a job when she got done traveling the world. 

“Settle down, build a career, have lots of babies for me to spoil,” Uncle Nate had said. “You never know what treasures you might find from the trash humans throw away.” 

True, Uncle Nate had a problem with hoarding. Proof of that was documented on some reality TV show he did only for the money. Rayna didn’t have the stomach to watch the episode, nor did she have the heart to tell him that. 

Just like she hadn’t been able to be truthful with him and decline his job offer. 

Rayna spent the sixties and seventies traveling Europe and the United States. On her three-hundredth birthday in 1982, she joined an expedition to Antarctica. Then she lived in Australia for a time before moving back to States semi-permanently. But she never stopped traveling. 

Until the job offer that came in a red and green envelope with no return address. She ripped the seal open right away, knowing what it was. An invitation from Santa Claus, signed by the big man personally. 

And now, here she was at the Pole. A small red envelope in her hand, while she looked for Suite 24D. 

And of course, the signs in the hallways were next to useless. 

Rayna spun in a circle. She had literally no damn idea where to go. Back-tracking would take time, which she didn’t have since it was her first shift for toy making and she was scheduled to be in the workshop within the next hour for training. 

She had no idea why Barrabas, her new supervisor, gave her the envelope. He just told her that it was important it got to Suite 24D that morning. She hadn’t thought to ask questions. Rayna just wanted to make a good impression and do a good job. 

“Excuse me? Are you lost?” 

Rayna spun another full circle. And then looked up. It was the elf with the shaggy brown hair. His green eyes twinkled, his smile felt so warm and genuine. He wore a tunic that matched his eyes, tied off with a brown leather belt and black tights. 

“My name’s George,” he said. 

“Rayna,” she said. George was a funny name, she thought. Maybe he was half-elf, given how tall he was. Five foot four at least. He towered over her five foot nothing frame. “And yes,” she stammered. “Totally lost.” 

“First day?” George stepped a little closer. The mistletoe wasn’t too far away behind Rayna. All she had to do was step away from him just a little bit.

That’s exactly what she did. 

But he didn’t follow. Instead he gave her space. 

Rayna cleared her throat. Okay… Oh well. “No, it’s my third day,” she said. 

“It takes a little getting used to,” George pointed around him. “The North Pole, that is. You’ll get the hang of this crazy place.” 

“Thanks,” Rayna said. “I’m looking for 24D. Know where that is?” 

George raised his eyebrows, and stared at her askance. He didn’t answer for a moment too long. Rayna was afraid he wouldn’t. 

“Oh, you’ve got the red envelope,” he said. “Barrabas must be you’re supervisor.” 

“Yes,” she said. “I’m not real sure what this is about but its important this gets to 24D apparently.” 

George shook his head, grinning while looking at her funny. He bit his lower lip. 

“What’s wrong?” Rayna said. 

He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, then said, “Okay, I’ll show you where 24D is.”

“Thanks,” she said. The way he said it, she wasn’t sure yet if the thanks was really called for. 

George led her down a series of twisted corridors, then up a flight of stairs. No wonder—she was on the wrong level, though she swore she’d been on Level D. Then back down two flights of stairs. And now Rayna was completely lost. 

Right when she thought to ask George if he was just pulling her leg, they rounded a corner and Rayna’s mouth dropped open. 

They entered a cavern seemingly made of icicles. The ceiling rose a hundred feet up. Stalactites of ice hung from above, stalagmites rose up from the floor. Everywhere along the wall hung Christmas banners with decorations of snowmen, trees, and stars. 

Ahead was a massive set of double doors stylized as candy canes and with twenty foot tall fir Christmas trees on both sides, lit up with the most beautiful twinkling lights and crystal ornaments. 

“Wow,” said Rayna. Her feet moved her forward, towards the doors. This place felt warm, though it was made of ice. For the first time since she arrived at the Pole, she felt at home. “This is amazing.” 

“Yeah, really,” George flung his arms up in the air. “This is 24D.” 

“Wow,” she said again. Words did not seem sufficient. At least she couldn’t think of any words that seemed appropriate for what she felt. The cavern was just too much to take in. She continued across it, ever closer to the door. This was her destination, where the red envelope needed to be delivered. 

“Hey, so, before you go in there,” George said. “You should probably know something.” 

“How was this not part of the noobie tour?” Rayna said. “Other than it’s impossible to find?” 

“Well, that’s part of the thing,” George said. “You really shouldn’t go in there.” 

And because he told her not to go in, Rayna had to know what was on the other side of those doors. 

She glanced back at him over her shoulder. “Shouldn’t? So it’s a rule?” 

“Yeah, kinda,” he said. 

“Rules are there for the breaking,” she said, and then ran off. 

George ran behind her. But Rayna was much faster. 

“Hey!” he called out. “Can I just warn you before you go in…” 

But Rayna ignored him. She pushed the doors open and stepped inside, red envelope held high in triumph. 

And then she saw something she could never unsee. 

Inside was a large office with a gigantic maple desk against one wall, bookshelves lining the walls, and a couple of over-stuffed couches facing each other next to a glowing fireplace. 

And Santa Claus—the big jolly man himself though not as fat as she imagined—was at one of the couches. Underneath him, barely dressed in a fuzzy white two-piece Brazilian swimsuit and a barrette with long floppy ears flopping up and down, was a white haired woman who could only have been the Easter Bunny. 

He was very much inside her, giving her a jolly workout. 

“Ho ho ho!” said Santa, and then he slapped the Easter Bunny on the ass. “You haven’t been the only naughty girl, Bunny. Meet Rayna, my newest elf!” 

Rayna dropped the red envelope. And then she screamed and ran away. 

Three days into her gig at the Pole. And somehow she found a way to screw it up. 

an encounter on the stairs…

Given she had no idea where she was in the Pole complex, Rayna felt even more lost than usual. Her heart still raced with what she saw in 24D. She should’ve guessed it was Santa’s suite. Come on… 24D. 

But what made her heart race even more, besides the running she just did, was the sight of Santa with the Easter Bunny. How could she have walked in on such a private moment. What did Santa think? Would she even have a job here anymore? 

Worse, was she set up? 

Damn Barrabas. The red envelope chore felt like a hazing now. Especially given the way Barrabas smirked and winked at her when he handed the envelope. He must’ve known what Rayna would see when she figured out where Santa’s suite was. 

Rayna tried to back-track, but it was hopeless. She ended up in a back stairwell that clearly wasn’t used much. The carpet here was flattened by old footprints and lacked the fresh scent of being recently vacuumed. She couldn’t remember if she needed to go up or down the stairs. 

So instead she sat on the stairs. Rayna rested her head in her arms, shoulder pressed against the hard maple railing, wishing like crazy she had a sugar cookie to help take the edge off. Even just a plain cup of black coffee would help. Might as well enjoy the amenities while she was here. 

And then a pair of strong fingers squeezed her neck and shoulders. She raised up her head. George sat down next to her on the stairs. 

“Hey,” Rayna said. 

“Hey you,” he said. “I tried to warn you.” 

“I know.” She shrugged, wanting to stand up and walk away from him, at the same enjoying his body heat next to her. “I have a listening problem.” 

“Barrabas pulls that prank on everyone,” George said. “Everyone knows Santa and Bunny have a special relationship, and they always see other now before the holiday season gets super crazy.” 

“Yeah?” Rayna scratched her head. “Wait. Mrs. Claus knows about this too? Right?” 

George clicked his tongue. That was getting to be annoying and sort of cute. “You didn’t hear it from me, but she’s sometimes on the other couch, watching. Not like I know from hard experience.” 

Rayna laughed. “Barrabas send you to deliver the red envelope too?” 

“He did. And countless other newbies too. Each one of them got a rude welcome from Santa.” 

Rayna sighed in relief. Not that it made it better that others got the same hazing. At least if those elves hadn’t been fired for walking in on Santa, then neither would Rayna. 

“Thanks,” she said. Rayna nudged George on the shoulder, hoping he’d take the hint and hold her closer. Instead he scooted away. 

And then he stood up. Rayna looked up at him, batting her eyelashes. He avoided her glance, perhaps getting her hint all too well and not sure what to do with it yet. 

She hoped so. 

“You lost?” he said. 

“I’m right here,” she said. 

“I mean… never mind.” George fidgeted with his tunic. “I’d like to eat cookies on you. With you. With hot cocoa.” 

Rayna smiled. Well, finally. Not the smoothest line, but she’d take it. “I’d like that,” she said. “Where’s the best hangout?” 

“That would be Ginger’s Breadhouse,” George said. “But it’s a long ass walk from here. There’s a cookie bakery right above here, though, if I remember right.” 

Rayna stood up. “Let’s see how good your memory is.” 

“It’s all about good mammaries,” said George. “Uh, memories.” 

He blushed bright red, turned away, and went up the stairs two at a time. Rayna chased after him, taking the stairs three at a time even though she had shorter legs. When she caught up to him, he slowed down. 

And then Rayna put her arm in his, squashing his biceps into her mammary. He giggled. 

“Tell me about yourself,” she said. “How long have you been in the Pole?” 

“Fifty years I think,” George said. “I don’t know. Times flies and all of us lose track of how many Christmases after awhile.” 

“Well, this is my first,” she said. “I could use a friend who’s been around for fifty.” 

“I’d like that,” he said. “To be your friend.” 

Rayna leaned closer to him, her nose to his shaggy hair. He smelled like a bubble bath. Which sounded like a fun idea right then, especially with him. 

“That’s all?” she said. “Just friends?” 

He laughed, kind hearted and warm and straight from the gut. He stopped at the landing before going up the next flight of stairs. 

“Not too many platonic friendships here,” he said. “Maybe they don’t tell you that at first meeting anymore.” 

“More like they hint at it.” She pressed her lips against the skin underneath his ear. If she ever imagined what a bubble bath tasted like, that would be it. Warm and soft, with a hint of cherry. 

And then he gripped her by the upper arms, spinning her slightly. Pressing her against the wall, his lips lightly brushing hers, George hesitated. 

“You sure about this?” he said. 

Rayna grabbed him by the collar with both hands. And then she kissed him. Lips pressed to lips, tongues mingling, teeth accidentally bumping. His fingers groping her, greedy and needful. She kept him close in a vise-like hug, needing it as bad as he did. Maybe worse. 

He’d been living in this elven paradise for fifty-some years. She just got here, and hadn’t seen this many horny elves in her entire life. 

He found the zipper on the back of her dress, and figured out how to use it while still locking lips with her. His body heat warmed her. Suddenly, she needed to take off some clothes just to cool off, but he wouldn’t allow her. He kept her pinned against the wall, the stairs going down just a few steps away from where they made out. 

Rayna tugged hard on his clothing. The seams popped a little. A little more desperation and she might’ve ripped the tunic right off. But whoever the seamstress at the Pole was, she was damn good at her craft. 

He pulled back, giving her a breather that she hadn’t realized she needed. Except she didn’t want it. A half second more, and she would’ve gotten down on her knees. 

But he beat her to the punch. 

George knelt down in front of her on one knee. Her dress fell off her shoulders with a little help from his fingers. A little more help from his thumbs in her waistband, and then her leggings were down around her calves. Luckily, she wore her cute pink and black thong panties with the lacy front. 

Not like she wanted them to last very long. He licked the insides of her thighs, all the way up to her panties. He massaged and prodded with his fingers and tongue, licking the lace until it was wet with both his saliva and the first hint of her cream. 

George took off his tunic, revealing a skinny body with lean muscles. She ached to touch him all over, across his nipples, down his stomach. Further down. But first he was busy. 

Busy pulling her panties down with his teeth. 

He might’ve been shy and goofy in conversation. But wow… Not so shy when he decided to stop talking, oddly. 

Once he had her pussy revealed, he stared at it for a moment as if it were the first pussy he’d seen in a long time. Couldn’t have been, given the North Pole culture. He made her self-conscious of her pussy. Did she have too much hair? Not enough? Rayna kept it a thin line of fur down there. Enough to be kinky. 

And then George licked down the line slowly, zig-zagging slightly to taste her skin and hair. He spread her labia with his fingers, then pressed his tongue inside her. Gently massaging with tongue and fingers, bringing her up and down, George brought her to an orgasm. 

And then another shortly after that. 

Rayna slid her back down the wall. Her legs were too weak for standing on. She ended up face to face with George. He grinned. She kissed him, tasting her own juices on his mouth. She made out with him, soaking in the feel of his arms around her waist, the gentle press of his fingers against her skin. She wanted more, again, preferably faster and harder. For now, he took his time, as if there were no toys to be made for the holidays. As if they were the only two elves in the North Pole. 

She reached between his legs, feeling him grow and throb underneath his leggings. A small wet spot was at the tip. She tugged at the fabric. George didn’t need much prompting to help her out. 

He sat on the stairs. And then removed his leggings along with the boxer briefs underneath them. 

To Rayna’s delight, he was just the right size. Big enough to fill her, but not to be painful for her small size. Nice girth and length, with a little patch of fuzz like a five o’clock shadow. 

She sprawled over him, one leg resting on the landing and the other down the stairs, her upper body weight pressing down on his lap. She gripped his cock firmly in one hand. And then she teased him with her tongue and teeth against the tip. Only the tip. And then slowly further down the shaft. Back up. 

George tried to relax. His breathing became slow and heavy, panting as Rayna swallowed more of him. 

And then she spat him out. She glanced up at him with her eyes. They gazed at one another for a long moment while she teased and stroked him. His cock was slick with her saliva. And then with his precum as he got closer to blowing his load. 

Rayna sucked one of his balls, then the other, rolling them across her tongue. Then she took both of them in her mouth, pulling and tugging. She kept eye contact with him the entire time. He stroked her hair, muttering something she didn’t understand. 

And then she stopped entirely. 

“Please don’t stop,” he said, almost more of a whisper. 

Rayna raised herself off him. Her head felt light and a bit dizzy. She reached around behind her and snapped her bra loose, letting it fall down from her shoulders. 

“Don’t stop what?” she winked. 

George reached out and stroked her nipples with his fingers. Again slow and lazily, as if he didn’t quite have the energy. 

And then Rayna straddled him. She took him by the cock, shaking her hips until the tip was inside, and slid the rest of the way down as slow as she could. Then she did nothing. Closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of him being inside her, stretching her slightly, Rayna could’ve sat on top of him for a long time. 

Until she felt a little smack on her ass and then a nudge from underneath her. After some fumbling about, they found a rhythm together. A slow steady thump that turned into a faster, frenetic pace. She wanted every last bit of him, and he seemed to want the same from her. 

She wrapped her legs around him. Her arms tight around his neck and shoulders. Rayna took turns with him. He’d impale her. Then she’d rock against him. 

And then her stomach tightened with butterflies. Her head spun. And she came on his cock. 

A moment later, he grunted and moaned, biting his lip. All of his muscles strained and tightened. He exploded in her. 

George fell backwards after, exhausted and panting. Rayna stretched her body out on top of his, savoring his body heat and the way his breath blew against her hair. 

For the first time in three days, Rayna finally felt welcomed to the North Pole. 

when in doubt, eat a cookie…

After dressing each other and more than a little more kissing, Rayna and George caught one of the toy locomotives to the other side of the Pole. They sat together side by side behind the caboose in an open air car strung up in white and gold Christmas lights, holding hands. 

He took her to Ginger’s Breadhouse. Other than the fancy gingerbread facade and the savory smells of cookies and other treats, it was nothing more than a hole-in-the-wall place. Small, intimate, and romantic. 

George asked the redhead elven hostess for the back corner booth, away from the rest of the customers. From back there, Rayna could see and enjoy everything going on—the people, the food being brought out from the kitchen, the random chatter. 

A white wax candle sat in the middle of the table, next to a vase of plastic roses. Rayna pushed those aside. George took the hint and held her fingers. 

Very hungry after the intense sex George just gave her, she ordered a gingerbread cookie with some chicken noodle soup and a cup of hot cider. George ordered the same, but with hot chocolate. 

“How long have you been coming here?” Rayna asked. 

“Lost count,” he said. “I think Ginger’s was here when I first came to the Pole. Don’t really know. The thing you learn after awhile, is you never really see everything here.” 

“I’m amazed at how big this place is,” said Rayna. “I mean, I always knew it was huge. But I really had no idea.” 

“Yeah, nobody does until they see it,” George said. “Seeing is believing when it comes to the Pole.” 

Rayna clinked mugs with him. Seeing definitely was believing. So was touching and licking, which she most certainly wanted a repeat of. 

“How are you doing?” he said. “I mean, not about what just happened. More like…” 

“In general how I’m doing?” Rayna laughed. “I still a little perturbed with what Barrabas pulled. Other than that, I like it here in the Pole.” 

“Yeah,” George said. “My red envelope quest still stings a little. Not that it’s a big deal.” 

“But it is,” she said. “Sure, Santa didn’t seem to mind we violated his privacy. But still.” 

“Feels like there should be something we could to Barrabas,” said George. “To get even.” 

“I agree.” 

George bit his lip, as if deep in thought. Then he snapped his fingers. 

“I know,” he said. “We could string his underwear on the lamp-post next to the Factory.” 

“And you’re volunteering to snatch his underwear in the dead of night?” Rayna said. 

“Eh, good point.” George frowned. “I’m out of ideas for now.” 

So was Rayna, but she wasn’t giving up that easily. “Needs to be something he doesn’t see coming,” she said. “But also in good humor and all.” 

They sat silent for a long moment, just holding each other’s fingers while quietly sipping their beverages. Rayna had never been good at pranks. Sure, when she had girl roommates, she put toy mice in their panty drawers to get a reaction. Worked every time with human women at least. 

Apparently, George was even worse at pranks than Rayna. He stared into the depths of his hot chocolate, as if the answer could be divined by the position of the marshmallows. 

Rayna set her cider down, then tapped her fingers on the ceramic mug. “What is the Easter Bunny doing in the North Pole, anyway? Just wondering.” 

George chuckled. “Oh. She and Mrs. Claus used to be drinking buddies, supposedly. One of those unconfirmed theories.” 

“Unconfirmed?” said Rayna, raising one eyebrow in an effort to mock George. “Sounds like something you read off the internet.” 

George shrugged. “Maybe. Point is, after Bunny hops out of 24D, she definitely goes upstairs to the Claus penthouse while Santa puts in a late night in the office.” 

“And that is confirmed?” Rayna said. She lowered her voice. “What a slut.” 

“She is a rabbit, you know,” George said. “And no, I didn’t read that off the internet. After a few decades building toys, you start to notice things like that.” 

“Like whose bed the Easter Bunny hops into?” Rayna said. Then an idea snapped into her brain. “Does she sleep around with the elves?” 

“Not all of them,” he said. “She prefers upper management types.” 

“Is Barrabas upper management?” 

George snorted. Color brightened his cheeks when the snort turned into a laugh. He was so cute. 

“He wishes,” said George. “He’s a nobody like the rest of us.” 

“But he’s a supervisor of sorts, isn’t he?” Rayna said. 

“Yeah. They’ve been preparing him for management for awhile. Since I’ve been here, I think. Only now getting ahead.” George leaned forward, cupping a hand to his mouth. “But don’t take Barrabas too seriously. It’ll get into his head.” 

Rayna smirked. She’d seen Barrabas’s type all too often in the human world. Corporate ladder climbers willing to stab coworkers in the back to get to the next rung. They were all too common, and never worth befriending in Rayna’s opinion. 

“All right, so hear me out,” she said. “If Barrabas has been groomed to be upper management, and he expects it one day, then it might be reasonable for him to suppose the Easter Bunny will pay him a visit one day.” 

“Yeah,” George said. “What are you getting at?” 

“Well,” she said. “How approachable is the Easter Bunny? Think she might enjoy a little prank on a nobody supervisor? Or is she a total bitch?” 

George nodded, a big smile on his face. “I’ve talked to her once. Bunny is very sweet and personable, once you ignore the fact that she’s banging everybody.” 

“We can always try,” Rayna said. 

George tapped his temple and winked. “Want to know something else I read off the internet.” 

“What’s that?” 

“Bunny can be bought for a price,” he said. Then he leaned forward again, cupping his mouth. “She really loves those caramel filled chocolate eggs.” 

“Good thing I saw those for sale in one of the gift shops,” Rayna said. “Eighty-five percent off. Apparently last year’s Easter candy.” 

“I don’t think that matters to Bunny,” he said. 

“Then I think we have the beginning of a plan,” she said. 

George paid the bill. Then Rayna snatched his hand and led him back to the locomotive. They didn’t have time to lose if they hoped to catch Bunny between her visits. 

what happens in the pole, stays in the pole…

Barrabas dropped his keys in the ashtray on the little table by the door, just like always. Then he kicked off his shoes and hung up his jacket, again like he’d done for longer than he cared to think about. The last hundred years of kissing ass, and other unmentionable body parts to work his way up the North Pole’s hierarchy, all that seemed to drag on his soul tonight. 

The Pole never truly shut down operations during peak season. The elves put in extra shifts, returning home only to meditate or have sex. 

Meditation bored Barrabas. Sex was hard to do solo, at least for the last decade or so. 

All that hard work and dedication, and he’d only just now achieved an entry level supervisor status. At this rate, he’d become a full vice president manager in two-hundred years, give or take. Barrabas didn’t want to meditate on that. 

He just wanted to pour some whiskey into his hot cocoa, download some porn, and head to the next shift. That’s all the next five months would be for him. Whiskey, porn, and the next shift. Sounded so human when he thought on that for too long. 

The apartment was dark. Not like Barrabas needed light. He’d lived here for the last thirty years. Moving out of the one room studio was a dream only achieved by saving every last credit, and then giving the best oral ever to the land lady. It’d been worth it. 

He dropped into the couch. The pillow smelled like jasmine, freshly cleaned fur, and… a litter box. But he was too tired to think about that too carefully. The only thing on his mind was sweet soundless sleep. 

Something clattered in the next room. 

Barrabas bolted upright. The sound came again from the bedroom. He sprinted to the door, threw it open, and then flicked on the lights. 

On his bed rolled the strangest woman he’d ever seen. She was human, with an odd bright white wig and a barrette that prominently featured a pair of fluffy rabbit ears. Her skin was pale and smooth. She wore nothing but fuzzy white panties and a matching bra. 

The Easter Bunny. 

In his bed. 

“Hey sexy,” she lit a cigarette. “So glad you could make it.” 

Barrabas had no idea what to say. He’d imagined this for a long time. Dreamed of it. Even masturbated to the dream. This very encounter represented the next stepping stone in his career. The next challenge to climb before ascending the ladder into middle management at the Pole. 

And now his shot at bedding the Easter Bunny literally fell into his bed. 

She puffed on the cigarette, patting the empty side of the bed next to her. 

Barrabas stumbled to the bed, just managing to put one foot in front of the other. He slipped his shirt off along the way, loosened his belt, dropped his pants. By the time he was in front of the Easter Bunny, he only wore his briefs and socks. He’d wished he’d had time for a shower first, do some personal grooming, but it past time for that. Now was show time. 

The Easter Bunny put out her cigarette. 

He dropped his briefs. And then one more step up onto the bed. He stroked his cock out, trying to make it as long and hard as possible on short notice. He wanted to be in the mood. Badly. He’d fake it if he had to. 

She pressed her hand against his chest. Not in a good way. Back straight, shoulders held back, she pushed him away. 

“I just had a jolly ride with the big man himself,” the Easter Bunny said. “What makes you think I want you?” 

“I’m on my way up,” Barrabas said. “You can get a piece of the action now, before I’m a big shot.” 

And then she laughed. “Please, dude. I heard all about your ambitions. You’re the rising star. So much promise and grand plans for the future.” 

Barrabas wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling his face into her neck. “Yes, baby,” he said. “Talk dirty to me.” 

“I’d rather talk sense into you,” she said. “I’m only here to scout the competitors.” 


“You know,” she said. “Size up the future yummy treats I get to chew on in the years to come.”

“Who are the others?” Barrabas said. 

The Easter Bunny smiled sweetly, but with a bitter edge to the corners of her lips. She pushed him away and hopped off the bed. 

She rolled her eyes at him. “Do your own homework, baby carrot.” 

He squeezed his fists. His heart hammered uncontrollably. His arms felt weak. He knew damn well he was losing control. 

“Maybe you want just a taste now?” he said. 

She sashayed to the door, giving him a wonderful view of her hips in action. Then she turned around at the last moment. 

“I only bunny fuck upper management at the Pole,” she said. “And you’re not even lower management.” 

And then she was gone. 

Barrabas collapsed into his bed. Well shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. That could’ve gone worse. Could it? 

And then he noticed the window curtains had been open the entire time. He just hoped nobody was watching. Or worse, recording that incident. 


“Did you get it all?” said George. 

“Got it!” Rayna turned the video camera off and smiled at their handiwork. “And sounds like the hidden microphone picked up the sound beautifully.” 

George smiled. And then he kicked up his feet on the bed and laid back with his arms behind his head. Rayna closed the curtains before Barrabas had a chance to figure out he was being watched. 

“I’m just surprised Bunny went for this,” she laid down next to him and settled her head on his chest. 

“Told you she was nice,” George said. “But for her, she’s all about survival of the fittest. And she prefers the fittest at the top of the food chain.” 

“Predator and prey kind of kink?” Rayna said. 

“Something like that,” he said. “One look at Barrabas, and she decided he wasn’t management material. Just like I told you.” 

“And with this video,” she said, “we can shame him into never rising too much further.” 

“I hope so.” He was quiet for a long time, just playing with her hair. “Think we went too far?” 

Rayna propped herself up on one shoulder. “Maybe. I don’t know. But it was worth a good laugh.” 

“For sure.” He kissed her. 

And that was also a good laugh, too. She ruffled his shaggy hair, and then pinned him down on the bed. She kissed him, beginning from the mouth and down his neck. George squirmed under her rough touch. 

Pretty soon, she had every stitch of clothing off his body again. And then he stripped her bare. 

She rode him until almost the beginning of their next shift. 

Rayna would be tired all day. Only her fourth day and she’d already be exhausted. But then, after the workout she gave him, George would be worse for the wear. 

Not like he complained. 


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