Sunday Quickie: To the Last Drop

Julia and I have been together for ten years, last week. For our anniversary we took a road trip, picked a direction and went. By dusk, we were in Waterloo, Iowa, and found a hotel. I brought the luggage to the room, she took up the sex toys.

I need to say two things first, before telling this story. 

One, Julia and I are a very kinky couple. She likes to strap me down or handcuff me to the bed, and torture me with vibrators and attachments for both my cock and backdoor. I’m more straight forward, pump her until she screams and I blow a load, but only after I’ve blindfolded and paddled her.

Second, Julia is a heavy sleeper. She can sleep through a tornado filled with sharks, while a buzzsaw is tearing through sheet-metal.

So after a long day of getting ass-sore from a long car ride, and then getting ass-sore again from being flogged while restrained to the mini-bar, I fell asleep in Julia’s arms. She has ginormous breasts, and she wears a bra to bed, so they fluff up nice and make lovely pillows.

When I woke up in the morning, she was still laying on her back, with her big titties pointing up at the ceiling. She wore a black frilly bra, and she was only half covered by the bedsheets. Her arms were sprawled out above her head. Our legs were tangled together. 

I kissed her on the cheek. Nothing, except a deep and relaxed snore. I rolled out of bed, sore in every muscle, and hobbled to the bathroom. I flushed the toilet, brushed my teeth with the electric brush, and showered.

I came back out, drying off with a towel. Julia still lay on her back, breasts slowly rising and falling, lightly snoring away. She was so cute, so beautiful.

And then, as if on cue, my morning wood rose back to attention. I dared not touch myself, because if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. Julia would be disappointed if I came and didn’t let her have the honors. I nudged her shoulder.

No response.

I climbed on top of Julia, straddling her torso. The bed shook and squeaked, but she still didn’t wake up. I was rock hard and in need.

So I grabbed her by the tits and squeezed. This time, a soft moan came from her, but she was still slept. I placed my cock in between the mountains. Julia’s skin was hot against my flesh. She moaned and muttered something incomprehensible, but she didn’t wake up. I jabbed my hips forward, burying my pole completely between her cleavage. Julia was sweaty down there. I added a bit of salty precum to her sweat.

I rotated my hips about, diving deeper. Slow. The wet friction felt so right, and so wrong. I wanted her to wake up and take charge. Tell me to get the handcuffs and be ready for punishment.

The anticipation made me titty fuck her even harder.

I pounced. Harder. The bedsprings squeaked. The frame shook. Better than coffee, I was entirely awake now. I squeezed her boobs against my cock. I fucked her cleavage harder. One of the paintings on the wall went lopsided.

Julia should’ve woken up. I was wondering if she was faking it. I stopped, and lifted my dick away from her tits. I ached to place it back between them. But I paused. Just listened to her breath. Or snore rather. Her eyelids fluttered. She randomly swatted me on the forearm.

“Fuck me you man whore,” she muttered between snores.

I yanked at her bra and popped one breast out, then the other. Her nipples were erect, as if she had stuck them inside the freezer. I twisted them between my fingers. Then I smacked my cock against one. A sticky stream of pre-cum flowed between her nipple and my head. If she’d seen it, Julia would’ve licked it up.

I spat once on my dick for lube. Another time for good measure.

Then I dived back into her valley. Balls deep. This time, no mercy. The bed shook. My sack slapped against the underside of her breasts. So close.

Julia snorted. Then her eyes were wide open. I didn’t stop. Kept pumping her tits. Julia wrapped her arms around my hips, and smacked both my ass cheeks.

Hard enough to leave handprints.

I stopped titty fucking her and pulled out. She smacked me again. Right as I wrapped a hand around my shaft, I exploded.

And it felt like a literal explosion.

I kept gushing. Some of it went on one breast, some on the other. More than a bit streaked down the middle. A big glob hit her square on the chin and mouth.

I tried to roll off of her, but she kept a firm grip on my hips. Julia pulled me forward. Then she licked my tip clean. Once all the juices were sucked up, she let me go. I lay down beside her, panting.

Then Julia rolled on top of me and smeared my cum onto my chest.

“Tomorrow morning,” she whispered in my ear, “you’ll beg me to wake you up.”

“Maybe I’ll set the alarm,” I said.

“Oh? Really?” Julia winked and rolled out bed. I stayed in bed for awhile, wondering what sexual adventures we’d have that day.

And we had more than a few.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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