Sunday Quickie: Watering Her Garden

I grow my own vegetables on the side of my house. Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini. I can be a meat-and-potato man too. But I enjoy a wide variety of taste, and love cooking a lot of different foods.

That’s not the point of this story.

The point is, from my garden I have a great view of my neighbor’s living room window. Leigh keeps the drapes shut most days. And I’m not a peeping Tom, and she knows it. We’ve been neighbors for over a year, and regularly do small favors for each other.

At the height of summer, on the hottest days of the year, Leigh kept her living room drapes open. The gauzy curtains were still shut, but I could see her moving around inside, vacuuming. 

She has dangerous curves. Hips you can grab onto. A pair of breasts that often get in the way when she stands too close. And long curly, black hair. The silhouette in the window was a fantasy come to life. I can’t help but stare a little. I tried hard not to, and failed miserably. I kept her in my periphery, and ended up turning my head over so slightly.

Leigh seemed to be vacuuming as slowly as possible, as if she were cleaning for the first time in far too long. But I know she cleaned her living room the day before, because I saw her while I was in the garden.

I watered my cucumbers, though they didn’t need it. In fact they were ready to be picked. But from this angle, I could stare without being too obvious.

Nope, just a man watering his garden. Innocent as can be.

Leigh moved closer to the window. Her curvy form took clearer shape. I could almost make out her tanned skin, a lot of which seemed bare, though I wasn’t sure. This called for a closer stare.

And then she shut off the vacuum. Leigh had a duster in one hand. She stepped even closer to the window and reached up to dust. Now, I could see even better.

I saw the thin lines of her Brazillian-cut panties, the straps holding her heavy bra cups up, and her bare midriff.

My shorts became uncomfortable. I didn’t even realize how hard I was at first, like the boner just snuck up on me. I glanced down, and sure enough I stuck out at an awkward angle. I squatted down, hoping to hide that. But what I really wanted to do was reach inside my shorts and adjust myself. My gardening activities needed to be cut short soon, otherwise I’d drive myself nuts.

But I wanted to stay and watch Leigh dust her window.

Just like the vacuuming, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get her chores done.

And then she amazed me.

Leigh set aside the duster and stretched. Her smooth, muscular body lengthened, making me want her even more. Now I stared awkwardly at her, oblivious of making a fool of myself.

And then she reached behind her back, and her bra fell off. I loved the way her breasts curved. I imagined reaching out and grabbing them. She turned to the side, giving me a profile view. Her boobs were even bigger than I imagined them being. I started to wonder if they weren’t real. From outside, they seemed so firm and big.

As if this little show couldn’t get any hotter, Leigh slid down her panties. And then she propped up a foot on the window seat. She reached around behind her, and fingered herself.

I gaped, slack-jawed and feeling like a naughty idiot for peeping. Did she even realize I was out here? I wanted to go inside, take off my own clothes, and masturbate to this lovely fantasy come true. But if she were doing this to tease me, I didn’t want her to stop. I couldn’t just go back inside.

She turned her head just a little. Clearly, she looked back at me. She stared at me, staring at her.

I smiled at her. I couldn’t tell through the gauzy curtain if she smiled back.

I wanted to wave, but wasn’t sure if there were other neighbors watching me. Screw it, I thought. I waved. She waved back, and patted herself on the ass. The signal couldn’t get any clearer than that. I couldn’t take this anymore.

I pulled a few cucumbers, and then held up a finger. No clue if she saw that. I went inside and washed the cucumbers and placed them in a wicker basket.

Then I carried them over, like a good neighbor just delivering some fresh vegetables next door, but not without first adjusting my hard cock inside my shorts.

She was already at the door when I rang the bell, dressed in her underwear again. With a big, beautiful smile, Leigh invited me inside and led me to the back living room. Not surprisingly, the room smelled a little musky.

We didn’t say much. We didn’t have to. After long enough of being neighbors, we already knew plenty about each other personally.

This time, I wanted to know more about her, on a more personal level.

I held the wicker basket in front of me. She took it away from me, and stared long and hard at the bulge in my shorts. I didn’t try to hide it. Not after what I’d just seen through the window.

And then Leigh pushed me down onto the sofa and straddled my lap. Even if I wanted to escape, there was no way to. She pinned me down and kissed me on the mouth. Her skin was baby soft and smooth. She had firm leg muscles, which I didn’t want to stop massaging. And she used those muscles to squeeze my torso.

She tugged on my shirt, making the seams pop. Before I lost my shirt, I pushed at her, and then took it off.

Leigh went crazy on. Not like she hadn’t seen me bare-chested before. Surely she must’ve been watching me in my garden, while I watched her. Perhaps it was all pent up sexual desire, and she was letting it all out now. She bent low and suckled on my nipples. She was rough, biting me more than a few times. I never imagined how amazing it would feel, to have a woman dominate me like this. This had never happened to me.

I reached around her back, unclasping her bra with one hand. She grabbed both of my wrists and pinned me back, so I couldn’t complete the task.

Then she slithered down my body. On her knees, she tugged at my shorts. I tried to help her out, but she swatted at my hands. Pretty soon, I was completely naked. Vulnerable to this woman I thought I knew, but really didn’t.

She gripped me firmly at the base and looked up at me. “This is mine,” she said.

I nodded. That was all the approval she needed. She went down on me. Using her teeth, her tongue, her lips. She tugged on my ball sack, first with her fingers then with her mouth. She covered me in her warm saliva. 

And then she stopped. Just suddenly. No warning. No apparent reason. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, and winked.

I lifted her by the elbows, and we swapped spots. She on the couch, me on my knees. I yanked her panties down with my teeth. And then I returned the favor.

Her garden was neatly trimmed, with a long patch of dark hair up the middle, and smoothly waxed everywhere else. Just enough hair to make it smell right, enough bare skin to tease her with my tongue. I played along the thin patch of hair, up and down. Closer to her sweet spot, then further away.

And when I finally tasted her labia, she let out her breath in a low moan. I opened her flower, and played with her clit. She tugged on my hair. I slipped a finger inside. She wrapped her legs around my head.

I found her G-spot, and curled my finger against it. She melted. Juice trickled down her pussy, soaking my lips and chin.

And then she took me by the shoulders and pushed me down to the floor. Fear of carpet burn passed through my mind, but when Leigh grabbed my cock and straddled me again, I pushed that thought out.

She pounded me hard. It was quick. It was very dirty. And she orgasmed again on top of me. She finished me off by hand, our juices mixing on my stomach.

And then Leigh collapsed on me. I held her, and thanked her. I have no idea how long we cuddled on the wet carpet.

Now days, I make it a point to bring Leigh fresh vegetables from the garden no less than twice a week, and cook her dinner. Sometimes, it’s meat-and-potatoes night.

Every time, we have hot sex afterwards.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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