Sunday Quickie: Tickled to Orgasm

It started with her fingernails and hair. Linda always painted her nails in funky colors and designs—red skulls, blue flowers, pink dubious shapes that might’ve been lips of one type or the other. And she used those nails to torture me right before orgasm.

She’d ride me non-stop, our sweaty bodies slapping together and making a musky sexy smell, and then suddenly she’d be scratching me up and down my sides. I’m ticklish as hell, and I always squirmed and laughed despite being near the edge of orgasm.

Then Linda lowered her head so her hair brushed against my face, tickling me even more.

I never orgasmed for her while being tickled. Rock hard, yes. Excited, oh fuck yeah. And I got a good abs workout. But I just never could blow a load under tickled duress.

Linda varied her pace and intensity. She introduced objects to tickle me with. Feathers, silk scarves, her electric toothbrush. Her goal in the bedroom was to give me the most gut busting orgasm ever, literally or figuratively. But I guessed I wasn’t wired that way.

One night, I came home to find a scarf tied around the staircase post, her signal to skip making dinner and come upstairs instead.

Like the good sex slave I am, I followed her instructions. I decided I wasn’t hungry anyway. Upstairs, I found Linda on the bed, wearing nothing but a leather corset and nipple clamps. She had two vibrators, her little pink one pressed to her clit and a bigger blue shoved deep inside her twat.

“Were you gonna wait for me?” I said, loosening my necktie with one hand.

“Fuck no,” Linda replied. She gave me her best come hither look, where she scrunched her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side. In ten seconds flat, I had my clothes stripped off and I jumped in bed, ready for a good bouncing. Linda shut off her vibrators and got to her knees. “Lay down,” she said.

I got on my back, prick already hard and eager. She licked me up and down, and swished my balls around on her tongue. I closed my eyes, waiting for the real action. And then she climbed on top of me.

Slid me inside her wet tunnel. Linda handcuffed me to the bed, as was her custom.

And the vibrators turned back on.

My eyes snapped back open. Some deep part of my mind knew what was coming before I consciously registered what was happening. One moment I was perfectly relaxed, with the woman of my dreams pinning me to the mattress, and next sharp vibrations cut into my sides.

Linda alternated, skimming the pink one down my right, and then the blue one jabbed into my left ribs. I twitched from side to side, squirming and involuntarily bucking against her. The vibration was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Like I was sitting in a massage chair, and somebody had dropped another massage chair on top of me with both blasted on max speed.

I struggled against my bonds, trying hard not to laugh. Only Linda could put me in such a ridiculous situation. My core hurt from giggling and I could barely breath. She didn’t let up, kept pressing her vibrators into my side, stroking each over my stomach and across my nipples. I gasped for air, but not wanting her to stop.

The more I fought, the wetter Linda became. She gyrated her hips, grinding my cock to a nub. A sheen of sweat broke out on her body as she worked me hard. My skin was hot, burning up with each thump and tickle. 

A trickle of what might’ve been sweat or pussy juice trickled down my shaft.

And then Linda pounded me hardcore.

With every bit of strength, I pulled at my bonds, flexing my muscles to the max. I thrust my hips at her, wanting this torture to be over.

Linda tickled me again, this time with her fingernails. My laughter turned into a scream of agonized pleasure. My entire body tightened. My balls tightened. I yelled and muttered and pleaded with her, which just made her torture me more.

And then, an orgasm spasmed through my entire body. It was like it started in my toes, built up pressure in my ass and prostrate, and erupted from me.

Linda stopped her tickling, and laid her sweaty body against mine. She kissed me gently on the neck and shoulders, careful to avoid my tickle spots.

When she released my hands from the cuffs, I held her close and made love to her again, this time making sure she had plenty of orgasms.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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