Humpday Story: Friends With Batteries

FriendsWithBatteries_Coverv1Candles? Check. Curtains shut? Check. Webcam turned on?

Making love to a long-distance boyfriend comes with challenges. Especially the coming part. Gina enjoys Kyle’s weekly geyser show immensely. And she can squirt like a pro.

But only when he touches her in the right way.

She desperately wants to return the favor on cam.



Tuesday night, very late…

Gina lit the last candle and blew out the match. She dressed quickly, putting on black yoga pants, a pink low-cut tank with a lace around top, and a soft cotton running jacket. No bra, no panties.

One dozen red candles glowed and flickered in Gina’s bedroom, making shadows on the wall. Mostly she liked the cinnamon scent and the way the flames bounced up and down. From experience with the webcam, she still needed to turn on the floor lamp. With the curtains pulled tight, the room was dark as a dungeon.

The plus side, she couldn’t see herself very well on the cam app on her computer. The lamp made a soft yellow glow that added to the ambiance.

At least if she wanted Kyle, her long-distance boyfriend, to be able to see her. For whatever reason that Gina never fully understood, he enjoyed and frequently got off at watching her masturbate on the cam.

Go figure.

She was never able to squirt on cam for him, though. Kyle knew she was a squirter, in a big time way. He knew all the techniques to touch her, and when to add pressure and release, in just the right ways to make her gush all over the bedsheets.

Squirting on cam? Completely different for Gina. She just couldn’t do the trick for him, as much as she wanted to.

The thing was, Gina enjoyed watching him spurt his load. Whether physically in her bedroom or over the internet, didn’t seem to matter to her. She lived for that moment when his face scrunched, his chest turned bright red, ball sack tightened, and then the moment. Kyle always came a lot, white stream after stream blowing out of his cock and dripping down his shaft.

The moment made the effort of sex over the cam worth the self-deprecation. Gina worked out, hard, but her boobs were too big and her ass too flat, and no matter how hard she exercised she never got rid of her curves.

She fired up her computer, and clicked on the yellow birdy icon for Skepy, the webcam app she and Kyle used. The app opened up with the noisy chirp-chirp sound it made. She tested the microphone while waiting for Kyle to log on.

Didn’t take him long. Gina sent him a call request as his name popped up.

“Hey sexy,” he said.

“Sexy?” Gina winked at the blue eye on the webcam. “You’re sexy one between the two of us.”

Kyle gave her his sly smile, a sort of half grin where the left corner of his lips sneered upward. The way his eyes crinkled when he did that melted Gina a little. Why did he have to take a job on the other side of the country? At least it wasn’t forever. Another year, and they’d figure out what to do next together.

Everyone had warned Gina about having a long-distance relationship. How distance didn’t make the heart fonder, and men strayed to the next available pussy when given the chance, and sometimes it just wasn’t worth it.


She and Kyle cammed often, more often than they’d ever had sex while living under the same roof.

Gina unzipped her jacket a little, her breasts popping out the top. Kyle lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his well chiseled pecs and abs. He was a fitness junkie, far worse than Gina. Not only did he lift weights, he ran two miles every day.

He wasted little time, spun around and unzipped his pants. When he turned around again, his cock was hanging out. He was long, and looked even longer with his pubic hair shaved off. The baldness worked well on cam, as Gina was able to see every last bit of his manhood. He flopped it around for her, wiggling his hips back and forth.

Gina blew him a kiss, and begged for more.

“Your turn, baby,” he said, kissing her back.

She unzipped her jacket the rest of the way, and bent over to reveal her cleavage. Kyle responded by stroking himself up and down real slow, his cute smile showing teeth. Gina stripped off the jacket, then teased Kyle by pulled her shirt up to just under her breasts. She stood up, turned around, and mooned him.

Gina kicked off her yoga pants. The shirt came off next. When she sat back down at the computer, Kyle was stroking himself. She angled the camera better for him to see her business. Then they masturbated together.

Kyle rubbed the base of his cock, slow, gaining speed, his nipples taut and poking out. A glow fired up in Gina’s pelvis, spreading up to her belly and down her thighs. But it was a frustrating glow, one that felt good but didn’t seem to go anywhere at the same time, like a dog humping a fire hydrant. Gina moaned and thrashed, but it was special effects for Kyle. He liked that sort of thing, and she wanted to get him off.

“Oh baby,” he said, busting his nut even harder, making thwapping noises. “I’m gonna blow.”

And he did.

Long, milky streams of juice blew out of his cock and sprayed his chest. A glob hit his chin. He was lost in orgasm, screaming her name and milking that big cock.

Gina twerked and bucked her hips at him. The glow didn’t spread any further, or grow any hotter. Just simmered and baked. She took shallow, rapid breaths, and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Nothing squirted out.

After her fake orgasm, Gina tipped the camera back up to center on her face. She blew kisses at Kyle, and chatted with him until midnight.

But Tuesday was what it was, and she said good night to her boyfriend.

And went to bed a little cold. Being naked probably didn’t help.

Damn it.

Gina was going to orgasm for Kyle one night. She promised herself that before going to sleep.

Wednesday, sometime before dawn…

Sleep was being a fickle bitch. Not like Gina really needed a full eight hours when she lived on caffeine highs. But this wasn’t a coffee break.

Gina had a late night mission.

She hunched over the laptop, and dove into the naughty side of Amazon. Dildos and “personal massagers” of all kinds flashed across the screen, all kinds of colors and uses. Anal beads, prostrate massagers, enemas. Lubes, palm pussies, cock rings.

And then some things Gina had never thought about. Horny goat weed? Dolls with anatomically correct parts? The panties with the vibrator sewn into them fascinated her.

But she needed one thing. One special toy. If Kyle couldn’t use his magic hands on her, Gina would just have to figure out a way to make herself squirt on cue.

So many options, so little time left in the night to choose. Some of the toys were fairly cheap, under twenty bucks. But Gina decided this was not a time to thrifty. This was her sex life on the line. So she read every damn review on all the products, weighed her options, and narrowed it down to a few select toys.

The toy needed some kind of battery. Otherwise she’d be rubbing herself half the night for Kyle, which in theory should be fun, but realistically sounded boring. Gina knew from experience that she’d give up before squirting. So the toy had to vibrate, and preferably needed one hell of a motor.

But it also had to hit both her clit and G-spot. That was Kyle’s secret when they made love in the bedroom. He took his time on her clit, probed her pussy, and then he’d curl his fingers inside her and flick the spot. That curling motion got her every damn time. Gina got a little wet just thinking about it.

Finally, right as she was about to call it a night and get some shut eye, she found it.

The Fantastic Zone rabbit vibrator, with seven speeds. I had a thick shaft with a bulbous mushroom shaped head, and a wicked “claw” that extended out to hit the clit. And the toy was a pretty purple.

Gina put it in her cart, added a bottle of lube, and… hesitated. She’d had sex toys before, but never anything like this. This was splurging. Was the webcam show really that important to her?

And that claw looked sharp. Would that tickle too much?

Was seven speeds a bit excessive?

She rapped her credit card on the side of her laptop. A sinking feeling in stomach told her no, to close out the web browser and erase her history before shutting down the computer for the night. That this would be a purchase she’d regret. Hell, she had to move sometime, and where would she hide it from her friends who came over to help her pack?

But… squirting orgasms for Kyle.

Gina hit the buy button.

Saturday night, 11:52 p.m…

Gina typed “hello” at Kyle, and waited. The candles were set up. Showered, legs shaved, and hair dried, Gina was ready for the time to pass already. Her new Fantastic Zone vibrator sat by the microphone, unpackaged and bigger than she had expected. It had arrived that afternoon. The brown cardboard box had been generically labeled as a healthcare product, but the delivery man had winked and grinned wickedly as if he had psychic powers and knew what was really inside.

She fought the urge to try it out all afternoon and night. Cooking dinner became a chore, where she kept walking back to the bedroom to have a peek at the vibrator. Watching TV had been near impossible. Finally, Gina had to stow it in her closet, just to get it out of sight.

But the vibrator was never out of mind.

Now so close to deflowering the guy. Her eyes darted back and forth between computer screen and toy. What if Kyle didn’t like it? Well, that would be silly… it was Gina’s toy, she was the only one who needed to enjoy it. Even if she bought it with Kyle in mind.

What if Gina didn’t enjoy the vibration?

The suspense killed her. Being dressed in only a lacy black bra and matching panties didn’t help.

And then Kyle finally responded, a full minute later.

Gina sent him a call request, and within seconds his handsome and rugged face appeared on her screen. “Hey sexy,” she said. “I have a surprise.”

“You found you’re long lost twin?”

“No, dip-shit!” She chuckled and let a long lock of hair fall over her face to hide her amusement. “I bought a little something to spice up the show.”

“Does it need batteries?”

“Actually it plugs in, with a USB cable.” Gina held up the purple monstrosity for Kyle to see.

His eyes widened, and then crinkled at the corners in that sexy, inquisitive look he often got. Kyle rubbed his chin, like some evil villain inspecting a weapon of mass destruction in a B-grade flick. “My, that’s a big boy. Can you handle him?”

“I don’t know,” Gina said. “Maybe you can help me?”

“Maybe,” he sneered, cruel lips pressing in a tight line. “What does the lady require?”

Gina hid the humor in her face, and put on her worst dominating face. “Strip.”

He didn’t need much encouragement. Kyle flipped his shirt over his head and slipped it off. He flexed his pec muscles one at a time, the silly boyish grin wider. Pinching his dark nipples, he blew her a kiss.

“Good?” he said.

“No,” Gina said. “More, please.”

Kyle stood up, and unzipped his jean slow and steady, and revealed he was going commando tonight. Pants dropped, hands on his hips, he flopped his flaccid manhood around. Gina scooted her chair away from the desk and then tilted her camera downward. Still with her face in the frame, but now giving him a good view of her panties. She rubbed the silky material with two fingers.

“You enjoy that?” Kyle asked.

“Very much,” Gina said, breath huffy and deep. She picked up the Fantastic Zone vibrator and pressed it to her lips, a devilish smirk on her face.

Kyle’s cock twitched and rose to the occasion. When Gina put the vibrator in her mouth and started blowing it, Kyle massaged his balls. His masturbation in turn made her twat wet. Gina slipped off her panties.

And then she lubed her new toy. She pressed the tip just inside her pussy, and flipped the on-switch to the lowest setting. The vibe jolted her at first, energizing her lips and clit like she’d never been touched before. After a few seconds, she settled into the sensation, relaxing in her chair, and dove the toy in deeper. Her walls contracted around the soft shaft. The claw tickled her tender clit as she shoved the toy in deeper yet, to the hilt.

Gina threw her head back, the sweet caress filling her body with hot need. From the laptop’s speakers, Kyle grunted his approval. He stroked himself with two fingers, lazy and calm. Gina wanted him to do much more.

So she kicked up the power of her vibrator one notch. Now the sensation was a steady pulse, making her toes curl and breath catch. She was eager for more.

Kyle patted his balls with his other hand, and stroked up and down his length.

With one hand, Gina pulled down her bra, exposing her breasts for him. Her nipples were hard as rocks, erect and throbbing with pleasure as she pinched one, then the other.

She pulled the toy out, and pushed it up to the next speed before plunging it back in. Hot need soaked her, her juices dripping down her backdoor, making a little puddle on the towel she was sitting on. Gina stroked the vibrator with her pussy lips with short and rapid thrusts.

Shoulders hunched, she flicked the button for the next speed, and then the next up from that. The vibration went all the way up to her stomach, every lady bit in her felt touched. Clit throbbed and pulsed, hot and dripping wet. Her G-spot was on fire. Gina lifted her legs up, and planted her feet on the desk, exposing herself completely to Kyle. She barely even noticed him on cam now, only hearing his whimpering moans as he beat himself off.

Sweat dripped across Gina’s face and neck, making her hair stick to her skin. Her bedroom seemed hot, even though she heard the air conditioning turn on. Somewhere, a girlish moan full of pleasure. Gina was surprised the moan came from her own throat.

She tapped her finger on the speed button. Fear stopped her from going to the next level. So much pleasure burned at her core that it hurt.

Gina focused her eyes on Kyle working out his big cock. A drip of precum slid down his shaft, wetting his fingers.

With a quick flick of the finger and with zippo thought, Gina maxed out the vibrator’s speed. The pain turned into a dull roar that ached and tickled her walls and made her jump out of her skin. Heat flushed her skin from brows to toes.

The animalistic pleasure of being violated by a machine drove Gina to insanity. Right when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she jammed the toy deeper, thudding it against her wet spot.

A scream escaped her mouth. Her thigh muscles tightened. Her pussy contracted.

And then she exploded, vagina muscles forcing the toy out as juice geysered out of her. Her ejaculation hit the computer screen and the webcam. Only once had she come close to doing something like this, something this messy. Never with Kyle or any man.

Certainly never with a sex toy.

Gina fell back into her chair, pleasantly exhausted and wet everywhere. Through slitted eyes, she watched Kyle, his eyes wide in shock as he let go of his own orgasm.

Once he caught his breath, he wiped his hands on a towel. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Me neither,” said Gina.

“Tell you what,” he leaned  forward, giving her a good close up view of his face. “I’ll be on the first flight back to town tomorrow.”

“Sounds wonderful. Only if you help me blow a load like this when you get here.”

“Oh, I will. I’m dying to know how that monster of a toy works.”

They said good night, and blew kisses at each other.

As Gina lay awake, curled up in her blankets, she day dreamed about what it would feel like with Kyle controlling the toy.

Later that night, she dreamed about it, too.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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