Sunday Quickie: In the Bag


Mark had promised me a birthday gift for a week, and for seven whole days I badgered him to tell me what it was. My boyfriend of too many years simply shrugged in that not-so-innocent way of his, and evaded my rapid-fire question bombing. He was the only man I knew who could withstand the barrage.

Finally, on Friday night he walked in the door, holding a small brown paper bag in one hand, slipping off his necktie with the other. I dragged him to the bedroom, ignoring the cordon bleu I had prepared earlier, and ripped half his suit off.

“Where’s my gift?” I said.

“It’s in the bag,” Mark teased me, holding the bag just out of reach and then hiding it behind his back. I jumped on my toes, reaching around him, grabbing at the mysterious brown bag. He just held it away even further. Huffing, I pushed at his chest. “Get on your knees, first,” he said. “Maybe I’ll give you your present.”

I lowered myself slow, scratching my fingernails down his stomach as I went. At the floor, I ripped off his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. Mark held the bag in both hands, behind his back, just out of reach. I tugged at his briefs, yanking out his trimmed, half-limp member. 

A quick lick and suck wasn’t going to give me my reward, Mark was too stubborn for that. So instead, I rolled my tongue slowly across his foreskin, and when he was less limp I licked down to the base. Down to the sack, sucking each nut in turn. Mark moaned and pushed my head down on him harder. Coming up for breath, I asked if that was enough for my gift, and when he didn’t respond I tugged on his sack hard.

He groaned and slouched over me. And just like that, Mark presented my birthday gift. Hands shaking, I crinkled open the bag.

Inside was a bottle of lube and a translucent buttplug still in the packaging.

Well, this was different. I’d never said anything about doing anal with Mark, not even the slightest hint, and he’d never expressed curiosity with anal. I wasn’t sure about this, but decided to go with the flow. I trusted Mark, and we’d done some kinky things before.

Next I knew, he stripped me butt naked and had me face-down on the bed. I stuck my ass in the air, waiting while he tore apart the plastic packaging. Then a cool drop of lube hit my backdoor, and then Mark’s fingers rubbing it inside. More lube for good measure. I buried my head in my arms, anxious for the buttplug, and a little unsure of what it was going to feel like.

He pushed the tip in, kind of a firm pliable jelly feel. It didn’t go in right, and sort of plopped back out. Mark sighed, and tried again, but with another stream of cold wet lube. A shiver ran up my sides. I barely breathed. Then my ass opened up around the plug, and conformed the toy’s curved shape. I forced myself to take breaths, and a moan escaped. Mark took that as a good sign, and shoved that plug in all the way.

I had never felt so filled before. I tightened my ass muscles around the toy, thinking I could squeeze it out. But no, Mark had planted it firmly into me. I felt helpless, vulnerable. He slapped my ass cheeks, hard enough to leave handprints.

I tilted my head, peeping through my breasts, and saw Mark bending over me. First a finger on my clit, rubbing in short circles, then he pushed a digit knuckle-deep in my pussy. The pressure in my ass intensified as he slipped deeper inside. Never in my life had I gone from dry to wet in less than a few seconds. By the time Mark’s finger was all the way in and curling up over my G-spot, I was dripping.

He continued teasing me by alternating between licking my clit, rubbing my lips, and shoving a finger inside me. Right as he nearly pushed me over the edge, I pulled away, denying him the satisfaction of getting me off. Every inch of my skin tingled, my hair was sweaty and tangled.

Mark pushed between my shoulder blades, pinning me to the bed. I curled my ass in the air, showing him how much I wanted more. Instead of entering me, Mark spanked me across the ass again.

I turned around just enough to see him, and grabbed him by the cock. He was hard and throbbing, clearly holding back as much as I was. I stoked him, and then brought him closer to my wet spot. Mark didn’t hold back this time, and slid right in.

Both holes plugged now, never before had I felt so filled before, everything so stretched out. Every inch of both my holes ached. I clutched the bedsheets in both fists. Mark leaned forward, and grabbed a boob. “Naughty slut,” he whispered in my ear, “you like that?” I mumbled that I wanted more, but the words came out a babbling mess. He started pumping me with his cock, making wet slapping noises with each thrust. I got dizzy, light headed, the double penetration almost too much for me.

Mark’s breathing became heavy, hot against the back of my neck. He wiggled his hips, grinding my G-spot exactly the way I love it.

And then he slipped a hand across my hip, reaching around, and touched my clit with a finger. Thrust, pump, rub. Driving me crazy until I couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure in my ass seemed to grow, glowing hot. My skin trickled with sweat.

The flood released.

I squirted all over Mark’s cock. The orgasm persisted, peaking, and then kept going. Over and over. I lost count how many orgasms I had. I just kept coming.

Mark pulled out. I sank into the mattress, completely used. Exhausted, but in a good way. He sprayed his wet seed across my back.

I didn’t bother taking the butt-plug out. Just too damn lazy. Later I curled up on top of Mark, falling asleep.

Ever since he gave me the butt-plug, every night feels like my birthday, 


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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