Humpday Story: Stranded at the Witch’s House

Stranded-at-the-Witchs-House-GenericLate for Aunt Mirtle’s Thanksgiving dinner, Cassie can’t drive fast enough in the downpour. But when the roads turn icy, even ten miles per hour feels too fast. White knuckle grip on the steering wheel, soda spilled all over the front seat, Cassie just wants to change clothes and relax in front of a fire.

A mysterious black cat completely derails her plans.

She might not make it for turkey dinner, but the night only just began.



An accident…

Cassie gripped the steering wheel in a white knuckled grip. The rain poured down in heavy sheets, drowning out the classic rock music on the radio, and splattered on the windshields faster than the wipers could keep up. The wind blew so hard, her arms hurt from keeping the car straight. To make matters worse, the passenger seat smelled like Dr. Pepper after the gas station fountain cup tipped over from the cupholder.

Soda was all over the seat and the floorboards, and almost certainly in the hard to reach spot between the seat and the gear-shift. Not a damn thing to be done about it now. Cassie just wanted to get to Aunt Mirtle’s house. She was already stupidly late for dinner.

The streets in this section of suburban hell were dark, even with the yellow street lamps. One street looked like the next. Just endless black pavement, overgrown oak trees on the boulevards, and cookie-cutter Colonial style houses on both sides. She drove fifteen miles an hour, fast enough to maybe try to get to the house at a reasonable time, slow enough to be able to read the numbers on each house.

Through the pelting rain, the stylized numbers were hard to read. Cassie wasn’t even sure if she was on the correct street. It’d only been two years since the last time she’d visited Aunt Mirtle, and she hadn’t driven then.

Thanksgiving dinner had been ham and pineapple that year. With mashed sweet potatoes cooked with rum and marshmallows, one of Cassie’s favorites. Not to mention the fruit salad, the green beans, the cornbread stuffing. Topping off that dinner was coffee and the best chocolate-and-cream pie ever.

Cassie’s stomach rumbled, just thinking about all that food.

Her ass hurt from being in the car for too long. She was thirsty from drinking just enough Dr. Pepper to have a bad taste in her mouth, but not enough to quench her thirst. And there was clearly not enough caffeine in her system.

Cassie just wanted to kick off her sneakers, and get out of her jeans and U of M hoodie. She brought her favorite red flannel pants and black spaghetti strap shirt. Bliss was wearing those clothes and curling up in front of a fireplace—fuck it, even a space heater would do the trick.

Then the rain turned to sleet. The tires slipped. Shit. Cassie slowed down from fifteen to ten miles per hour. Even that felt too fast. She needed to pull over and call Aunt Mirtle.

A small dark shadow with bright green eyes darted out in the street.

A cat!

Cassie slammed on the brakes.

The car spun in three complete, slow motion circles. Cassie had a vivid recollection from childhood, of the teapot ride in Disney with Aunt Mirtle. She wanted to laugh and scream and pee all at the same time. Both then and now.

And then crash!

Metal crunched against a massive tree.

The airbag popped out, smacking her roughly on her entire face.

Her heart hammered into her throat. When Cassie regained her breath and some semblance of a normal heartbeat, she pushed the airbag back down. Her face hurt like a son of a bitch. Nothing else seemed to hurt, except her pride, which was a good sign.

She checked her jeans, feeling around the crotch. No wet spots. Another good sign. Still needed to pee, but nothing she couldn’t hold. Cassie had a terrible image of her knocking on a stranger’s door in the middle of the night.

Excuse me, she’d say. Do you have any spare jeans? Size 12 preferably?

Cassie dry giggled. Not quite a full laugh, not quite a snarky giggle. She shook her head and got out of the car.

Already, the sleet was turning to heavy snowflakes. Only in Minnesota could you have rain, sleet, and fucking snow in the span of ten minutes.

The tree she’d crashed into was a very large maple. The few remaining leaves were bright orange and red. The trunk was so large, it barely fit on the boulevard, and the limbs towered over the two-story house it was in front of. The lights were on in the front rooms of the house. The lacy curtains in the window parted, revealing a tall, feminine figure with curly dark hair.

Cassie walked slowly up the driveway, ice crunching underneath her shoes. It was cold enough to make snot roll down her nose, but not quite bad enough to need the heavy coat in her car. She pulled her hood over her hair.

Did that make her look too creepy? She pulled the hood back down.

The door opened right as Cassie stepped onto the front porch. The woman on the other side of the door had a beautiful smile with rosy cheeks. She had black curly hair and a tan face with no makeup. She waved Cassie into the house. Her hands were long and slender, the nails painted midnight blue.

Cassie wasted no time being a bum in the cold. She stomped her feet on the welcome mat, and whooshed inside. The door slammed shut behind her.

“Are you okay?” the woman said. She touched Cassie on the arm. Her face was warm, maternal even. She couldn’t have been much older than Cassie though. Mid or late twenties?

“Thanks, I’m fine,” Cassie said. “Sorry about your tree.”

“Don’t worry about that. As long as you’re fine. You’re safe here, Cassie.”

“Thanks.” Cassie ran her fingers through her brown hair. How the hell… Did she already tell the stranger her name? Maybe the crash knocked a few too many brain cells around. “I need to call my aunt, tell her I’ll be late.”

“Who is your aunt?” the stranger said.

“Mirtle Meacham,” said Cassie. “She lives around here.”

“She’s five blocks that way,” the stranger pointed in the direction behind Cassie. “And you might not make it to her house tonight. Well, look outside.”

Cassie slipped off her shoes and walked into the little parlor. She pulled aside the lacy curtains. The snow already covered her car. She barely recognized the street. Ten inches easily. All in the span of a minute.

“How the fuck…” Cassie clasped a hand to her mouth. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” the stranger. “I curse like a sailor too. My name is Imogen.”

“Oh. Nice to meet you. I’m Cassie.”

“But you can call me Gen.”

Cassie squared off with Gen, not entirely sure if the protocol was to shake the woman’s hand or hug her. Either way, she was stuck here until the snow plows came through. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

Gen wore a silky black dressing robe and bunny slippers. From appearances, she wasn’t wearing a bra, but Cassie tried hard not to look too carefully. Gen had a lovely warmth about her. That was what mattered. Hospitality.

“I’ll make coffee,” Gen said. “As soon as I find my cat.”

“Sounds good,” Cassie said. She pointed to the door. “I saw a black cat earlier.”

Gen opened the front door. A burst of cold air and fluffy snow came inside. “Ah, Fiddlesticks,” she scowled. “Get in here!”

A cat, black as a shadow, scampered in the door, and looked at Cassie with the most alluring green eyes. The cat shook itself, then ran away up the stairs.

Gen shut the door and locked it. Then she smiled brightly and waved Cassie to join her in the kitchen. She made coffee while making small chat with Cassie.

Where you from? Wabasha. Going to college? Yes. What’s your major? Permanently undecided. Going shopping tomorrow? Fuck no, internet deals are way better and no crowds.

In between chatting with Gen, Cassie called Aunt Mirtle, who’d been worried about Cassie, but was glad she was okay. Aunt Mirtle told her to stay out of the storm. It was going to be a wild one.

And then the coffee finished. Cassie asked for cream and sugar. Gen took hers black.

“So,” said Gen. “Do you believe in accidents?”

“Just had one,” Cassie said. “Sorry about that.”

Gen touched her on the arm. A light touch, but warm and promising of something more.

“Stop apologizing,” she said. “Come, to the office. I want to show you something.”

“Okay,” Cassie said, slowly. She could already see Gen’s nipples poking through the fabric of her robe. She even saw a hint of her well formed and nicely tanned thigh. What else was there to see?

Cassie followed her anyway, half hoping for a show. What came over her? Sure, she loved women, and had already experimented a little. But Gen was a stranger. A beautiful and well toned stranger, at that. But Cassie wasn’t a slut, she didn’t sleep with just anybody.

But if it helped pass the time…

And she liked the way Gen’s robe swished about her hips as she walked up the stairs.

That’s when Cassie realized Gen wasn’t wearing panties either.

Some magic…

Gen’s office looked, for lack of better words, like a seance room. A small wooden table with a crystal ball in the middle, with two straight back wooden chairs. A deck of Tarot cards were next to the ball. Shelves lined the walls, with curious artifacts on them—skulls, eyeballs in jars, leather bound books, and pentacles. Black lacy curtains hung over the window.

“Have a seat,” said Gen. Cassie sat on one chair, Gen on the other. “Please, shuffle the cards.”

Cassie had never played with Tarot cards. Her friend Bethany had a deck, but never let anybody touch them. Something about disturbing the energy. Cassie never really understood.

She picked up the cards. Shuffling them was hard. They didn’t behave like normal playing cards at all. Instead, Gen’s Tarot cards were big and bulky, made of thick cardboard. Cassie managed to shuffle them by picking out cards from the middle and randomly placing them at the front or the back. It was slow going.

“Now,” Gen said, “cut the deck and draw a card.”

Cassie did so. Four of Pentacles. The picture showed a woman’s hand dropping coins into a jewelry box.

Gen repeated her instructions twice more. Cassie drew two more cards.

Five of Cups, which showed a woman bartender serving drinks to a passed out man. And Strength, which featured a beautiful blond woman tending to an injured lion.

Gen smiled kindly, her eyes sharp and her laugh lines deep. Cassie had no idea what that meant, her facial expression or the cards. Of all the things that could’ve happened, she hadn’t expected to have her fortune read tonight.

Not like she believed in that sort of thing anyway. Bethany had been a flake, even if she had been cute. A gothic, flakey, cute girl who’d been in Cassie’s life for only a short time, and then moved on before Cassie ever got a chance to say goodbye. She regretted not spending more time with her.

Instead, Cassie had focused on Samantha, a cute cheerleader chick in high school who never seemed to have time for Cassie, except during social engagements.

Gen scratched her chin.

“Very fortuitous of you to drop by my door, tonight,” she said.

“Umm, yeah,” Cassie said. “Thought so too.”

Gen pointed to the Four of Pentacles. “You are a smart, resourceful young woman. You’ve been saving up for college?”

“Yeah. I worked three jobs every summer for four years.”

“Ambitious, too.” Gen pointed to the next card, the Five of Cups. “But hard work comes at a price. You regret something?”

“No I don’t,” Cassie blurted. “I worked my ass off getting to where I’m at.”

“And you did well for yourself,” Gen said. “That hard work will pay off in the long run. But there’s something else. A boy?”

Cassie remained silent. The hell she was going to tell this crazy bitch anymore than necessary. She hoped the snowstorm had quieted down. Sweet potatoes and cornbread stuffing sounded really good right now.

And then Gen smiled, but this time it was more of a sugary sweet smile. A knowing smirk, like the one Aunt Mirtle gave when sharing a secret with Cassie. But Cassie’s poker face was terrible, she always smiled back at her aunt and blabbed the secret out loud within earshot of other people. Maybe that’s why Aunt Mirtle shared so many things with Cassie.

“A girl?” Gen said. “A young lady from school, who caught your eye but not your heart. And now you wonder what might’ve happened if you’d given her your heart?”

“Okay, fine, yes!” Cassie really wished she could keep a secret safe. It was a weakness, and it annoyed her to no end. But how the hell did Gen know? Was Cassie really that obvious?

Gen touched her on the fingers, and then held hands with her for a brief moment. Cassie’s heart ached when the touch ended. She wanted to cry, thinking about Bethany and all that could’ve been. Mostly, she wanted Gen to touch her again.

“It’s okay to be angry and sad,” Gen said quietly. “Especially over things you can never change.”

“I never gave her a chance,” Cassie said. “I toss and turn at night, thinking about what might’ve happened.”

“I’m sorry,” said Gen.

Cassie shrugged. “Doesn’t matter now. I think about her less.” Slight lie. She’d thought about Bethany that morning, before getting in the car. “Do you know her name? Aren’t you a psychic or something?”

“Not exactly,” Gen chuckled. “But I’m good at reading body language.”

“And what am I saying now?” Cassie crossed her arms, lifting her small breasts as high as they could go. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was saying herself. Go away? Come kiss these, bitch? Help me?

“You know deep down what you want to say to me,” Gen said. “It’s up to you to say it.”

Well, that wasn’t helpful. Cassie huffed and looked away. It wasn’t fair, crashing into a tree on an icy road and ending up stuck with some beautiful woman who seemingly knew Cassie’s secrets.

It wasn’t fair that Cassie never had a second chance with Bethany.

“I’d been curious,” said Cassie, turning back to Gen. “Oh fuck it, more than curious. I dreamed about Bethany. I wanted to give her pleasure. But I was too scared to ask. I was too weak.”

Gen tapped a finger on the Strength card. “I think this says otherwise.”

“They’re just cards,” Cassie said. “Much as I want to believe otherwise.”

“And that’s what makes you strong,” Gen said. “Your ability to question. To doubt.”

“I doubt Bethany would’ve approved. She was overly protective of her beliefs.”

“But I approve,” Gen touched Cassie’s hand again, and didn’t pull away. “And I’m fervent believer in magic.”

Cassie wanted to pull her hand away. To feel cold and alone. But Gen was so warm. So full of life.

“So show me some magic,” Cassie said.

Gen raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, we got time. And what else do you want to do? Besides play cards?”

“Magic is not to be trifled with,” said Gen. “And once you agree to see magic for what it is, you can never unsee it.”


“So… It’s like taking your virginity back. It can’t be done.”

Cassie blushed. Like she knew anything about that. Her virginity was still very much hers, despite some close calls in the first year of college. That stupid Strength card didn’t prove anything. She was too scared to have sex. Too scared of being alive and letting go.

“I’m not scared,” Cassie lied. “Show me what you got, witchy woman.”

Gen winked. A smirk covered her face, making her seem like the happiest woman on Earth.

“Careful what you ask for, young lady,” she said. “You may get what you want. And then more.”

Gen stood up. She walked to Cassie’s side of the table, fingernails gliding across the smooth table surface. For a moment, Cassie saw something in Gen’s face.

Something beautiful and frightening at the same time. Like the moon glow on a dark night.

And then Gen bent at the waist, and kissed Cassie on the lips.

And then…

Cassie’s skin burned in delight. She closed her eyes half way, so she could only see through slits. Gen smelled lovely up close. Dark bitter coffee and vanilla soap.

The kiss ended all too soon.

Cassie puckered her lips, ready for more, and was disappointed when more didn’t come.

“That wasn’t magic,” Cassie said, and immediately regretted the way she said that. “I didn’t mean…” She fumbled for words, not sure how to say that she enjoyed the kiss. But it was only a kiss, and not as special as she dreamed kisses being.

Wasn’t it supposed to feel magical? Or something? Cassie didn’t know, and didn’t want to admit she didn’t know in front of Gen, in case that somehow ruined her chances.

Gen smiled kindly, and pressed a finger to Cassie’s mouth. “No need to explain what you meant.”

“Sorry,” Cassie said. “I didn’t mean to insult you.”

“Perhaps we should try again?” said Gen.

“I’d like that.” Cassie sat on the edge of her seat, shoulders rolled back, and craned her neck up to Gen. Instead of leaning down for another kiss, she took Cassie by the hand and lifted her up.

A wicked smile on her face, Gen wiggled a finger and led Cassie down the hall.

To a cozy bedroom, with a king sized bed that was already turned down for the night, candles lit on the night tables and dresser, and incense burning. It was like walking in a dream, being led by this beautiful dark woman, with one thing on her brain and nowhere else to go for the night. Thanksgiving dinner? That could wait for tomorrow.

Gen sat on the edge of the bed. She pulled Cassie closer, wrapping her legs around her. Cassie rested her hands on Gen’s shoulders. The tips of her breasts were close to Gen’s mouth, so close and so far away. Cassie took off her hoodie and tossed it aside. And then in a moment of bravery, she pulled off her t-shirt too. Almost naked, but not quite. Exposed to Gen, but still safe.

Cassie ran her fingers through Gen’s thick hair. Then held Gen close to her chest. Gen kissed her between the breasts. The feel of Gen’s lips on her freckled skin was electric. Cassie shook with pleasure, like a warm breeze chilling her. Hot and cold at the same time. The pleasure tipped her a little closer over the edge, closer to what she imagined magic feeling like.

And then Cassie pulled Gen’s hair, pulling her away from her breasts. Cassie leaned forward. Lips puckered. And then she kissed Gen on the lips.

Only a touch at first. Then the tips of their tongues mingled. Teeth. Saliva. Cassie breathed through her nose. She didn’t want the kiss to end. So she kept it going for a bit longer than she should have, and she knew it.

But she was greedy for more.

Gen broke it off. Cassie’s lips were swollen and hurt. She laughed. Gen pushed her away, a tight smile on her lips.

For a moment, Cassie was still standing in front of Gen, hands clasped in front of her, unsure of what to do next but eager to please. And then, somehow she ended up on her back with her jeans and panties off. And Gen’s robe slipped off her shoulders, revealing a pair of perky breasts with dark nipples and a trimmed thatch of hair between her legs.

And then Gen was between Cassie’s legs.

Cassie had never experienced such a wonderful moment. It was awkward and odd, but the feel of Gen licking her private parts was wicked heaven. She told Cassie to just inhale, then exhale. Gen slipped a finger inside her, only first knuckle deep, while flicking her tongue across the clit. It was as if Gen knew how Cassie liked to masturbate. Knew where to touch, and with how much pressure.

How did Gen know so much?

Like Cassie’s name? How to please her?

Fat snowflakes smacked against the window. Still coming down. No way Cassie was making it to her aunt’s house tonight.

Honestly, she didn’t want to leave Gen’s bedroom.

Her breath caught. Her muscles tightened. Cassie gripped the bedsheets in both hands. A little more pressure, and then she’d come. Cassie rolled her head to one side, waiting for the explosion.

It never came.

Gen stopped. She kissed up Cassie’s body, to her navel, to her breasts. (How did her bra come off? Cassie didn’t remember taking that off?) She cradled Gen in her arms, loving the way the woman’s tongue toyed with her nipples. Just a little more, and Cassie might yet come. She never knew she could orgasm from nipple stimulation.

And then Gen’s mouth and tongue wandered upward even more. To her neck. Cassie’s chin. Lips locked again. A more passionate, more confident kiss.

Cassie slipped her fingers between Gen’s legs. The woman was wet, and smelled sweet. Cassie slid a digit inside her, returning the favor as much as she could. She finger fucked Gen ever harder.

And then Gen did the same to her. Not as fast or hard, not at first. Gentle, loving, a little too slow. Cassie wiggled her hips, trying to take in the sensation further. The world seemed to shrink down, and her body felt ready to explode in a wet orgasm.

She shut her eyes tight. Cassie let out a wild animal scream. If Gen hadn’t pinned her down to the bed, she would’ve certainly jumped onto the ceiling.

She might’ve fallen asleep after that. Her body was sweaty, as if she’d just worked out. Her brain felt a little fuzzy, like after a lot of drinking, but better.

“How?” she said. Cassie shook her head. “How did you do that?”

Gen snuggled up next to her. “Do you believe in magic now?”

“That was… magical.”

“Well, there you go.”

Gen brought Cassie to three more orgasms, each as good if not better than the last.

In the morning, the snow was entirely gone. The car, unfortunately, was still stuck in the tree and had Dr. Pepper all over the seat.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Writer of speculative fiction.

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