Humpday Story: What Happens in the Copy Room


What-Happens-In-the-Copy-Room-GenericMillie Samson comes to work with a half-eaten blueberry muffin in one hand and a hot coffee stain on her opposite boob. A perfect way to start Monday, the first day back from vacation. First order of business: empty the inbox. Then do the quarterly reviews.

Until Rex Monahan, the dinosaur shapeshifter bossman, knocks on the door.

In the most upside-down corporate office, Millie does anything to get through the workday.

If you enjoy MFF and dinosaurs mixed with your paranormal workplace erotica, be sure to read What Happens in the Copy Room.



A Billionaire Dinosaur Short Story


Monday, Monday…

Millie Samson came to work with a half-eaten blueberry muffin in one hand and a hot coffee stain on her opposite boob. The white sateen blouse was ruined, and all she got in return was an uncomfortable wet shirt that outlined her bra-line for all to see. And every man in the lobby had seen, some more than once while they rode the elevator up with Millie.

The office ladies greeted her, and then hid back in their cubicles like scared rabbits afraid of the upcoming quarterly reviews. If only they knew how much Millie dreaded the reviews too. Especially at this company, where employees were given scores for things like “willingness to give head” and “compliance to pleasing everyone.”

Sort of sucked the fun out of sex. Never mind the mission statement of the company was to keep Rex Monahan, the boss man extraordinaire, from shapeshifting to his dinosaur form. Sure the company made money, too. But any other stock trader didn’t need a dozen or more beautiful women “assistants” around him all the time. 

Constant sexual stimulation kept Mr. Monahan from reverting into a bloodthirsty raptor. His office workers helped him make more money by giving him a constant supply of pussy and tits. And he paid well, with a full benefits package.

Millie had a windowless office tucked in between the elevator shaft and the ladies’ bathroom, big enough for a gopher to be happy as a peach in, and small enough to contain every damn paper file for the company. Close enough to the cubicle maze for Millie to hear all the office chatter, far enough removed for her to feel lonely at times.

A mountain of paperwork spilled over from the inbox, onto the shiny laminated walnut desk surface, and falling to the fuzzy green carpet.

The outbox was empty.

With one foot, Millie kicked her office door shut. The so-called “band of five”—cacti sitting patiently in their green, red, and yellow pots on the white plastic shelves behind her desk—waited for an elusive drink of water. She hadn’t watered the amigos in over a year, the event was marked on the calendars, both the one on her desktop computer, and the paper one clipped to the cork-board wall.

What would be another week? Millie hadn’t expected anyone in the office to water her cacti babies while she was on vacation. And her coworkers didn’t disappoint.

Truth be told, that’s why Mr. Rex Monahan hired the ladies. Not because they refused to do basic chores like water plants (that was considered an added bonus). Because the ladies in Mr. Monahan’s company never disappointed.

Millie dropped the empty styrofoam cup in the overfilled waste bin, and tossed the muffin on the desk. Momentum, or pure shit luck, forced the muffin to roll off and bounce around on the floor. She bent over, feeling her short blue skirt rise up her thighs, and picked up her breakfast. Five second rule. Fuck it, Millie wasn’t even hungry. She set the muffin next to Mount Inbox Doom, between the telephone and the “Best Mom Ever” coffee mug full of pens, highlighters, and broken pencils.

She plopped down in the squeaky office chair, the leather cool against her hamstrings. She swiveled to look at the wall calendar, then to look at the Amigos, finally spinning back around to her desk. The Caribbean cruise had been wonderful, heaven on water for seven blissful days. The kids played in the pool all day. Todd performed his husbandly duties no less than two times a day.

And now, work beckoned.

Granted, Millie had a weird job. Todd kidded her about being a madame for the luckiest bastard on Earth. But even the long suffering hubby knew better. The paper work, the diplomacy of settling the inevitable jealousies and fights, the god-fucking-damn quarterly reviews.

Mr. Monahan never did them. Too busy with running the business, he always said. The reviews required a woman’s touch, or some such bullshit.

Millie always bit her tongue, and did them. She was the human resources department, it was her job. But coming back from vacation didn’t help, oddly.

A bit like waking up from a wonderful dream, and discovering that instead of living with a strapping cowboy who moonlighted as a firefighter, you really lived with two kids and a husband who snored and hogged the blankets.

Millie picked up the first sheet on the inbox. Insurance claim of some sort. Pap smear? Maybe. She didn’t get to find out for sure.

Somebody knocked on her door. A booming, forceful knock. Millie jumped half out of her seat. She straightened herself out, adjusted her wet shirt, and told the knocker to come in.

Mr. Monahan opened the door. He looked the same as always. Tall, dark hair slicked back, olive tanned skin, stubble that wasn’t quite a beard. He wore a shiny gray suit with a paisley purple necktie. He had a businessman’s warm smile, the kind pyramid-scheme marketers used. His eyes were cold blue, raptor like.

He shut the door behind him.

“Half hoped you’d be naked,” he said. “Really, that blouse is ruined.”

Millie sat back in her squeaky chair, wincing a little at the high pitched grinding noise it made. “Mr. Monahan,” she said. “My vacation was wonderful.”

“Call me Rex, for the billionth time.” He winked and sat down in the plush leather arm chair on the other side of Millie’s desk. She usually called him Rex to the other girls, but never to his face. Whether he knew that or not was irrelevant. And she didn’t care what he thought. Rex Monahan was the boss, even if Millie was sucking him off now and then, so he got a title.

Somebody had to call him Mister, to remind him of his place in the company.

“Can I help you with something?” Millie crossed her arms, just wanting to crack the mountain of paperwork on her desk. No way she was finishing it today, or this week. But it needed to be done, one way or the other.

“Yes,” Mr. Monahan rubbed the stubble on his chin, glancing at Millie up and down as if she were a meal for the eyes. “Rebecca filed a sexual harassment complaint against me.”

Millie kept a straight face. Even, calm, dead serious. Inwardly, deep in her diaphragm, she chuckled a little. New hires were given time before being fully immersed in the company, to let them decide if they really wanted to work for a dinosaur shapeshifter and fuck him on demand. The ladies who stayed on, understood the backwards corporate culture in the company. Most figured out how to navigate the tensions that arose, and went directly to Millie when things got truly weird or out of hand.

Rebecca wasn’t a new hire.

She’d been with the company for a year. A former professional cheerleader who ended her career with a busted knee, Rebecca had an MBA with five years of experience in management and sales.

She was also a brat and a troublemaker. Not in an evil, mean girl way. More like a high maintenance princess who doesn’t know what “no” means. Some of the ladies avoided going to lunch with her, but nobody disliked her.

“What happened?” Millie said.

“I don’t know,” said Mr. Monahan. “Honestly.”

Millie leaned forward, elbows on her desk, and squeezed her arms just enough for the boobs to pop out. The coffee stain didn’t help with the effect, but Mr. Monahan took the bait. He leaned forward too. Most men would’ve adjusted themselves in the seat a little, to hide the erection. He didn’t. His manhood poked up, making a teepee in his suit pants.

“Let’s ask it this way,” said Millie. “What was the last interaction you had with Rebecca?”



Mr. Monahan arched his left eyebrow upward. “Well. I had her spread out on my desk last… no, two Thursdays ago. It was raining outside. She left a puddle, which by the way is why some of my paperwork is late.”

“And then what?”

“Last Friday I cornered her in the photocopy room and smacked her on the ass. You know, to thank her for doing such a good job. She just kind of shrugged and said nothing. Before the end of the day, she filed the harassment claim.”

Don’t be such a creep. Millie bit her tongue and didn’t say that. She needed both sides of the story before judging.

“Can you think of anything else?” she said.

“Nope. Nothing comes to mind.”

Millie sighed. In her five years of working for Rex Monahan, there’d been a handful of sexual harassment claims, all of them between the ladies. Cat fighting. Everybody understood what working here meant, and Mr. Monahan never touched or talked dirty to newbies until after their training period. He had a good understanding of where people’s boundaries were, to his credit, and respected them.

“I’ll investigate this,” said Millie. “No promises about what happens next.”

“That’s what I pay you the big bucks and fucks for,” said Mr. Monahan.

“Yes,” said Millie. She returned to her stack of paperwork, feeling him stare awkwardly at her. She cleared her throat. “That’s your cue to fuck off.”

“Oh. Right.” Mr. Monahan stood up and left.

What a way to start a Monday. Vacation was definitely over.

Show me where he touched you…

As if Monday were bad enough, Millie had to dust off the HR dolphin puppet and the little blond Barbie doll. Critical tools of proper HR management and conflict resolution. At least that’s what the young and unbearably naive experts at the professional conferences said.

Millie sat in Conference Room B, which was the only real conference room Mr. Monahan had in his office suite. Room A was devoted to after work (and sometimes during work) orgies and company parties.

Not like Room B got used all that often either. Semi-dark, with only the outside windows, but no glass walls like Room A had. This was where the real conferences were held, and actual business meetings, where grown up things like money and schedules and harassment claims were discussed. Like many things in the company, “work” was a bit of a joke. At least until somebody got hurt. Then it was Millie’s work to straighten things out.

She tapped her nails on the rosewood table, staring downward at the open manilla folder in front of her. The case file was exactly one page long. Rebecca hadn’t bothered to give much detail in her claim, and that was over-stating things.

He bad-touched me, she wrote. I told him to stop, and he wouldn’t.

Then again, the ladies in the office weren’t trained to be detail oriented when it came to paperwork. As long as they crunched numbers and turned in reports on time, nobody criticized them too harshly. Even when their reports bordered on infantile ramblings.

The door swung open, and Rebecca strutted in. She was close to six feet tall—a full head over Millie’s stature—and wore strappy black heels. Her pink ruffled skirt left little to the imagination, except for the very tops of her bare legs and the color of her panties. Millie guessed they matched Rebecca’s pink bra, which could be seen through the long puffy sleeved, see-through blouse. She was a raven haired goddess. Put her in a toga, and she’d fit right into a gathering of gods. Or a frat boy party.

She took a seat next to Millie. Uncomfortably close, in fact. The woman’s perfume smelled like a flower garden, wild and exotic, enough to knock a person out cold. Millie cleared her throat, and scooted away an inch. Rebecca moved an inch closer, and flipped her hair over one shoulder, nearly smacking Millie in the face with her locks. Her hair smelled like peach shampoo.

“So,” said Millie. “Rebecca. I apologize for the delay in getting to your sexual harassment claim.”

Rebecca leaned close, head practically on Millie’s shoulder. “Oh, that’s peachy fine. You were on vacation.”

“Huh? Oh right. I’d like to go over what happened.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca said.

Millie kept her groan from escaping her diaphragm. An eyeroll might’ve escaped too, but those were tricky to catch. “I just want to know about your side of the story. What did Rex do?”

Rebecca snorted, and scooted away from Millie. To her surprise, Millie missed the woman’s warmth and closeness. Her head swam in confusion. What the hell? She hadn’t really noticed how damn sexy Rebecca was. Not just sexy, alluring. As if Millie couldn’t look away. Rebecca’s eyes were a smooth brown, captivating.

“More like what he didn’t do,” Rebecca said. She shrugged, and draped an arm over the back of her chair. “But I have a question of my own.”

“Ask me anything.”

“What the fuck is the dolphin and Barbie for?”

“Good question,” said Millie. Such a good question, she hesitated before answering. What did she bring them for? Millie picked up the dolphin, and stuck her hand up his ass. “The very latest HR tools,” Millie pretended to be a ventriloquist, and failed. “Show me where he bad-touched you on the dolly.”

Rebecca snorted, and patted Millie on the thigh. “You’re cute.”

Shit. Might as well leave the toys behind next time. Millie touched the manilla folder in front of her. “I understand Rex put you in a compromising position?”

“Really?” Rebecca squinted. “If he thinks a little side nooky in the copy room counts as compromising…”

“Wait? What happened in the photocopy room last Friday?”

“Show you the doll?” Rebecca reached across her, the tip of the tall woman’s boob touched Millie’s shoulder. 

An electric jolt went through her, like shock to her libido. Millie groaned. She needed to take control again. Be cool, professional. Find the problem between Rebecca and Mr. Monahan, whatever that was, and resolve it.

Rebecca smirked, and winked, and then bent the doll at the waist, pushing the little black skirt up over her hips. She crossed her own legs, licking her pinky finger, slowly and seductively, and rubbed her wet finger-tip on the doll’s privates. A catty expression spread across her lips, from ear to ear. “Does this give you an idea of what he did to me?”

“So he bent you over the copy machine,” said Millie, “and had sex with you?”

“Really?” she repeated, this time rolling the word across her tongue. “Is that what you think happened?”

Millie turned her swivel chair, shoulders square with the other woman. “Why did you file a sexual harassment claim?”

“Do you doubt me?”

Yup. Millie kept her face somber, even. “I can’t help you if I don’t understand what happened.”

Rebecca uncrossed her legs, and spread them just wide enough to reveal herself. She wasn’t wearing panties, pink or otherwise. A black landing strip ran just above her slit. “I don’t think the doll helps,” she said. “Do you?”

“Perhaps we start at the beginning.” Millie said. “What happened two Thursdays ago in the boss’s office?”

Rebecca glanced down at her lap, and flipped a lock of hair behind one ear. “I had an appointment with Rex. I stood outside his office, looking in. And he started the appointment without me.”

“By himself?” Millie couldn’t help but chuckle. In turn, Rebecca chuckled too, the mood easing like a weight lifted off Millie’s shoulders.

“I wish,” Rebecca said. “But have you ever seen the big man jerk off?”

“He’s never had to.”

“I came back from lunch, wet from preparing myself for the appointment. Stopped by my cubicle for a toy to make things interesting. And Cindy, the little hussy, filled my appointment for me. Well, rather, Rex filled her.”

“Wait,” said Millie. “Rex mentioned his weekly reports were late, because… well, he told things a little different. That he had you on his desk and you squirted on his paperwork.”

“How charming. I don’t squirt.”

Millie scooted back a few inches, and crossed her legs. “Let get this straight,” she said. “Rex chose Cindy over you. And to get even, you filed a sexual harassment complaint?”

“Sounds petty when you say it like that,” Rebecca scooted closer. She placed a hand on Millie’s knee, and squeezed. The touch lasted a second longer than comfortable. “But I got his attention.”

“You did.”

“That’s not all I wanted from him.” She shrugged one shoulder. “Or you…”

“Excuse me?” Millie straightened up. This was unexpected. Not entirely unheard of. She’d had encounters with the other ladies in the office, but never all the way. Just some light petting, a peck on the lips, nothing more. She lost her decency as an HR lady long ago, and never tried hard to get it back. There were some boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, even in a company where office flings were expected and demanded.

“Like I said,” Rebecca said, “Barbie doesn’t do it for me. But I’d still like to show you what Rex did to me in the copy room.”

Show, don’t tell…

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean,” said Millie, feeling sheepish for saying something so stupid. Like she was in some cheesy porn flick. Not the first that had happened at the office.

Rebecca patted her on the thigh again, higher up this time, her touch lingering a moment longer. Her fingers slid a little ways up Millie’s skirt, and then Rebecca withdrew, hands in her own lap. “You know damn well what I mean.”

Millie shut the manilla case folder and pushed it away. She cleared her throat, stood up, towering over Rebecca as best she could. Millie straightened her skirt. Even when sitting down, the dark haired woman was tall. She slouched in the chair a bit, looking up at Millie, a hopeful expression on her face.

“Next time,” Millie rolled her shoulders back, stretching the coffee stain tight over her breast, “if you want a personal favor, just ask. Don’t file a half-baked sexual harassment complaint.”

The dark haired woman broke eye contact. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time.”

“Yes, the paperwork is a complete waste of my time. I have to type a report next, demonstrating how I resolved your case. I have to show that all parties involved are satisfied with the conclusion.”


“Yes. You heard me. The problem is, I won’t be satisfied. Because that’s one more piece of paper I have to file tonight. Long after the rest of you ladies punch out and go to your Monday night hangouts.”

Face hidden by her hair, Rebecca swiveled away, and began to stand up. “Perhaps I should just go…”

Millie pressed her fingers into the silky see-through material of Rebecca’s blouse, just above her perky boob, and pushed her back down into the chair. “I haven’t called this meeting to an end, missy.”

Rebecca glanced up at Millie, confusion etched in her lovely arched eyebrows. “Oh?”

“Oh, yes,” Millie leaned forward, giving Rebecca a view of her breasts, lips close enough to kiss her on the cheek. She bent forward an inch further, and kissed her on the earlobe. “Because I still don’t know what you mean.”

“Me too,” Rebecca chuckled, blushing a little around the ears. “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“You said Barbie doesn’t ‘do it’ for you.” Millie straightened up, hands folded in front of her. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I’m a bit old for Barbie. You know. I used to play with her when I was a girl, sort of outgrown her.”

“What do you play with as a grown woman?”

A cheery smirk widened Rebecca’s face. She bit the end of her finger, closing her legs tight. “Long things. Beautiful things. Sometimes curvy things, too.”

“I see, perhaps that will go in my report.”

“No. Please don’t put that on record.”

“And why not? Have you done something wrong? Played with something curvy?”

Rebecca gasped. “Goodness. No. I’m a good girl.”

Millie leaned forward again, an arm on each side of Rebecca, palms planted flat on the table behind her. Forehead to forehead, Millie drew in a breath of her coworker’s intoxicating perfume. “Do you swear you’re a good girl?”

“Want me to swear on the Bible?”

“That’s not necessary,” Millie said. “However, I still need to know how Rex touched you. And you aren’t responding to the Barbie…”

Rebecca batted her eyelashes. “Do you have a suggestion?”

“As a matter of fact.” Millie stood up, sticking her breasts out as far as they could go. “Did he take your blouse off?”

“No,” Rebecca said. “What are you getting at?”

Millie stroked a finger down Rebecca’s jawline, and then opened the top button on her stained shirt. “Well, you probably didn’t have a coffee stain on your tit.”

“No.” Rebecca folded her hands in her lap. “Do you need help?”

Millie ripped her blouse open the rest of the way, popping buttons off, exposing her lacy black bra. She slipped the blouse off and tossed it on the table. “You can throw that in the trash can later. Now…” Millie unstraddled Rebecca, and bent over doggie style with her elbows on the table. “He had you bent over? Correct?”

Rebecca got on her feet, directly behind Millie. “Yes. But my hair was undone. Like this.” She pulled Millie’s ponytail apart, and tossed the hairclip aside. Then she grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking hard enough to hurt Millie’s scalp. “And controlled me like this.”

“Very good,” Millie cooed. “Keep going.”

“And then he lifted my skirt up over my hips, like this. And pulled down my panties.” Rebecca’s skinny fingers were rough and strong, Panties around her ankles, Millie felt exposed. Vulnerable.

She turned her head slightly, and Rebecca loosened her grip. “What happened next?” said Millie.

“I… don’t know. Maybe nothing.”

“I want to help you, Rebecca. Please show me what he did to you.”

“You sure?” Rebecca sounded sincere, voice soft and soothing, like it was really Millie who had filed the harassment complaint.

“Certain,” she said. “Please, show me.”

Rebecca smacked Millie on the ass, hard enough to make the skin tingle. Millie imagined a red handprint on her cheek. And then Rebecca swept a feather-light touch across the back of her thighs, fingernails scratching upwards to her pussy. Millie shut her eyes tight, enjoying the sensations. She had forgotten what it was like to be touched by another woman. Not something she sought out. She was married after all, and Todd saw to her needs outside the office. Inside the office, Rex was usually too busy with the younger women.

Rebecca might’ve been younger, but she knew what she was doing. She toyed with Millie’s pussy lips, rubbing and stroking with a gentle touch, pulling her apart just enough to push a fingertip in. And then upward, to Millie’s ass, and rimmed the hole with her finger. Back down to her clit. Millie wasn’t entirely sure if Rebecca was showing her exactly what Rex had done, but she didn’t want the teasing to stop. 

Breathing was hard, being bent over like she was. Rebecca released her hair, letting Millie relax more. She rested her head in her arms. Rebecca slapped both hands on Millie’s butt, more gentle this time, and squeezed.

And then Millie felt a wet tongue probe her pussy, opening her up and diving in. Quick flicks. Hot fingers spread her lips wide open. Deeper licks. Across her hood. Gentle pressure on her clit.

Millie spread her legs wider, wanting more. Rebecca’s tongue was strong and smooth and wet. A warm tingle spread across Millie’s privates, growing in sensation. The younger woman moaned, face pressed tight against Millie. Lips, teeth, and tongue. Millie caught her breath.

She clamped a hand over her mouth. Not like anybody would care what happened. And the office on the other side of the wall was permanently vacant, thanks to Mr. Monahan’s deep pockets and need for privacy. What happened in the office, generally stayed in the office.

Something dripped down the inside of Millie’s thigh. Saliva? Her own juices? She didn’t care. She stuck her ass higher up, as if to get even closer to the hot young thing edging her.

So close.

A long finger probed Millie. Right to the spot. Rebecca just had to curl her finger, and Millie would explode.

Just a little bit more.

And then nothing.

Rebecca slapped Millie on the ass cheek once more time, and pulled away. She straightened her see-through blouse and ruffled skirt, and sat back down in her chair.

Millie couldn’t straighten herself up. Literally, she didn’t have the energy. So she stayed bent over on the table, ass in the air and legs spread wide open. She looked over her shoulder at Rebecca.

“That can’t be everything he did to you,” she said. Seriously, Millie couldn’t believe it. Not in her state of near orgasm. She wanted nothing more than Rebecca to finish what she started. Millie fought the urge to reach between her legs and finish it for her.

“Sadly,” Rebecca said, licking her lips, “it is. Well, Rex said ‘thank you, ma’am,’ and walked out. I’m not a total bitch. I won’t do that to you.”

“I see,” Millie said. “How do you think I should resolve this?”

Rebecca smiled. “Perhaps we should settle some unfinished business?”

“Sounds fun,” Millie said. Suddenly, being back at work after vacation didn’t feel so bad. Kind of relaxing. A little exciting, actually. “I’ll schedule a meeting with the boss.”


“Five minutes work for you?”

What team building should mean…

Millie tossed the half eaten blueberry muffin in the trash can, right next to the styrofoam coffee cup. She was tempted to wad up her stained blouse and toss it in too, but opted to fold it carefully. The silky material didn’t fold right, so she threw on the shelves, between the Amigos.

Mr. Monahan stepped into her office first, a confused arch in his sexy eyebrows. Millie shushed him and ordered him to take a seat. He straightened his necktie and obeyed.

And then, five minutes late, Rebecca strolled in, kicking the door shut with a high heel, the ruffled skirt swishing as she half turned and sat on the edge of Millie’s desk. She crossed her legs, hands folded in her lap, nose held high in the air.

Rex sat up a little straighter. Funny when one predator recognizes another. The way they square off, size each other up, lick their lips. Millie felt like she was in a wildlife documentary, instead of a modern office. In a sick kind of way, she wished for a documentary about dinosaur shapeshifters and high maintenance office assistants.

Being topless in any other situation would’ve made her uncomfortable. Here, in the office, she felt powerful. Like one of the other ladies working her way up the corporate ladder. It was as if her bra was part of a super hero uniform. Good thing she worked on her abs. Her butt wasn’t as awe inspiring, so the skirt needed to stay on.

“Do you know why we’re here?” Millie said, looking Rex straight in the eyes.

Mr. Monahan was smooth in more ways than one. He didn’t even clear his throat. “To resolve our dispute,” he said.

“Yes,” Millie said. “But do you even know what the dispute is about?”

He shrugged one shoulder, hardly blinking. “Got me. I did nothing wrong.”

Millie stood up and planted her palms flat on the desk. “Mr. Monahan, it is my professional opinion that you’re a cold hearted reptile.”

“Oh?” he said.

Rebecca snorted.

Millie let her own smile hint through her professional demeanor, and continued. “Rex, it’s my personal opinion that you’re heart is in the right place.”

“Thanks,” Mr. Monahan said. “I suppose.”

“You don’t even realize what you did. Or didn’t do, as the case might be. But you came to me, wanting to resolve your problem with Rebecca.”

“I take it you looked into it?” he said. His calm expression cracked with the hint of a smile, and he winked at Rebecca. Cold hearted maybe wasn’t the right phrasing, but it was apt, if not quite accurate.

“I did,” said Millie. “And while you knew something was wrong, you had no idea what it was.”

“You’re going to tell me?”

“The real problem is you, Mr. Monahan. You don’t even know your own employees all that well.”

“I have sex with all of them. How much better do I need to know the ladies?”

“Take Rebecca here,” Millie said. “Tell me about how she squirts?”

“Well,” Mr. Monahan raised his hands in the air. “Her thighs clench up and shake. She raises herself up on her elbows, and squeals. Then she comes in a fountain, as opposed to a shower spray.”

“Is that so?” Rebecca said, crossing her arms across her chest. She glared at the boss with an evil eye, the kind that only the most beautiful women possess. Millie was a tad jealous.

“Yup,” Mr. Monahan said. “To be fair, it’s not like a jet fountain. More like a dribble-dribble, then a gush.”

Rebecca sighed, and flipped her hair over one shoulder to share a eyeroll and a smirk with Millie. Sweet awkward silence followed. Even the chatter from the cubicles seemed to quiet down.

“Wait?” said Rex Monahan. “What’s going on?”

Rebecca stood up, towering over him, even though he sat up with his back rod-straight. She glared down at him, hands folded in front of her. “I don’t squirt,” she said.

“Sure you do,” he said. “Damn girl, you flooded my desk last Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday.”

“Why do you think Amira is retyping the paperwork?” Rebecca said.

“I thought she was just being nice.”


Rex held up a finger. His mouth opened, then closed it. Then he put his finger down. He looked like a kid who got caught stealing from the cookie jar. Well, if the kid were wearing a thousand dollar suit and shiny black wingtip shoes.

“The problem here,” Millie said, walking around her desk, “is that you don’t know your ladies all that well.”

“I try,” he said.

“I’m not saying you don’t try,” said Rebecca.

“We want to help you,” said Millie. She sat on her desk, legs crossed. “I want to try something we in the HR business call, team building.”

Rex stiffened up, cocking his head to one side while wincing. “Those team building activities tend to be stupid,” he said. “No offense, Millie.

She chuckled. “You’ll like this one. Trust me. At least it doesn’t involve a dolphin and a Barbie.”


“Never mind. I want you to get to know Rebecca better. She’s not just a piece of meat to slap while you’re perving in the copy room.”

“Okay,” said Rex. “Let’s do this. Whatever this is.”

Millie clapped her hands, giddy as a lottery player with two winning tickets in hand. She instructed Rebecca to sit on the desk with her, and spread her legs open. Rex’s eyes darted straight to her bare patch. Only a second or two, and then he made eye contact with her. Okay, good progress so far. But there was a ways to go.

Millie ordered Rex down on his knees. Any of the other women in the office, he would’ve scoffed before playing along. But he respected Millie too much, maybe feared her a little. He never argued with her. Maybe he realized she was too stubborn to be argued with.

Rex didn’t waste any time either. His mouth was on Rebecca’s pussy before his knees hit the floor.

Maybe she should’ve explained the rules before the team building exercise?

“Slow down,” Millie said. “I’ve canceled the rest of your appointments today. So take your time.”

He glanced at Millie quick, pulling away from Rebecca’s pussy. And then slowly made love to her. Kisses up the insides of her thighs. Tender licking around the lips. Fingers pressed into her hips, sliding the skirt up, tongue flicking the hood. Rebecca messed with his thick, black hair. She made few noises at first. Breathing slowed, lulling, breasts heaving up and down. She ignored Millie entirely, as if she weren’t even in the same room. Rebecca wrapped her legs around Rex’s shoulders, drawing him in closer.

And then Rebecca whimpered. Eyes half closed, chest flushed, she seemed lost in her own ecstasy. Millie wanted to reach out and grabbed one of her firm boobs, but she needed to remain focused. Luckily, she liked to watch. And at this job, not even her porn collection measured up to how much she got to watch within the office.

But it was rare to be this close to the action. Or be part of it.

Rebecca reached out to Millie, and slid a hand in the crook of her arm. Millie laced fingers with Rebecca, bringing the other woman’s hand closer to Millie’s chest. The intoxicating smell of sex and pussy filled her office. Millie squeezed her legs together. Todd, her husband, was getting lucky tonight. He didn’t need to know why. He never asked anyway.

Millie stroked a finger down Rebecca’s face. Hesitating, cautious, she leaned forward. Puckered her lips. And then Millie kissed her. Lips brushing lips, hot breath mingling.

She was about ready to pull away, when Rebecca sunk her tongue in her mouth. Surprised, Millie untangled herself. The expression of longing and desire was evident in Rebecca’s eyes. She was clearly lost in her own sexual high, caught between pleasure and orgasm. But Rebecca didn’t pull Millie back in for another kiss. Just a soft pucker in her smile, and then Rebecca glanced down to focus on what Rex was doing to her. He may not have even noticed what just happened between the two women. Millie didn’t care if he did or didn’t.

Rex was happily eating Rebecca out, three fingers in and mouth glistening with her juices.

Millie wrapped both hands around Rebecca’s face and sank her tongue back inside. The kiss, and the way Rebecca responded, sent Millie to cloud nine. Hot bodies pressed together. Moans mingling. Arms around each other. Rebecca squirmed as she got closer. Millie could feel the wave building within the woman, the unstoppable force rising like a tidal wave. Millie got a dopamine high, just from being lip-locked with her. Her panties were wet. The hair on her neck tingled. Sweat cooled on her back and neck and under her arms.

And then Rebecca grabbed a fistful of Millie’s hair, and screamed in orgasm.

Later that afternoon…

Millie got her desk back in order, but the pussy smell didn’t go away, even after spritzing an air freshener. She held her nose closed while filing the day’s paperwork.

After five o’clock, the rest of the ladies were at happy hour. Millie could hear a pin drop. Mr. Monahan knocked on her door.

“So,” he said.

“So,” Millie said, without looking up from her computer screen. She let the silence simmer for a minute, and when Mr. Monahan clearly wasn’t going away, she gave him her attention. “What may I do for you?”

“Aren’t you cold?” he said, pointing to her bra. He sat down.

Millie shrugged. “I think of it as a transition. I wore a bikini the entire cruise. Now I’m half in my suit. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to business as usual.”

“Not a bad way to think of it.”

She shut down her computer, clicked her ballpoint pen closed, and laced her fingers on the desk. “You’ll be happy to hear that Rebecca’s case is closed. All parties marked as satisfied.”

“I knew you’d pull through for me,” said Mr. Monahan.

“I didn’t do it just for you,” Millie said.

“Can I repay you right now?”

“Rex,” Millie said, leaning forward so her breasts fell out of her bra a little. “Tonight, the kids are all going to sleep overs. After a few glasses of wine, Todd is getting the ride of his life.”

“How did he get so lucky?”

“He married me.”

“I could be jealous.”

“But you’re not.”

Mr. Monahan frowned, tilting his head one way then the other.

Millie chuckled. “You have more pussy than all the crazy cat ladies on Earth,” she said.

He stood up. “Good night, Millie.”

“Good night, Mr. Monahan.”


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Writer of speculative fiction.

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