Sunday Quickie: Catching Up on Old Times

The guy was maybe in his mid-twenties. Sandy brown hair cut short, day old stubble, thick glasses. He wore a suit and a carried a funky messenger bag slung over one shoulder. I recognized him immediately.

I sucked on a mint, and crossed the bustling street to get to the bus stop where he sat, primping my shoulder length blond hair as I went. Couldn’t have planned a better outfit for this encounter. All Friday casual in form fitting jeans and a black sleeveless blouse that showed off more than a little cleavage. Six inch sandals to boot.

I tapped him on the shoulder. “Simon?”

He startled a little, looking up, and then relaxed. “Brenda? Wow, you look fantastic.”

“Thanks,” I said.

A few years back, I’d gotten divorced and started taking college classes again. Just one class per semester. I’d met Simon in statistics, and we became study partners. He was young and dumb, chasing some cute girl who didn’t put out for him. Poor guy never thought to ask me for sex. I regretted not asking him myself.

Simon didn’t have a ring on his finger. Part of me was sad he hadn’t found someone. The wicked part of me hoped to make up for past mistakes.

“Come on,” I said. “Why take the bus when I can give you a ride?”

“Seriously?” he said. “Thanks a ton. Hate the bus.”

When he stood up, Simon strategically placed his messenger bag over his crotch. I smirked at him, and winked. I led him to my car in the parking garage. Before he could escape to the passenger side, I grabbed him by the cuff and yanked him to me.

And then kissed him.

An awkward kiss, to be honest. With teeth bumping teeth, and my wet tongue hitting his bottom lip. But then we figured each other out, and Simon placed his hands on my waist.

He returned the kiss, slow and easy. The man took his time, probing me with his tongue, eyes half closed. His cologne was just like I remembered, musky with a hint of sweetness.

“How about we catch up?” I whispered in his ear.

Simon didn’t take much more convincing to get in the back seat. He was willing and eager. And as soon as I slammed the door shut, I was ripping his clothes off. I climbed onto lap, his cock sticking painfully erect inside his pants. I grinded against him, undoing his tie and collar with haste. My fingers couldn’t move fast enough. He seemed in no hurry though, massaging the small of my back.

He pushed me away, cupping my face in both hands. He breathed deep. “I’ve dreamed about this for so long.”

“Me too,” I slid off him. Simon appeared worried for a second, as if he thought I was giving up already. But then I unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans down. He took the hint and did the same with his pants.

I was only slightly self-conscious about sticking my ass out for him. In that moment, I didn’t know how he’d react to finally seeing me bare.

Simon didn’t miss a beat. He bent down and licked my sweet spot. A finger inside, then two. He pumped and gripped me, hitting the G-spot like a pro. I placed my hand against the half-rolled down window and pushed into him. He had me wet and panting in no time. I slipped off my blouse and unclasped my bra.

Undressing just encouraged him. Finally he scooted up behind me, grabbing my hips, and slid his cock into my pussy. Sweat dripped all over my body as the heat in the car became unbearable. I bucked and grinded against Simon, wanting more.

He slapped me across the ass. His fucking got faster, meaner. I panted, head down. So close. I hadn’t even been undressed for long. Simon filled me perfectly, just the right size.

Then suddenly, an orgasm rocked me. Ripped all the way through me. Every part of me sensitive and raw.

Simon slowed down, and then stopped. He touched my hair. “You okay?”

I pushed his cock out of me and turned around. Without responding to him, I swallowed him whole. And then returned the favor with a deepthroat sucking. I blew him with the intensity of a tempest.

And he blew his load all over my face and hair.

We cuddled in the back seat for awhile afterwards.

“So glad to catch up with you,” he said.

I laid my head against his bare shoulder. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”

Simon just chuckled and held me closer.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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