Sunday Quickie: The Door to Door Pitch

Tom is a really good friend, who’s been with me through a lot of businesses. He’s good friends with my husband Ryan, plays lead guitar really well, and damn fine looking to boot. I’ve joked half-seriously with the hubby that I should invite Tom over for a threesome. Ryan isn’t quite on board with that yet, but has given me permission to play.

So when Ryan was out of town on business, I invited Tom over to listen to my latest business venture pitch: door to door encyclopedia sales.

He sat on my living room sofa with a cup of joe, and scratched his full head of curly black hair, and nodded.

“You don’t think I can do it?” I said.

“Well,” said Tom. “Does anybody buy encyclopedias anymore? From door to door salesladies?”

“From this one they will!”

“Okay. Let’s hear the pitch.” He was all serious now, a cute expression he does when listening. Sort of a whatever look, but with full eye contact.

I wore a blue pinstripe pencil skirt suit, with a pink blouse, which I had buttoned to the neck. I completed the ensemble with a cute paisley scarf. I was dressed to the nines, compared to Tom’s simple t-shirt and jeans.

I gave the pitch about the great need for more information available in the home for the whole family, and the fantastic value of owning leather bound encyclopedias.

Tom sipped his coffee, listening patiently, nodding at appropriate times. After my pitch, he set the cup down. “Lose the scarf,” he said.

I untied the scarf and tossed it playfully at Tom. He smirked with the corner of his mouth, and sniffed the scarf before setting it aside.

“That all?” I said, hand on my hip.

“Just a suggestion. Maybe unbutton the blouse. You know, one or two buttons.”

“Eat bacon much? That’s a rather piggish thing to say.”

“Just try it,” Tom said, winking. “You have beautiful breasts. They might help you sell more encyclopedias.”

“Oh?” I undid the first button. Slow. Feeling confident, I went one more.

And then another.

Tom stood up straighter, blushing.

“You think my breasts are beautiful?” I grabbed them, pushing the girls up for him to get a better view. “How much do you think I’ll sell if I go one more?”

He shifted in his seat, the bulge in his pants painfully obvious. “Try it and see.”

I undid the next button, giving Tom a peek at the lacy bow in the middle of my push-up bra. He rubbed his thighs, trying to look away but failing miserably. I walked right up to him, boobs in his face, hands on his shoulders.

“Would you like to buy an encyclopedia set?” I asked, in the sexiest voice I could muster without laughing. It almost worked.

He laughed with me. “Perhaps we can make a deal.”

“Oh?” I messed up his hair, running my fingers through his thick curls.

“Take off that suit, and I’ll buy whatever you’re selling.”

I pulled my suit jacket to the elbows, and turned around. I felt a pinch on my ass, just a little friendly feel. I let it slide, and dropped my jacket on Tom’s lap.

Next I pulled the pins from my hair, letting my locks roll down my shoulders. I spun around on my heels, unbuttoning even further, one button at a time. I could tell Tom was exciting, watching me, wanting to touch and holding back. The sensation of stripping for him thrilled me, pushing me onward.

At the last button I held my shirt closed, turned away from Tom, and opened my shirt wide. He moaned, and I heard him rustling about with his belt and zipper. He had his legs wide open, and I stuck my ass to his crotch and grinded him. His hard pecker stabbed me.

I wrapped my blouse around me again, turning one more time, and stripped the blouse off entirely for Tom. Then I unzipped my pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor. I straddled Tom, pressing his face against my bosom.

“You like my pitch?” I said.

“I’m just not convinced yet,” he said.

“You are one tough customer.” I got off him and went down on my knees. I ripped his jeans off. Next came my panties and bra. I was too excited to tease him more. I just wanted him to fill me.

And when I straddled him again, his cock practically slipped inside me of its own accord. We made out, kissing and teasing one another with our tongues. I kept getting wetter and wetter, and I rotated my hips on his member, edging him closer and closer.

When Tom bucked against me, I took the hint and rode him like he was the best ride in the carnival. Up and down, up and down. He grabbed and squeezed my boobs. I clutched at his hair, moaning ever louder as I got closer.

Tom rolled his head back, yelling he was about to lose it. I pulled him out of me, and stroked him until he blew his load all over his chest and stomach.

I licked up every last drop.

“So,” I said between licks. “You want to buy an encyclopedia?”

“I’ll take five of them,” he grinned.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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