Sunday Quickie: The Birthday Ring

An old girl like me can learn new tricks. At least that’s what Nikki, my somewhat younger girlfriend, says. After five years of dating and sleeping with her, she’s qualified to know.

I was in the bedroom, reclining in my favorite reading chair. The air conditioning was cool on my skin, and I was stripped to the waist, wearing nothing but a denim mini-skirt and blue panties. Both my nipples were erect, and one throbbed like hell. It had a shiny new ring poked through it. I kept looking down, not quite daring to touch my sore nipple, but wanting to.

The piercing itself felt like a bee-sting to the boob. Not too bad, but I kept feeling it long afterwards. I had to take off my bra when I got home. I iced the nipple. Now I was cold. I nursed a mug of hot Earl Grey for comfort.

That was my new trick for Nikki. The piercing, not being cold. One of my birthday gifts for her. All I had to do was wait for her hot body to get home from work.

Nikki didn’t disappoint. She rarely does. Dressed to the nines, in a conservative navy pantsuit with a frilly pink blouse, no one in her law office would guess she had tattoos and several piercings. A kimodo dragon on her ass, a snake on her back, and a red and yellow flame just above her pussy. Both her breasts were pierced, along with her navel and the hood above her clit. Nikki was the badass of the house.

She tossed her purse to the floor and glanced from my smiling face to my breasts and back again. Her first reaction? A sweet, taunting giggle. The smile and rosy cheeks told me she appreciated her gift.

“Happy birthday, baby!” I held my arms wide open for her. She gave me a hug and a rough kiss on the lips. She slipped a hand across my pierced boob, which was extra sensitive.

“For me?” Nikki patted the underside of my boob. The ring added to the weight, not quite feeling natural yet. “Never thought I’d see the day.”

I clutched her face with both my hands. “Get undressed. Then you’ll get the rest of your presents.”

She swiped a finger across my breast, just barely missing the nipple, and kissed me one more time before heading to the walk-in closet. Her pants were tailored to fit snug across her hips. I never got tired of that view.

She changed into my favorite outfit—nothing but black silk panties and enough self-confidence for both of us—and I gave her the rest of her presents.

Most of it was run of the mill stuff. A steak and potatoes dinner, a slice of cheesecake for us to share, the latest hardcover books from her favorite authors, a gift certificate for the spa.

The final gift was the one she’d expected all week. Wouldn’t stop asking for it. And Nikki had all night to explore it.

I led her into the bedroom. She played with my ass the entire way, groping and slapping me. In the doorway, she reached around me with a backwards hug, my back pressed against her breasts, and she twisted my nipples. The unpierced one stung a little, but nothing she’d never done to me before. The one with the ring—ouch! Pain shot through my breasts, all the way down my back. I slumped in her embrace, completely at her mercy.

Nikki released my nipple. She’s good enough to torture me, but not beyond my limits. And she knows my limits well, and respects them. She enjoys the edging more than the going over the line. I’ve been kept awake at night many times.

“You okay?” she asked.

“That hurt,” I said.

“I’ll be gentle.” Nikki cupped my breasts in both her hands, as gentle as she promised. “Maybe I should kiss it and make it feel better?”

“I’d like that.” I pouted at her, which makes her smile every time.

She leads me to the bed. Then she turned me around, and unzips my skirt. The garment falls to the floor, where it stays for the rest of the night. Nikki brushed her fingers down my chest, through my valley, to my stomach. A wicked smirk on her face, she stooped down, slumping her shoulders.

She stuck out her tongue, and tickled the ring. The sensation was odd, something I wasn’t used to, like she was touching me but not. There’s pain, but more like a tender ache now. My nipples were hard. I wanted her to suck on them, but she denies me that pleasure for now. She continued playing with her tongue while her fingers tugged at the elastic in my panties.

I cupped her head in my hands, messing with her hair. I arched my back so my breasts poked out all the way. Nikki took full advantage of that. Licking the pierced nipple, then the other, back to the first. Finally, she took the ring into her mouth and sucked.

The pain was sweet. Her kissing and sucking was pure torture. Every flick of the tongue sent shivers through my body. Soon enough, my pussy ached and started getting wet. I rotated my hips, trying to make some friction on my clit. The motion wasn’t enough. I grabbed Nikki’s hand and forced her to rub me. She was all too happy to oblige.

Nikki pushed me down to the edge of the bed. She pulled aside my panties and went down on me. I spread my legs wider for her. She dived right in with her middle finger, and found my G-spot while tickling my clit with her tongue. The room stank of wet pussy.

All my muscles tightened. I squeezed Nikki’s head with my thighs. She tried to slow down, to drag on the edging. But I came anyway, all over her face.

She kissed her way from my pussy, up my stomach, to my piercing. She lingered there, sucking at the ring. My entire body shook from the orgasm so much that the sting from the piercing was drowned out.

When I came down from the high, I lifted her by the elbows and showed her to the bed. She spread out lazily, arms above her head and legs spread wide. I grabbed her by the panties and ripped them off. Then I was down on her, face pressed to pussy, licking and fingering her. She’s multi-orgasmic, I don’t worry about making her come too quickly.

Doesn’t take her long. Her eyes roll back into her head, as if she’s demon possessed, and she screams like a banshee.

I’m afraid Nikki passed out at first, but she’s only lying there, riding out the wave.

I cuddled up next to her, careful with my piercing. Her body was hot and sweaty. She smelled sweet.

We laid like that for a long time.

“Thank you for the wonderful birthday,” she said.

I kissed her on the lips. “You’re most welcome, baby.”

She makes love to me again, then I have another turn at her. We use toys, watch pornos, and cuddle all night. At dawn, Nikki fell asleep on my chest while licking at my nipple ring. I held her close, stroking her hair.

I can’t wait for my own birthday.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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