Sunday Quickie: Not Another Night Out

Not Another Night Out

Andy and I had finally stopped fighting and settled our differences. We’d been through one hell of a year. But I can’t stay mad at him forever. Let’s just say, on our first dinner date in far too long, I wore the skimpy backless dress he likes. The one that rides up my legs when I sit down, and makes other guys turn their heads and stare whenever I wear it out in public.

I managed to keep it a secret that I wore no panties. That was something for Andy to discover, if he chose to later.

He had eyes only for me that night. I liked the way his laugh lines stretched his face. How his brown eyes sparkled in the dim light. I was fascinated by how carefully he cut his sirloin steak, as if each piece had to be the right size. I’d forgotten that about him, in our year of constant fighting.

I’d also forgotten what it felt like to be the center of his attention.

Throughout dinner, we bantered and teased each other. At the third round of wine, he was feeling me up from under the table. So close, but respectably far away. When dessert came, Andy wasn’t saying much at all. I kept blabbing, for the sake of talking.

But it was clear what was on his mind.

I pushed the French silk pie to the side, not wanting any more of it. Andy didn’t take another bite of it either, whether to save the last bite for me, or because he had sex on his mind–I couldn’t tell for sure. And it didn’t matter anyway.

He took me by the hands and leaned forward across the table. I met him halfway, and kissed him. Our first real kiss in a year. I nibbled on his lips. He rolled his tongue across my teeth. We breathed together, barely at all. My body warmed, as if a blush were breaking out all over my bare skin. Our fellow diners were certainly watching us kiss, and that thought sent a thrill down my chest.

And then Andy fingered one of my breasts. Just a tap on the nipple at first. Then a pinch that made me squirm in my chair.

Then he cupped both breasts and squeezed. I tried to slap him away. To tell him no, that too many people were watching. But I couldn’t. I didn’t freaking want to. I shook with nervous energy. Not because I wasn’t just the center of Andy’s attention. I was the center of everybody’s attention. I knew it.

And Andy knew I had an exhibitionist side.

Once, it had been simply pole dancing for Andy. Then it was performing oral on him in front of close friends. Never went much further. But we had talked and fantasized about performing for strangers in a public place.

I had always imagined such an experience would be terrifying. That I’d feel too vulnerable and powerless.

Now I was pushed past my limits, I felt powerful. I had the power to excite an entire room full of strangers.

I had the power to say no.

Or not.

I chose the latter.

I grabbed his jacket lapels, not letting him retreat back to his side of the table. He was in deep now. And I wanted him to literally be deep.

Andy reached under the table and patted my knees. I spread them apart, anticipating his next move. When it didn’t happen as fast as I wanted it, I was afraid he was chickening out. But then I felt the soft caress of his rough hands on my inner thigh. I reached under the table, took him by the hand, and led him the rest of the way. One finger in. A gentle touch, with the promise of more.

The entire restaurant became quiet. I could feel dozens of eyes on me. The skin on my back felt hot. I blushed. I didn’t want the experience to end.

I ripped Andy’s neck tie apart. He helped with the buttons. My fingers were shaking too hard for those. My entire body shook with nerves and heat.

But I managed to stand up. And then I walked around to Andy’s side of the table. He scooted out, and patted his lap.

I squatted down in front of him. My turn to figure out if he could be embarrassed. I unzipped his pants and tore his belt buckle apart.

He flushed bright red. His eyes roamed around the room. I kept my full attention on him, and only him. When I pulled out his cock, his private smells mingled wonderfully with the smells of steaks and wines.

The soft music on the overhead system seemed softer, more distant. Somebody cleared their throat. Another person gasped. It was as if I were alone with Andy. But not quite. I could hear chairs creaking as people leaned forward to get a better view of the action.

I teased Andy with my tongue. A light touch on the tip. Down the shaft. I sucked on his balls. I loved how his cock twitched as it grew harder.

Then I went down on him. All the way in one swallow. My throat muscles remembered how to handle him. I used my teeth with the exact amount of pressure he liked. I gave him the best, nastiest blow job I’d given him in a long time. And I hoped this was the first of many.

From behind and around me, I heard the rustling of clothes and zippers being unzipped. Naughty giggles and husky moans. The smell of sex and private parts increased. I reached between my legs, enjoying the hell out of the scene I caused.

And then Andy tugged on my hair. He pulled me off his cock, much to my disappointment. He was hard and glistening with saliva.

He raised me to my feet, and then turned me around. As if on cue, a waiter and a waitress came to the table to clear away the dirty dishes and glasses. He had an amazing bulge growing in his pants. She kept brushing at his fingers as they worked, as if on accident. I made eye contact with both of them and winked. They both smiled and rushed off to the kitchen.

Andy bent me over the table. He conveniently had a condom in his jacket pocket, and slipped it on. Right when I thought he was about to penetrate me, instead he squatted down on his knees.

He lifted my skirt over my hips. He pressed the tip of his finger into my bum, then licked my lips and clit. Tender, slow, as if he had nowhere else to be tonight. I leaned forward on my elbows and laid my head in my arms.

The sweet sounds of other people getting off got me off. A couple times. Andy didn’t even have to penetrate with his tongue or finger. Pretty soon I was a wet mess.

When Andy finally stood back up, took me by the waist, and slid himself in an inch at a time, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

I had never felt so violated before. So open and vulnerable. Bent over and fucked in a room full of strangers. Everyone of which was fucking or getting fucked too. I screamed in orgasm.

Andy blew his load inside me.

He paid the bill, and we walked away from the hot mess we created, hand in hand.

Needless to say, the owner of the restaurant invited us back the next night, with the promise of a free dessert and wine.

We haven’t taken him up on the offer yet, but it seems we’ve found a new way to bond with each other.


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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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