Sunday Quickie: When the Office Screws You Over

One day, after one such meeting, Tony pulled me aside to the break room. Nobody else was in there. Just us.

Life at the office has gotten more and more difficult for all of us. Tony lost his health insurance. My hours got cut way back, not to mention I’m now the only woman in the entire company. And every single one of us is now expected to do the work of three people, even with fewer hours.

But as work got harder, life between Tony and I heated up. I’d worked with the guy for almost a decade. I was his friend during his nasty divorce. He was mine after each long term boyfriend traded me in for a younger model. But we never had sex through it all.

I think the tipping for us was when the economy crashed and the Great Recession happened. I was over-worked and stressed out with no end in sight.

And when I’m stressed, I oddly work harder. And then I want to play harder.

But the office work was becoming tedious and boring, and the deadlines meant nothing anymore because nobody got anything done.

So naturally, I started wearing a buttplug to work.

At first, it was just to feel something fun inside me while analyzing spreadsheets. I liked the way it slowly stretched me out all day, and how I could feel it when I wiggled my ass in the chair, without anybody the wiser. Feeling the plug and squeezing it with my anal muscles got me through the day.

And then I started added a small remote controlled vibrator inside my panties. Just a clit stimulator, not enough to make me gush in orgasm. Certainly got me wet.

I sat through boring meetings next to Tony, discreetly playing with my vibrator and enjoying the slick feel of the buttplug. The entire, I’d think of Tony, and what he must look like naked. How he might feel, warm body pressed against mine in the break room. Enclosed tight in his arms, his cock inside me, our tongues mingling.

One day, after one such meeting, Tony pulled me aside to the break room. Nobody else was in there. Just us.

“Did you hear that weird buzzing sound?” he said, rubbing a finger inside his ear.

“No,” I said, trying and failing to hold back my gleeful smile. “Are you going deaf?”

“I don’t know. But I swear, I kept hearing a buzz.”

“Let me look at your ear.” I held him close, and blew in his hear. At the same time, with my other hand, I turned on my vibrator.

“There it is again,” he said. “Don’t you hear that?”

“I don’t hear anything.” I flicked the vibe speed up a notch. Having Tony so close plus getting a good clit stimulation made me soaking wet. I could smell my pussy now. I liked how my smell mingled with his cologne. It was like the two odors mingled into one.

“Damn, it’s louder,” Tony said. “And I think it’s coming… from there.”

He pointed down. I looked at my feet, all innocent, or at least pretending like hell to be. The expression in Tony’s eyes was wild. I fucking loved it.

I locked the break room door. Nothing more had to be said. Tony held me close in his arms and made out with me. No peck on the cheeks. Straight to tongues flicking and heavy breathing. I had two orgasms from all the stimulation I was getting.

Then I bent over one of the tables and lifted my skirt. Tony pulled down my panties.

“My God, woman,” was all he said when he saw the buttplug and my soaked pussy. He unzipped and dropped his trousers. Then I felt his cock, inch into me. I had no idea how big he was at the time, and was pleasantly surprised at how perfectly he stretched me.

I folded my arms on the table in front of me, and laid my head down. Completely at his mercy. I loved the double feeling of his cock in my pussy rubbing against the toy in my ass.

And then the buttplug slipped out a little. Tony pushed it back in. In, out. With the rhythm he was fucking me at. Faster, more intense, he fucked me in both holes.

More orgasms ripped through my body. I had never experienced such pleasure before. And the danger of being caught just amplified things for me. I whimpered. I cried. I begged him to give it to me.

And then I pushed him away. A yelp came out of my mouth. I squirted all over him and the floor. A nice big wet spot that smelled of pussy. I collapsed back on the table, exhausted.

Tony leaned on top of me, just holding me for awhile. I felt so secure in his arms. Like I was made for him to hold, it just felt so right.

I don’t think he even came inside of me, and he didn’t insist. Once my afterglow cooled down a bit, we got dressed and straightened up quickly.

Every day that week, we repeated our fucking. First in the break room again. Then in the men’s bathroom, then the ladies’. We used the conference rooms.

One night, very late, we fucked in my cubicle.

What we didn’t realize, was that security cameras had been installed everywhere in the office. Our boss hadn’t informed us of that for some dumb reason. I got fired first. Apparently, the boss didn’t want a sexual harassment suit in the office, and he figured I was the one most likely to file one.

Tony quit soon after that, and we moved in together.

Eventually, we got new jobs, then we opened our own business.

An adult shop, complete with magazines, movies and sex toys. Working there with Tony is a blast every day.

And we can fuck in the break room all we want, and nobody cares. We even record ourselves with the security cameras.


Happy New Year 2018!

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Author: D. Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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